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Welcome to AK's Game reviews and Let's Plays! This page is still obviously under-construction, but hope you may enjoy
the content that is displayed on this page! It shall obviously be reworked, but you may expect game content to be posted here
on a frequent basis. What games?

- Busou Shinki - Battle Rondo
- Busou Shinki - Battle Masters & MK.II
- Minecraft (at a later date
- Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
- GUndam Senki UC 0081 (PS3)
And others that may capture my attention!

- Arctic Kitsune


Game Reviews:

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- Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
- Busou Shinki - Battle Rondo (PC)
Busou Shinki - Diorama Studio (PC)
Busou Shinki - Battle masters (PSP)
Fate/Extra (Japanese - PSP)
IL-2 1946 Sturmovik (PC)
- Minecraft (PC)
- Pokemon White (DS)
- Flight SImulator X (PC)
- Mobile Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record U.C.0081 (PS3)
- Assassin's Creed 2 (Collectors) (Ps3)
- Assassin's Creed 2 (Normal) (PS3)

Let's Play!
- Game Reviews:


Everything is still under construction so do be patient! I know I've been slow but I've been busy with other things!
As place-holder, I shall place Gundam Senki videos and Battle Rondo images for your viewing pleasure!

I shall section off these games into their appropriate page once I figure out a nice clean way of doing so. But for now, they
shall be all posted on this one page.

Busou Shinki - Battle Rondo (PC):
Battle Rondo is a Japanese MMO featuring 15 cm tall battling robots. Those that fight are called "Busou Shinki", while those that don't are simply called "Shinki". Purpose? To raise your battling robot and to gain victory, or defeat, as you watch them fight. You can also customize them, give them commands, or just take them to Diorama Studio to pose and take images of them.

- Gundam Senki UC 0081 (PS3):

- IL-2 1946: Sturmovik (PC):
A World War 2 combat Flight Simulator taking place in both Europe and Pacific campaigns. I decided to show the J7W1 Shinden mod in this

- Formula 1 - 2010 (PC):

- Star Wars Empire at War & Forces of Corruption (PC):
Note: Video quality for the following videos may be poor as they're pretty old and one of my first few videos.

- More coming soon!:

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