I created this site through basic HTML and used free templates to show my interests in world travel, Anime, games, and Japan. I try to express my hobbies in the best manner I could and try to gather like minded invidivudals onto my site.

Interests are:
- Anime
- Figma's
- Ferrari
- Europe - Slovakia, Tucepia, Austria (places I been).
- Video Games

- GhostlySubstance/EuroSubstance/SubTrance/Arctic Kitsune

About Us/The site:
What is this site about?:


Nationality: Canadian
Languages: English, Slovak, bit of French, and a fraction of Japanese

I'm just your average Male Canadian simply doing what he thinks is right and fun. I created this site to show my interests in Model kits, Figmas, photography, Figmas, Anime/Japan, Europe, video games, and anything else that may spawn within my site/blog. I simply want to share my interests with others and intereact with like minded individuals.

This site is basically about Anime, Figmas, local scenery, travel images, Ferrari's, Ferrari models, my attempt at music, and various other things that may pop up onto the site.

I also spawned a few website to host various music tracks each free web hosting serice's bandwidth continued to max out every week or month. My music page lays mostly forgotten as I haven't given it much attention, nor a properly coded web page to show others the media player containing my music tracks.

I had various other much more novice looking web pages going from freewebs, angelfire, freewebpages, and etc until I came across a helpful individual who allowed me to have server hosting on his server. As you can tell he goes by the name "Swgbex" and is extremely kind.

Why Ghostly Substance, SubTrance or Arctic Kitsune/Fox?:

- Ghostly Substance
I wouldn't want people to know my real name, unless I knew them in some way,shape, or form. Back during my early years in High School I used Ghostly Substance as my main nickname but it wouldn't fit in most of the game's nickname area. It deviated from "Dark Magician" into "Ghostly Magician" and eventually to "Ghostly Substance". Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance (PS2 - Playstation 2) is also a big influence on my username.

- EuroSubstance
I switched to "EuroSubstance" when I was still interested in going back to Slovakia, harping about it every chance I got. Since most games didn't allow my previous username it turned into EuroSubstance. I still use the "EuroSubstance" nickname/handle on my Playstation Network account. EuroSubstance was to show my interest in Slovakia and how much I wanted to go there. I liked how different and "better" it was compared to where I am now as people constantly wanted to do things that weren't within their own interests. I also use this on Flickr as I registered an account after I came back from Europe.

- Arctic Kitsune
After a lengthy period of time switching between Ghostly Substance and EuroSubstance, Arctic Kitsune was then used after all my nekomimi (Cat girls) talks on Petroglyph Game Forums I assisted in moderating. I used this nickname for my Blog half and inteded it to be used as my blog's mascot's simplistic username. Anything Kitsune has been done to death by any fan-girl or fan-guy as they constantly harp Anime to death giving others the wrong impression on Anime. to others.

The White Fox isn't really mine and has been created by a user named "Valdez" from the same game forum I used to moderate on. Due to my lacking artistic skills I haven't really expanded on the Arctic Kitsune bit.

- SubTrance
Lastly, my 4th most used username (and should be my final one). I used this one on S4 League as longer usernames wouldn't fit. One letter was always cut off from EuroSubstance (Eurosubstanc) giving it an odd look when gaming online. I mostly use this nickname on various other sites where long usernames aren't allowed, or supported.

You have a mascot for your site? The White Fox?:

Pretty much, yup. However, though its on my blog. I was given permission by Valdez (Petroglyph Games Forums) to use it as I desired and have been using it as my avatar and "mascot" on my site ever since. Though, since I lack in drawing anything biological I haven't drawn anything thus far, or anything complex that others seem to draw with ease. What takes others simply 5 minutes takes me 1-5 hours to draw. Whenever I do draw my own little Fox mascot I shall make it's presence known both on my blog and on this main site.

I intended the "White Fox/Arctic Kitsune" to represent the cold winter climate that constantly harasses the nation capital every winter for a lengthy period of time. Around 10 pm to 2 am I could feel the cold creeping through the window as it slowly causes the body shiver; half the time when watching Anime during that one hour of the night.


- Swgbex:
For the website hosting and constantly staying sane from all my rants.

- Evania-PG:
When she was still a Community Manager at Petroglyph Games she assisted with Grammar errors that slipt through my fingers on my blog and assisted with basic banner image work. Thanks for all the effort you put into the community and thanks for assisting with my site whenever possible, much appreciated.

- Mathias/Notoriginal:
A scripter and modeler from Belgium, he assisted with any mecha modeling for a now dead Gundam Mod (Star Wars: Empire at War). After that he kept me on his MSN list and he has assisted me with an MP3 player script and skin, a few banners, a Visual novel Engine, and more trivial tasks. Thanks for helping out.

- Valdez:
I mentioned a few times that Valdez has given me certain images of the White Fox and allowed me to use them as I wished. I haven't really plastered them all over my website/Blog as I still want to see thinks made from own hands and shall be removing those Fox's of his in the near (or possibly far) future when I finally make use of my Tablet.

- Persocom:
Thanks for commenting on my blog articles and showing me how to do proper Figma/figure Photoshoots. Your presence has helped me make slightly better Figma reviews, thanks for sticking around!


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Highlights of my site.
Canada, Ottawa

The city of Ottawa. Have a more local view on the city, and the nature surroundings the nation's capital.

Europe Gallery

Imagine Galleries from Slovakia, Austria, and Croatia. Enjoy!

Figma & Ferrari Photoshoots

Imagine galleries containing Figmas, Figures, and Ferrari's - Real and fake