Farewell Battle Rondo & Diorama Studio – DS P7

Hello! Sad to say, but both Battle Rondo and Diorama Studio has just been terminated today – October 31st, 2011 Japan time – by Konami Japan. Konami wanted to originally terminate the MMO’s service on August 31st but for some reason or another it was prolonged till Halloween day. That was a blessing! Grateful for that!

However, I only managed to get up to 7 parts, with this being the 7th  Diorama Studio article. Rondo half will be after Halloween!

*Offers a box of tissue to those saddened by this news.*

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken from the now extinct Busou Shinki – Battle Rondo & Diorama Studio by Konami.)

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Fox Spirit Wednesdays – 01

Kon!~ Praised be the fox spirits for you summoned them for monthly editions on my blog! Well, I tried to share some dark and glorious images of fox spirits and fox familiars – kitsunes – to fit with the Halloween vibe. Kon!

NSFW Warning: Contains exposed skin, “eyes”/breasts, and others bits that may or may not get you in trouble. Better safe than sorry! 

(Link – Pixiv)

(All images taken from Safeboooru, Pixiv, and various other sites. I do not claim these fox spirits as my own, only seeking to share the greatness of Japanese fox spirits as known throughout the ages of Japan, Korea, and China.)

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Lying to one’s self – Figure photography

Hey guys, I felt like letting loose some thoughts that may or may not be necessary on my blog. I’ve witnessed numerous individuals denying themselves of the things they desire so highly, even with silly excuses. Especially those into Anime figures, games, and the like. If one is truly interested in something then they shall proudly display their interests without hesitation. What’s stopping you?

(Link – MySite’s 2010 Images)

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Busou Shinki – Battle Masters Mk. II (PSP)

Hello fellow Masters! It’s about time for another review. What is it? Battle Masters Mark two! That’s right, Mk. II. The sequel to Battle Masters for the Japanese audience on the PSP. Various tournament filled with highly intelligent and customizable 15 cm tall battle robots!

(Link – MySite) – Game, Coupon, Rage sticker advert, and my Fubuki!

Note: Sorry, but I don’t have the bundle because it was too costly for me. If you want to gift me one so I can review that then feel free to do so! But ya, I have this very strong doubt you’ll ever do that so……hell would have to freeze over first……moving on! Let us enjoy this lovely game instead! Kon!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

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