Playstation games and gaming in general

Looking back within my blog’s history I noticed I haven’t really touch upon gaming that much. I’ll do a quick, yet lengthy, update in gaming before I revert back my Anime figures. I’ll basically list my gaming collection to date and point out the ones I like from the ones that I dislike, along with an ignorable rant at the bottom about gamers themselves not knowing what they want.

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The above wallpaper/image is from an upcoming game called “Mytheon” from Petroglyph Games, their forums.

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Figma Halloween Lindt antics

Today I was given a nice tasty treat that was decorated a tad bit too early. How many of you tried or like Lindt chocolate? I find it to be one of the tastiest chocolate out there, along with the Pockie almonds. Also are your stores packed with early Halloween goodies, even as far back as late August? Mine has been stocked with early Halloween stuff as early as the end of August.  The Weather even felt like it at one point.

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A word of warning: If you are afraid of spiders or have some kind of fears then please look away. I have two images dealing with some medium sized spiders and don’t want to cause someone to shiver. Don’t want someone blaming me behind my pack :p.

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Art Spider – Maman

The internet is amusingly hilarious. Why? When you search for something in a quick manner you never find what you need. However, when you casually surf the net you have a 80% chance of finding things you normally would not.  Stick around as I’m also going to link you to other sites containing my content near the end as well.

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