I review what I see at first glance and have known before hand when reviewing. These reviews contain rantable content as I randomly speak from my mind that may confuse people.
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Frame Arms Girl – Hresvelgr

A belated review finally checking out the heavily armoured and equipped Hresvelgr. She’s the heavy guns of the grouping while also being able to glide on her giant sword, if you customize her to be that way. Hresvelgr is armed to the teeth, yet the bulkiness can be felt with this one that I jokingly nicknamed her a ‘Flying Fortress’.

– Jinrai & Renge checking out the Hresvelgr package that has been sitting there for a few months.

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[Doujin] Busou Shinki ‘Pandoor Lovers’

Heyo!~ Finally back with another Busou Shinki related article, and it’s all Renge focused. All Renge related in a Busou Shinki “project” I partook when invited to do so. I gladly accepted, and highly pleased that I have. So many small kind gestures that it was awesome!

- Renge hanging around a package themed on her. Let's take a look! Surprisingly a big set.
– Renge hanging around a package themed on her. Let’s take a look! Surprisingly a big set.

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