[Game] She Will Punish Them

– Valakia sitting, posing. Game has a in-depth ‘free-posing’ feature.

(Note: If you’re overly sensitive about lewdness then this blog posting may not be for you.)

An interesting game has popped up onto Steam recently to the point it grabbed my attention for its cheap price and style. Finally an RPG with proper clean, elegant, and even classy lewds. Artistic. It was also on sale for $11 Canadian, also been around since 2020 (or even earlier). The styling of the game is what has me hooked, even as a standard RPG game with Succubus done in a very tasteful and classy manner. Nothing crude, or horrendous about it. No overly done fury nonsense, or anything of that sort. Only artistic lewd. Its like your standard ‘Illusion’ made game, ‘Bullet Girls Phantasia’, or anything of that sort. The ‘few and far’ teaseful quality games.

You customize your female character, giver her wings (or don’t), and things you basically would do in a heavily Skyrim. Its more artistic than rustic allowing you to simply see beauty over crude nonsense. Simply because of that I love how gorgeous the game looks. The greatness to this game comes with how how you level up, command companions, rescue companions, fight patrols, and how you earn clothing. It’s similar to your typical Pokemon collectors gacha type game which tends to appeal to me. I’m a collector.

This game advertises itself as an open world game with lewdness being done tastefully. No crude bullcrap, only ‘artistic nude’ type stuff. Softcore. This game is however a very rough diamond in the rough. It can be one of the best games out there if properly updated and cared for.

(Disclaimer/Note: This is not a review, just a ‘first impression’; My experiences with the game. It is still in early access with content subject to change, even bi-daily, or when it feels like it. I’ll proudly show this game on my blog as my ‘guilty pleasure’ because it is slightly a higher ‘mature’ rating only because people get offended far too easily now-a-days, something which would have been absolutely normal pre-2006.)

The Beginning:

Even when I jumped into the game I was immediately welcomed to great quality intro of customizing your character with charm and elegance. A home to unlock, customize, and come back to, and even combat to earn your keep. I of course view this as a lesser Skyrim, though a better take on it in its own light. Its a great game with great potential; Diamond in the rough. Not being able to fist-punch enemies like in Skyrim, Dragon’s Dogma, and any other RPG threw everybody off. You had to press ‘1’ or ‘2’ with a weapon equipped to even do anything.

– Combat – Similar to Skyrim, though in its own instance situation. Could be lightly considered to be mobile games inspired. Each patrol is its own instance. To fight is however half-as similar to Skyrim needing to press ‘1’ to even pull out your weapon. Can’t punch your enemies.
– AI Companions can be found lurking, roaming around your palace, posing. It is their way of “interacting”, or “living”.
– As noted, game has a lingerie collectors mechanic in an in-game ‘gacha’ type manner. The more you fight battles the more you unlock for this feature.
– Experimenting with interactions leading me into the ‘free pose’ feature.

This game has an interesting system where you start off wearing lingerie to then have the armour you loot shown ontop of it, hiding the lingerie later. Confusing at first, makes sense later.

You start off a companion named Kira. A bit later (maybe an hour or so) you then go rescue another companion named ‘Arisha’ who is found in a dungeon halfway through the beginning area needing to level before getting there. Once there, you make your way through a dungeon, fight the prison gate, then fend off the mobs as you rescue her. Decent premise.

– Combat image in an attempt to rescue second companion.
– Attempting to free Arisha from her captures
– Result screen. Arisha rescued, gold, crystals, and some lingerie to unlock. Gotta collect them all.
– In your inventory you have both your stuff and another tab connected to the lingerie system. This lets you customize the underneath stuff for when your character isn’t wearing armour. Similar to your typical Illusion Studio games who make Koikatsu, AI Shoujo, and etc. Even Bullet Girls Phantasia.

New Update adding Siege mode and Ice wings (July 11th):

A new update covertly released for the game, something I found out after the fact. I had to go back to reconfirm my gaming experiences.

– The Siege of ‘Grimhelm Castle’. My AI companion in her lingerie for some strange reason, something I don’t mind. A bug? Death probably made her lose her main equipment to have it back in the next.

Siege mode is interesting, something I found after the fact. Sieges happen every 10-16 days once you capture their point. I assumed it was simply another level to simply clear the map, it became a whole can of worms of frustration. I hopped in finding it far more “tedious” having to clear out all the mobs. Once captured, eventually found out how brutal it was having to defend it from scaled mobs attacking you. Grimhelm Castle just murders your companions because they are just not tuned properly the way any other AI for these games are. Dragon’s Dogma is lucky to have recruited a programmer to handle their AI to be aware, something these AI need work on. They’ll do things on a basic level, just not what is needed of them when it comes to siege battles. They wander off dying on their own instead of supporting one another; Not aware of their surroundings.

Fighting siege? Bring minions along for the ride. One or two should do.

– Once again testing out the pose feature with basic poses. Slight decoration done for the palace.

What also makes this game highly appealing to me is the base building aspect. You gain crystals (next to the coins) to unlock more rooms, more furniture, outfits, and etc to allow you to customize both the character and palace to your liking. Spend a bit of crystals here and there to decorate your palace however you desire, with more customizability as time goes on.

– Gradually decorating my palace the more battles I win. Throne chair, lights, etc.

Had a nasty bug where the recently added Siege mode killed my character, eating their inventory items forcing me to farm for better gear. The gear you see in the above image is something I painfully grinded for to obtain two new weapons, new outfit (better stats), and helmet. I eventually even obtained a quick attacking sword to deal proper fast damage to the enemy. Both the Siege mode and the new ice wings were added in a new daily update ever since the Steam sale.

I prefer playing as a ‘rogue’ character while my companions do their own thing.

– These helmets are something I’m not a fan of, even if they may or may not be lore friendly to Succubus. American media made them corny to me, especially woke political culture.
– Having a little more actual fun with the poser. Sitting in chairs, decorating my palace, and settling into the game itself. Taking more frequent breaks from the grinding and farming for currency, items, etc.
– I approve
– The sass.

The Fake Cancel Culture:

Just to quickly note something before venturing back into the game itself. Something that amuses me is how you would assume the fake feminists would actually support this game. Nah, they would rather hate on it, flame it and guilt trip people playing it while not comprehending what makes the game actually fun. The simple, yet addicting gameplay! I have to note these following screenshots for blogging and comical effect.

I know the developers don’t want to draw attention to it, I have to. Someone who constantly sees cancel culture needs to put these “no fun allowed!” folks in their place.

– Maybe stop censoring games then you’ll see people having actual fun. Just because you want games and society to regress doesn’t mean it should. Have you been in Europe before 2000’s? Have you seen media before 2000? Exactly. STFU. People have different types of stress levels they need to tend to or else they die from strokes, heart attacks, and other health issues. It is not as simple as “perverts”. Also, they know they clearly fucked up at the last paragraph. With that, shut the fuck up 🙂
– Again, you want people to die of stroke, heart disease, and other forms of stress diseases just because your fragile feelings are hurt? Shut the fuck up. Censorship is bad, you should know this. After a stressful day people need outlets or else they’ll result in actual violence and murder.

Next part is a two-parter. Same thread which later was deleted, similar to the screaming one done by Abbadon.

– Part 1 – Its a lewd game, not a porn game. Came to a forum to shun and censor other peoples’ enjoyment because “no fun allowed”. Their precious feelings were hurt.
– Part 2 – Their hypocrisy is exposed. While whining about ‘She Will Punish them’ you’ll notice they proudly displayed male nude bodies while shunning female ones, because “logic”. Once again, Shut the fuck up 🙂
– This one may be a legit troll, or I may have missed the joke. My parents passed away so that joke doesn’t fit me. The amount of guilt tripping. Sucks to be them o7

Sadly, I had to find a corrupted, naive, and gullible Canadian from Guelph, Ontario spewing SJW nonsense on the forum. A game made for ‘incels’ when its more made for art and entertainment. I have not found a sane person freely saying ‘incels’, only corrupted folks dealing in political nonsense.

– Because of the theme of the game you’ll always have these sorts of idiots attacking, baiting, saying stupid shit. It’s quite sad…….They may or may not be a female, though the vibe they give off is femininity. I always find Canadian females to be quite needlessly stubborn when they’re this horribly brainwashed by their own pride and these politics. It kills hobbies. They all forget how to be females, or simply human.

Also, I’m not joking when it comes to health issues. I’m being serious when I say that heart disease and stroke are major factors in death to people with these games allowing various forms of relief to be had. The relief people feel playing these games calms them down, especially when they play with their significant others. It calms people down (even females), it entertains them, and it prevents them from becoming ticking time bombs. Similar to a steam pressured container blowing up people are able to relieve their stress by playing games (even if its lewd) to the point they feel better about themselves. I’m also suspecting these ‘SJWs’ are from ‘Resetera’ so fuck them also for trying to censor games all the time.

Now, back to the beauty of this game 🙂

– As much as the AI for the companions frustrates me I’m still trying to level them up. I idle around, they fight, they kill while obtaining EXP to do better.
– Another siege, another MVP. This Reaper minion survived the battle to gain honour and valor. They fought bravely allowing my AI companions to survive the siege.
– Golden chest! Woot! What I didn’t realize at the time was how you need keys in YOUR inventory, not your companions. They can hold onto keys, you need them in your inventory. Weird mechanic. This is a boss loot chest.
– Game has a nasty issue of item splatter, something which may be mended later. Because you can’t jump, nor fly, you can’t claim these lost loot.

Grinding levels can be stressful so I once again fiddled with decorating the base and playing with the ‘free pose’ feature. Its awesome.

– Chillin’ after battle.
– Enjoying a nice drink next to simple candle light. Romantic? Maybe.
– Claiming a throne. Proudly took the throne over especially having died near the beginning to glowing skeletons. Caught me off guard.
– That sass. Also, quite spacious of a seat.
– Victory 🙂
– Another Siege, another victim. My MVP being the dead minion. Fought bravely gaining honour and respect. May you rest in peace. Caught him kneeling in death.
– Your death was not in vain. You have brought victory through your loyalty and courage in battle. You have been witnessed, remembered, and now respected.
– Touching up my character a tad more by giving blue highlights to the eyes and purple lipstick. Was hoping for blue, or light blue. Had to go with purple.
– And a bit of red, for balance. Contrast. Fiddled with more blue, purple. Didn’t work. If necessary, could be in reference to how much I admire Shinki Renge from Konami’s dead Busou Shinki series over in Japan.
– That class. Chillin some more. No crudeness, only proper tasteful lewdness.

Bug Fixes & 10k Concurrent User Celebration (July 12):

One new lingerie set was released, sadly not in the colour I desired. No white, blue, or black versions. Only pinkish-purple. Thanks to Anime (and mature movies shown on ‘Showcase channel’ back in the day) I grew to admire garter belts and those sorts. I don’t openly note that, though shall here because its appropriate to this game. This patch also allowed more lingerie to be looted from the battlefield once more.

Below batches of images just simply testing out the Pose feature some more. Constant experiments. Back and forth.

– Not the set I was seeking, though close enough. No garter belt version, poor lighting.
– Nice background, bad lighting. Certain parts however appeal.
– Better lighting, better clothing paired up. My desired set-up until better sets can be combined.
– Back to the white set, it frustrates me. I love how teaseful it is, simply frustrated how it doesn’t play well.
– Sass. Closer to what I desire.
– Well, the white lingerie set mostly worked out, aiming for a direction desired for this sort of main character.

Not bad, not bad. Close to what I was seeking, though needs clothing and lingerie sets I’m used to having from various Illusion made games, and event Bullet Girls Phantasia. It also goes without saying that we (myself included) view this game as a modded Skyrim done right, and its own game. All those mods to form this end product, something I could never make my modded Skyrim appear as. I also never went back to modded Skyrim because one NPC decided to behave in such an out of character ‘NPC’ way it scared the crap out of me. RIP Skyrim. Nothing would work properly, especially with various mods dying, being replaced, and outdated.

My character from July 12th and 13th in her full combat gear.

– My proud ‘Valakia’. Saw the name in Azur Lane to later find its a Slavic name. Good enough for me, as a Canadian with Slovak relatives. Close enough 😛
– Almost like a dragon. Purposely keeping the sword because its a proud weapon I eventually gained after the Siege inventory death bug.
– One of my favourite pose for her is this sitting pose. That sass.

Another day, Another Session; New Home Update (July 14):

More experimentations, more adventures, New Home Update. Took me quite awhile to farm up enough Crystals to obtain the home, having to do these undone ‘main’ quests for bonuses. My main character even obtained a new armour piece because it had higher stats.

– Fighting another level boss.
– Winning the loot.
– Not a fan of these screens, its more for the blog showing how you can screen even in a mission 🙂
– My companions FINALLY learned FrostBite to control mobs. *sniff in happiness*
– New armour get with higher defense stats.
– Few hours to farm 1000 Crystals, ‘The Nova Palace’ get! Such beauty. I love this home.
– Many more killing enemies for Crystals to purchase furniture later…. Happy 🙂
– More of an ‘artistic’ shot.
– Homely.

Went out of my way to painfully farm the Patrols for Crystal to place these bath furniture here attempting to make it visually pleasing and cozy. Love this game for its classy nature, something Skyrim tried to, yet failed to achieve this ‘soft’ touch on my end. Always crude, rough, and clunky. Japanese indie game developers always faired far better.

– Tease~
– A rear tease.
– The final tease, something I’ll be shamed for by easily offended folks.

And the rest of the ‘spicy’ images I hide, until I find a good way of sharing them. Now to get shunned by weird people canceling every game and media under the sun. Time to get called vulgar names in 2021 when it was perfectly normal back before 2006, and even in the 80’s & 90’s seeing it in all forms of paper media. Ah, I’m a sinner *laughs*. Even with that noted, I simply love how much the developers listen to feedback in hopes of improving the game. Let us hope they listen to the right ones to make this game the best it could possibly be.

No new gameplay content has been shared since then, only bug fixes and some alterations to the ‘Nude mod’ in preparation for Steam Workshop. Any future content of this game I share will be in other blog postings following this one. Because of the nature of how people get offended this game is under my ‘Guilty pleasure’ with ‘Bullet Girls Phantasia’, and even ‘Illusion’ made games. Casual and elegant fun. I want to give this game a fair share of a chance, exposure, and my support because of how genuinely fun it is. It genuinely fills in a gaming void that has been missing, something we finally obtained, and the weirdo SJWs constantly shunning anything to do with lewds and ‘anime girls’. Fuck them and their ‘no fun allowed’ nonsense. The moment it dares to fuck up is the moment I walk the other way, maybe even hiding this blog posting.

This game is obviously a work in progress (diamond in the rough), it is however showing potential and promise of being that much more. The potential is what has myself and others also loving this game because it is also doing things other games are being shunned from doing. I love it, so much so to the point I was overly obnoxious on the forum. Trying to cut back on my postings while occasionally dealing with brainwashed Canadian morons. Shame. This game obviously has its flaws, I’m however willing to give it my support just as long as it promises to do what it needs to do to be a great game on Steam. Just as long as nothing goes amiss, no cancel culture nonsense, this game shall be a great game even filling voids Skyrim Modding created themselves. It is doing what Skyrim should have been doing in a more classy manner, and what Japanese indie games have been trying to do, though lack the funds to do so.

Onward to Victory!