Busou Shinki – Battle Masters Mk. II (PSP)

Hello fellow Masters! It’s about time for another review. What is it? Battle Masters Mark two! That’s right, Mk. II. The sequel to Battle Masters for the Japanese audience on the PSP. Various tournament filled with highly intelligent and customizable 15 cm tall battle robots!

(Link – MySite) – Game, Coupon, Rage sticker advert, and my Fubuki!

Note: Sorry, but I don’t have the bundle because it was too costly for me. If you want to gift me one so I can review that then feel free to do so! But ya, I have this very strong doubt you’ll ever do that so……hell would have to freeze over first……moving on! Let us enjoy this lovely game instead! Kon!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

I bought the first game a fair bit later than when it was originally released, while this one I got a few days after it’s release date. Once I did get the game it was due to Renge‘s influence on the first, and just to support on the second. I obtained both from Play-Asia if you’re stuck on where to get it.

The game revolves around you raising a Shinki while training them to battle in various tournaments. They are 15 cm customizable battle robots that have full AI and live ammunition that behave similar to humans, yet require charging like any other electronic device. You can take them on the go, customize them, and choose how they may fight, for better or worse.

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Fubuki shall be my new Renge for now, as she’s one of my second strongest Shinki’s in both Battle Rondo and Battle Masters. Fighto!~ Don’t worry, I like her as well as I do my other Shinki’s. She’s just the silent introverted type so you really don’t get to see much of her, just like me in the real world.

(Link – MySite) – Oooo, a lovely Arnval bookmark type thing in protective plastic.

I like this bonus, but I got a thing against robots in sexual poses….I don’t mind this one, but we’re quite a horny species, watching everything in the universe mate in some way, shape, or form…Fox spirits are far more civilized than us, if they exist…somewhere…:P

But seriously, this Arnval code contains a PSN code to obtain….something? What could it be? Ah! It’s the pair of black wings which you could see on Fubuki, or now Arnval!

(Link – MySite) – Japanese PSN and MK. II game version only.

(Link – MySite) – Black wings for your Shinki of choice!

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – All that is included, Minus first-gen PSP & Fubuki.

(Link – MySite) – Fubuki holding onto both of my Busou Shinki game UMDs.


Game time!

I don’t have a cracked PSP, nor do I want one. I prefer having a hard copy because I had digital ones get lost very quickly. I rather have something solid in my hands than something that can poof with the hardware.  When we first boot up the game we see the new OP with Arnval, most likely the same one from the Anime due to the CSC Core short-circuiting her before she enters arena.

Game Opening:

(Even if you may have seen it countless time, it’s necessary to add to the review!)

(Link – MySite) – Arnval’s activation.

(Link – MySite) – Arnval preparing for battle.

(Link – MySite) – Combat program initiating; My favorite image in this OP image batch.

The main menu is  quite simple, and to the point while adding seiyuu lines saying the game name in various tones and pitches. Mostly in Shinki voices.

BUsou Shinki!~ Battle Mastahs!”

It’s the usual with “New game”, “Load game”, or “install”. You can now install game data on to the PSP to speed it up form the looks of it. I may try it to speed up future videos….maybe. When loading up or starting a new game it asks if you want to carry over any game data from the previous game. Sorry! No DLC weapons, Shinki, or other stuff. You have to repurchase them!

What’s New?

– DLC’s carry over from old Battle Masters to the next. Old DLC Shinki’s get a story through DLC’s of their own. You can carry them over once their update has arrived.
– Option to carry your save-file to sequel.
– Not forced to start with Arnval, but those that you would originally have unlocked in the original.
– New Shinkis – Tsugaru, Eukrante, Laneira, Altine, Altene, and Biker gals.
– Loading Screen tips are now “collectables”; having their own gallery. You may view these wallpaper tips at your own leisure.
– Home menu has been improved with recent unlocks, battles, and similar.
– Any cinematics are now stored in the “TV” section (under tips in main room options).
– Two new levels – One looks like a world filled with crates (Second video embed below) and another is an infinite “8” loop stage. I’ve only played on the first one.
– Music has been remixed.
– Lots of new battle opponents (has to or else it would suck).
– Failure retry option has been added when you lose a battle, not in shop district battles.
– Lock-on now tells you when to shoot your ranged weapons by showing Square, triangle, or circle icon in the circle.
– Busou Shinki Moon Angel anime may be viewed from your room’s TV section. You also gain Tempesta armor for your Arnval or Shinkis.
–  A Shinki card you can access from your room allows you to fiddle with your Shinki’s voice and other unknown features.

 May edit more as I find them.

(Link – MySite) – Main menu with various Shinki sounds.

Started a new file on a new card to see what was new. Called myself Arcticu again and saw the same intro screen.

(Link – MySite)

From the looks of it you get Howling, Zelnograd, Eukrante, Ianeira, and Tsugaru at start.

(Link – MySite) – Howling, how I hate you now for what you did to my Fubuki.

(Link – MySite) – Zelnogrard – Type Firearm.

(Link – MySite) – Eukrante – Type Seiren.

(Link – MySite) – Already have her on main file, but let us pick her for review purposes!

(Link – MySite) – Infamously cute wallpaper of Fubuki. Loading screens can be quite lengthy…..

(Link – MySite) – You can now collect wallpaper containing tips on them. Sadly, no way to have it without the tips yet :(.

I’m unsure what the bottom panel is of, but it contains Shinkis specific content, such as voices and all. I’ll need a translation to actually tell you what this is, but for now I can tell you that you select a Shinki and it tells you more about them? You can cycle through the various sounds your selected Shinki makes, such as “Hai!”, or various breathing or idling type of sounds. Playing one next to another will make it sound like your Shinki is…….pleasuring herself……mating.

(Link – MySite) – Screen displaying Shinki-specific information.

Want a tour of your room? You’ll need to get familiar with it after all!

I like what they did with the room mode. You can “collect stuff” such as items (as before), wallpapers (couldn’t before), OP (new), and view Shinki cards. One thing missing are Shinki’s waltzing around your room like in Rondo lol. Ah well, won’t hold that against Konami. *lets it slide*

(Link – MySite) – Same equip’, and display screen as before. However, it needs Diorama Studio with screen taking features!

(Link – MySite) – Three new battles being drunken Arnval (Seems normal here, yet drunk on main file), Laneria, and Eukrante.

(And a clip I took of the silly drunken/childish Arnval.)

(Link – MySite) – Arnval vs Zelnograd – Ride On!

(Link – MySite) – Hmm, somewhat works in combat. Manual mode time!

(Link – MySite) – Victory! But an easy win. Give me a challenge!

Guess I’ll also share Fubuki and Tsugu~ from my main game file as well. This is simply to show that you can carry over previous Shinki’s, as well as using newer ones on the same save file.

Talia? The name I gave her on Battle Rondo. If Rondo is going to die then I want to reincarnate them into Battle Masters! Give me Kohiru, Benio, and Sharatang as well! But I guess Shara is DLC….Then give me the first two!

(Link – MySite) – Fubuki in her full ninja gear, minus the ears, wings, and tail.

(Link – MySite) – Yes, I did give her snowflake earrings. was meant for Renge, but she’s been detained by Konami.

(Link – MySite) – Even with using PSP graphics they sure do look beautiful in this game; Fubuki with fox mask. Kon!

(Link – MySite) – Tsugu~ The Tsundere of my main figure collection, and the Shana-sound-alike.

(Link – MySite) – What she looks when you first purchase her. She needs more Love to wear her armor at around level 10.

(Link – MySite) – Patience! I’ll show her in her armor gear soon! Patience is a virtue!

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Tsugu enters love-mode/story mode!

(Link – MySite) – Something about how coffee tastes and battles being fun?


And here are more battle videos for you to enjoy! Some are easy wins while others are more of my own screw ups, experiments, and to simply gauge my opponent’s reaction. All the best battles I had were off camera for some weird reason. Shy to be on camera? 😛


Final Thoughts:

Hmm…….I feel as if Konami is testing the waters a bit too carelessly with revenue to gain back. I mean, this is an awesome game, as with the original game, it’s just that everything is very costly with characters missing. Also, if you don’t understand Japanese the game is a bit tricky, but still very playable when you try and guess what the Shinki’s are saying.  The battles are straight forward, the menu has a bit of English, and is supported by loads of DLCs, both a plus and a negative. I love how you can take the game on the go, customize the Shinki’s, and give them non-battle gear for “just-for-fun”. The story mode is actually quite entertaining, even more so when you know what they’re saying! I got the basic jist of it, half the time at least.

Battles can get a bit repetitive? Maybe. But as long as there are different battle game mode then it stays fresh. Give me new opponents, maps, tag-team battles, and we’re fine. If you love Shinki’s then this game will be twice as interesting to those that get bored by not looking into things more.

The negative part about this game is that it simply feels like a rehash with slight tweaks and additions. This is quite typical with any game, especially Japanese ones. But with this game I guess there was no other way to alter course with the save-file being carried over? The payable DLC’s are quite annoying as well! I’m not ticked off at the part of additional weapons, or Shinki’s, but the fact that past Shinki’s haven’t become default in this one as they should be. Highly disappointing. To bring it back up, I like how Konami made Shinkis, accessories, and weapons re-downloadable for free.

I would suggest that variants of the said Shinki’s should be DLC instead. (I.e Red Tsugaru being original and Blue being DLC; normal Renge vs pink/blue/more fox-like Renge; current Fubuki vs new Fubuki.) Anything that is getting figure variants should be DLC’s instead……But hey, whatever keeps Konami’s boat afloat I guess. Hope our money as water-pumps is working!

Would I recommend this? Even to foreigners? Sure! Why not. It’s an awesome game! Not trying it would be a great sin. Ignoring it because it might not be mainstream is simple-minded for those not trying it. Let your curiosity roam free! Try and guess your way through the dialogue, fight battles, and use any guides without spoiling yourself….much. Busou Shinki line is quite rewarding, yet the fellow figure and Anime gamers don’t realize it. Stay on the main road where it’s safe! Nah! Experiment and you’ll discover new things!

In short: Great game, awesome game modes, love the customation, hate the DLC treatment, liking the DLC, and people should try this game regardless of it being mainstream or not. If the game bores you then do more Shinki research :P. Do get it!



– Nice Anime intro/OP! More love was placed into this game with Animation, more Shinki’s, and a bit more flexible with starting Shinki’s.
– More Shinki’s! It is always nice to see more default Shinki’s in game that are not DLC. Means you get more lovely opponents to fight against as well. Have yet to to see DLC as opponents in either version.
– New menus for battle stats, Shinki cards, Master cards, wallpaper tips, and tv tips have been added for your viewing pleasure.
– Able to have sound clips of Shinki’s making sounds and saying things in the Shinki card. Unsure what it says or it’s purpose, but it’s a nice addition for those that may want to do stop-motion or whichever.
– Shinki’s and items from past game being carried over from original game is a nice feature! Now you don’t have to regrind, unless you really really want to.
– Seeing Shinki’s abuse their Masters in return is quite entertaining and highly amusing. First game had a case of Master abusing their Shinki, while this has Shinki’s rebelling in return with kicks and whips! 😛
– Noticing defective, drunk, childish, or different Shinki’s keeps things fresh. Some may have different color schemes, yet it still somehow manages to keep the game fresh somehow.
– New battle arenas/maps are nice. Having more maps helps break repetition, if slightly. This game needs more battle arenas as DLC’s instead of half the Shinki’s being made DLC.:s
– Game comes with an Arnval “bookmark” with a PSN code on the back. The code unlocks Arnvals/Fubuki’s black wings which you can equip your Shinki with. Nice! False freebies are awesome!
– New lock-on mode shows a square and circle icon on either side of the lock-on circle to show when you can shoot and when not to. This game is more newbie friendly, and helpful to the pros?
– Glad that there are more 1vs2/3 to challenge myself and others with. Having 1 vs 1 gets easy and adding more in one fight ups the chances of challenge, as well as frustration.
– A few equip wears features a blue battle armor from unknown series and a nun outfit probably making reference to Tsugaru’s Seiyuu of Agnese Sanctis from Index II Anime. I love these kind of bonuses!

– Cons:

– DLC’s! Right off the bat! Not DLC’s over-all, but the Shinki’s that were once DLC should be default by now. 
– Feels like a rehash. Feels like an over-priced add-on pack with new maps, opponents, Shinki’s, options, and such. I’m most likely missing something due to still being near the beginning?
– Lack of Diorama Studio or image taking options. First game is fine without it, but second? Huh? Needs a replay or image taking options that Japanese are famous for!
– Repetition is still an issue, but it is a PSP game meant for the go after all.
– Loading screen is still infamously long….


I apologize if I was harsh, just a few things ended up annoying me. I was looking forward to finally getting to play Renge  – and other Shinki’s – have not been added as either default or DLC’s. Still an awesome game regardless of the cons I listed.

Shall try and record more, and up my videos along with Renge’s re-purchase.  Peace!

P.S - http://fa-wiki.com/bs-mk2/ <– Some Guides/walkthrough for the game.

EDIT: Friday, December 16, 2011: Updated the “What’s New” part and corrected myself when I said you had to re-purchase Shinki’s and weapons. That was a misinformed lie on my part. You may now redownload them once their wave update arrives. I apologize. Fixed now.