[RPG] Arcticu Valley

– Vara seen doing “something” mentioing Renge’s name (RPG Maker MV)

Arcticu Valley is based off of a Rising World game while being made from RPG Maker MV to travel to that realm, among others. It shall be mainly about Vara & myself as we travel across various worlds and realms to encounter various things within them. It is all meant to be fun and in a ‘fair use’ manner while simply traveling, battling, and having fun partnering up with interesting characters during your travel while inspired by games, anime, among other sorts.

You start off on Codena Island after having sailed to it. From there, you simply learn your way, learn how to battle, where to rest, how to read information, among other sorts. You have a base of operations in a foreign island where you gradually gain a source of income. From there [redacted] happens to where you eventually find yourself in ‘Arcticu Valley’, the main map of the world. The secondary main hub allowing you to venture to other realms and areas meeting various characters from both video games & Anime realms.


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1) Twitter: @ArcticuKitsu
2) Discord: https://discord.gg/EpJaZ5V


– Other Thoughts:

– Map of ‘Arcticu Valley’ found in the game called ‘Rising World’. This map shall “soon” perish once the terrain generation gains a major necessary overhaul in the future.

Unlike other projects, this one I want to see to the end by adding in three major worlds to explore in, to learn more about Vara, as well as to have fun learning about various characters you’ve only see in the original character section. I was unable to do these things in Skyrim modded, Rising World, and such that I’m forcing it in RPG Maker MV now. I tried to make a Canadian KanColle game for RPG Maker VX Ace, yet that never really took off. A prototype game was made, yet nothing more. I may revisit that concept as a ‘realm’ in this game though, if time allows. It’s also thanks to ‘VRchat RPG‘ that I also gained a nice boost in morale to try my own take at RPG Maker MV again.

The game does view things from “my” perspective that wording may be funky at times. That’s my ‘web’ language with grammar being wonky here and there. Slang, quirks, and such. I wanted specific NPCs to have their “life-like” way in RPG Maker that I tried my best making them seem “living” that one example would be Vara to finally have life, thus she has one. She moves, she shall eventually level, she has magic skill progression, and etc. She’s a very important character that she finally lives in a game. Similar with Scathach, though she’s a side character eventually going to be unlocked as a party partner. Everything in the game is still being fleshed out and rough that it’ll eventually find its proper footing.

Why Arcticu Valley in an RPG? Rising World shall gain a necessary terrain generation update sometimes in the future which shall wipe out past maps that we will have no choice but to upgrade to that map generation. It just seems fun turning that map into an RPG variation so various NPCs and partners could take advantage of it while also reaching a larger audience than those who own Rising World. It’s not just Arcticu Valley in Rising World, it’ll be many more which will include Vara’s realm, Scathach’s realm, among others… I’ve said too much….. Even a possible take on Busou Shinki with Renge & Benio making an appearance.

-> Music:

The music is all over the place right now. Both the main menu ‘Internal Conflict (Battle Theme)’ & ‘Varakitsu’s Plan are my own track. I however use Ketsa, some RPG Maker resources, and etc until I can make my own. I’ll swap out the placeholders for my own.

…. And probably many more, if FruityLoops behaves.


There’s quite a few characters you’ll encounter from the gaming & anime realm that you’ll find them to probably have an interesting time with them. One such character being ‘Varakitsu’, an Arctic Fox personification being seen roaming about Codena island. Another character being a ‘Dark’ version of her in a more sinister manner. Scathach can be found currently lingering that you shall eventually be able to partner up with her when the time is right.

– Dark Vara: Just who is she, and how dangerous is she?

For Dark Vara I had to use ‘Koikatu’ to make her in Character Maker, then pose her in Studio because I can’t draw. I can make the game, I can make music, yet nothing more.
And many, many more! Some more subtle than others.

Do you want to help? Feedback?:


One good way to contact me:
> Twitter: ‘@ArcticuKitsu’
> Discord: https://discord.gg/EpJaZ5V

I however do need people to probably help me with music making, as well as drawing characters on all fronts. Maybe even the title screen, certain backgrounds, and such. Whatever you want to help with. As things stand I feel I may have to however approach people instead.

More Info to come later!