[Original Characters]

This page is dedicated to displaying, sharing, and even having fun making you aware of my original characters not belonging to any one game. The majority being from Illusion’s +18 games, some simply being my own original characters. Come and get to know my unique characters.

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Varakitsu – [Vah-Rah-Kit-Tsu] – Original/My own:

– Varakitsu (in white clothing)
– Varakitsu in a more spooky light; My favourite view of her.

Varakitsu is a Canadian Arctic Fox in a woman female form thanks to my interest in Anime. She has been around since 2006, if at least in though, with her taking form just recently thanks to all these Anime games with character creation. She is an overly serious, elegant (still trying to get there) lady who is a lady & a tomboyish girl at once. Quite a playful girl, and a tease, with her having control over the ‘winter’ element in a magic/fantasy manner.

[I did try to replicate her time-and-time again in games with them not really suiting my tastes. The best ones coming from PSO2 JP, Artificial Girl 3, Play Club, and Artificial Academy. Still aiming to add her into ‘Rising World‘ once that matures enough.]

More can be seen in the ‘Varakitsu‘ page.


Eone – [E-Oh-Neh] –

– Kitty Eone [E-Oh-Neh] in the Harem Mate world.
Eone is a playful tomboyish kitty who enjoys being somewhat perverted, thus her playful appearance. She enjoys teasing, playing around, and pranking, a bit in that cat-like manner.

[She was made using ‘Illusion’s – Harem Mate’ +18 game & studio as split-personality to Varakitsu. Because I could not make a fox I had to go with a half-assed kitty accessory I could luckily dye white. She ended up being Quite a fun character to play with within this game + studio. I tried carrying her over into ‘Play Clube’ with decent results with her needing to be made more youthful & younger.]

Harem Mate version:

Play Club Version:


Letri Gitas – [Leh-Tree Gee-Tah-S] –

– Letri is based off of the Wixoss Anime in an Aries zodiac theme.

Letri is a serious tomboy with a friendly personality. Quite formal, yet playful when teased in tha appropriate manner. The red hair and white tip basically being a punk style to make her look ‘cooler’, nothing more.

[Letri is pased off of the LRIGS found within the Wixoss anime with woman stuck in cards to do battle with othes. She is based off that, yet more free in that she is free to be herself in that Aries (zodiac) manner with that horn and tail of hers.

Harem Mate version:


HMCS Haida & HMCS Huron – [HMCS Haida & Huron link] –

– Haida on left (with white long extensions) with Huron on the right with the wine glass.

Haida & Huron are both supposed to be the WW2 Canadian Navy versions of the actual ship in human form. They are supposed to appear this funky thanks to the anime “Apreggio of Bluesteel- Ars Nova” also taking human form to learn more about us. They are both basically enemy ‘Fog’ vessels taking human form to communicate among themselves and with humans.

Haida is supposed to be a mature and formal lady while Huron is supposed to be more of a childish, yet still serious Canadian Fog. Their red hair is still punky, but with a more cultural significance of the Canadian flag, their arctic escort service, and to show that ‘punk’ side of Canada’s youth while even trying to match up with the Anime & manga style of Arpeggio.

[They were also born out of hate of USA constantly being obnoxious by constantly trying to SHOVE (yes, shove) themselves into every category of media thanks to how they were conditioned to be overly patriotic obnoxious Americans. I want to be proud as a Canadian also! Other nations exist beside the overly vocal and obnoxious Americans. It’s thanks to the loud Americans within the KanColle forums that I snapped and spawned these two beauties. America this, American that….FUCK OFF! I want Canada to be in games also you arrogant obnoxious people. If I can carry both of them over into ‘Rising World‘ and/or ‘Subnautica‘ then I’ll have fun with them there.]

– Harem Mate Versions:


Vasta Varuna – [Vah-Sta Vah-Rue-Nah]:

– A happy Vasta that enjoys being head-petted. Too high of a virtue to do anything dirty, yet fun to interact with as a moderating type character.

An overly proud and high-virtue lady who you shall have a hard time pleasing, and pleasuring. She’s one of those high-respect characters that I have yet to crack in a +18 manner, yet enjoy due to her high virtue personality. Whenever I interacted with her in AA2 she would always assist in whatever manner she could. A happy out-going, yet one sticking to ‘clean’ elegant lady type. I guess you could say she would fit the ‘rich lady’ arch-type, but in a highly tolerable manner.  Very helpful, very proud, and one that shall mend issues whenever found. She strongly frowns upon ‘corrupted’ behavior. She’s leaps-and-bounds in height above all the other ladies when it comes to being elegant.

[Originally made for fun in Artificial Academy 2, she found herself being one of those girls I couldn’t get dirty with. She would constantly be out of my grasps. Even with NPCs. She was such an awesome role-model that I carried her over into Harem Mate to try and bring out her elegance, with decent results. I just love her as a character that I’ll try and insert her in other games that accept her style and high virtue.]

– Artificial Academy 2 Version:

– Harem Mate Version:

(Did make her hair darker in later versions in HM, just didn’t have any proper images to share.)


More shall probably come at later date……


– Tim