I’ve been having trouble keeping track and finding out whats what so been keeping track in a notepad I have but that ended up getting very very messy. I also used wikipedia and other anim sources to find out what an anime was all about but does the job well. Its like facebook (the script), notepad (the list), and wikipedia (for the information) put together with more features. Not tryin to advertise but pointing out to other anime watchers that if they have troubles keeping track of what they watched this site should help you.

My list:

Petroglyph and Universe at War: Earth Assault

I’ve been with a fan of Petroglyph since I heard of Star War Empire at War for PC. I then moderated then Admined a forum called Petroglyph Fan Forums. Now I’m a moderator on Petroglyph’s Official Forums. They also made a expansion pack for Empire at War called “Star Wars: Empire at war Forces of Corruption“. Now they’re on their Universe at War: Earth Assault for PC with Sega and Microsoft. As a token of appreciation/respect I got this card and game below with even my name in the moderator section of the credits. Pictures below:

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PS3 & PSP Games

Its been awhile since I made a post about PS3 so I’ll update everybody on my PS3 and the games I got to date. Heck I’ll even say what I got for my PSP.

PS3 Games:
– Gundam Crossfire (IGN Link)
– Formula 1 Championship (IGN Link)
– Marvel Ultimate Alliance (IGN Link, I say this game is shitty)
– Gundam Dynasty Warriors (IGN Link)
– Folklore (IGN Link)
– Warhawk (IGN Link)
– Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
– Grand Theft Auto 4

PSP Games:
– Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (IGN Link)
– Monster Hunter Freedom Portable (IGN Link)
– Metal Gear Solid Portible Ops (IGN Link)
– Puzzle Quest (IGN Link)
– Jeanne D’arc (IGN Link)

Best Game in Collection:
– Folklore

Worst Game in Collection:
– Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Best Two Player Game:
– Gundam Dynasty Warriors