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This simply tells you what my Blog/Site are about and to show you related affiliates, content, and future plans for the site.


Current Status of Site:

I'm still doing updates to the site: I added a few more local event galleries, do check them out! Winterlude 2010, Downtown Ottawa , and Figma gallery are the three galleries that are now up to date.

Welcome to my Site

Welcome to my site!

Welcome, thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay as I attempt to show you how I view the current world we are living in.
I shall attempt to compile a gallery of local, regional, and foreign experiences in hopes that people will positively comment or gain a certain appreciation for the world around them. I simply want to share my experiences with like minded individual and to show obvious and hidden elements in our world. Please do take your time in viewing both the blog and gallery. Don't see anything you like? Let me know in the blog or forum section of the site and I shall attempt to grant your request(s).

This site basically deals with my travels around the world and Anime related materials. For more information about me and this site in the "About us" page & "Info + Partners" tabs.

- Ghostly Substance/EuroSubstance/SubTrance/Arctic Kitsune


Highlights of my site.
Canada, Ottawa

The city of Ottawa. Have a more local view on the city, and the nature surroundings the nation's capital.

Europe Gallery

Imagine Galleries from Slovakia, Austria, and Croatia. Enjoy!

Figma Photoshoots

Image gallery containing Japanese Figmas (Action Figures) in outdoor or corny situations.