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Welcome to the Anime and Ferrari Image Gallery! I shall make it a bit easier for you guys to find my "First glance" reviews
about Figma's, Shinki's, Revoltech, and various games.

- Arctic Kitsune

Anime and Busou Shinki Reviews:
Figma Brand:


Everything is still under construction so do be patient! I know I've been slow but I've been busy with other things! I created
this gallery page for those seeking certain figure, games, or model reviews!

A general Figma image gallery to entertain you until the first review page has been created.

- Figma (Anime - "Action figures") - (4 page)

Figma Brand:
Figma Haruhi Figma Tsukasa Figma Konata Figma Kanu

Figma Saber Lily Figma Miku Hatsune Figma Rin (Vocaloid) Figma Shana

Figma Ryomou Figma Haruhi - Summer Figma Signum Figma Saber

Figma Haruhi - Cheerleader Figma Mikuru - Cheerleader Figma Meiya Figma Saber Casual

Figma Emiya Figma Ein Figma Saber Extra Figma Saber Alter

Figma BlackRockShooter Figma Shamal Figma Aya Kagura Figma Luka Megurine

Figma Mirai

Figma Accessories:
Figma di:Stage Figma ex:ride 004 -
Segway black
Figma ex:ride 005 -
Retro bike green
- More to come soon.....

Busou Shinki Brand:

Shinki Benio -
Type Samurai
Shinki Kohiru -
Type Chopstick
Shinki Renge -
Type Fox
Shinki Tsugaru-
Type Santa Claus
Shinki Fubuki -
Type Ninja

Revoltech Brand:
I'm not much of a Revoltech collector but I do have them within my collection.

Revoltech Saber Revoltech Bunny Haruhi Revoltech Yoko

Poor Azunyan....Pondering about getting more.

Nendo Azunyan

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