Figma Lily Saber Box – recheck

Thanks to a user named Dani who commented in this blog post, I took pictures of the part I forgot. I also took the time to take images that were blurry and make them slightly better.

Here are the images:

The Bottom flaps with Dark Saber and another character I never seen. I haven’t played the PS2/PC game of it. New Figmas? :p

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And then the image I decided to take a re-shot of just in case theres some important messages on there…..doubt there are but who knows.

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And the image that was blurry before in my previous blog post, with Figma Saber and Rin that are already out.

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There you go :). Here I thought I checked every corner and I left a stone unturned. So there’ll be 3 Sabers? I don’t know who that other person is. Lastly I want a Figma Horo (Spice and Wolf) and Tenko Kugen (Wagaya no Oinari-sama). That’ll be the day…….

Happy Holiday! – Figma Lily Saber and Figma Miku Hatsune

Well its the day before Christmas (but Japan and European time it is the 24th) so after waiting 4 months and a few more days, I found it time to open up the Figma boxes to take pictures! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

My Christmas loot! Just so you guys/gals should know, this will be a long blog post because of the Christmas holiday so might want to make sure you have lots of time on your hands. I’ll go on Figma Saber first and then Miku Hatsune will get her time, enjoy the read/skimming.

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Figma Saber Lily get – Part 1

Well I finally got this “gift” for Christmas and I must say thats one hell of a small box for something so god damn expensive. I’ve waited since summer and now that I finally got her I felt like doing it in a more holiday style (though my¬† patience kicked in) and open up the box when christmas is actually around. But ya, impatience kicked in and I took out the doing a photoshoot of it but I haven’t taken it out of its original box yet. I’ll leave the playing and posing to the actual christmas since thats part 2.

Well heres a photoshoot for part 1 as a teaser.


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While I use my PC, Konata ended up using my PS3 for her gaming and Otaku needs. While doing so Tsukasa brought in a box for Konata to check out.

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Euro Trip 2008 – Pt 2 images

Finally I can host a gallery full of images from Europe! I remember an earlier blog I was going to split the European stuff into teaser bits but that never worked out. I instead killed all my galleries and plan to host a better one. I kept scanning the net for better galleries templates, but never could found one nice and simple enough to host onto. Google yesterday caught my attention so I decided to try it out (the links below).

(Link – MySite) – Funky lights on flight to Europe.

(Article contains 38 images in total and three embedded youtubes.)

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Snow storm?

Woke up today and was greeted by a nice pile of white snow blanketing everything. It was so white that I was caught off guard, and because of the fog created by the snow. I rushed to take a pictures every few moments and here (December snows are the best) and got one when two trucks and a back end loader were shoveling a parkinglot.

Like with any other Canadian snow fall, you have to keep shoveling 20 times a day to keep your driveway clean and it severly pisses people off. The sidewalk plows seemed to cleaned this out earlier, but it was all in vain.

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Quick winter walk

Well a few people were requesting images of how it looks up here with the snow so I decided to take a few images (3).

I went out and it was still a nice sunny day, three planes in the same part of the sky, and a very very chilly day. I saw some rabbit tracks and tried to look for a nice clean portion (along a fence) to take a picture of it.

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I walked a bit further trying to find any other cleaner and untouched bits of snow. At this point, even staying out 10 minutes would cause me to freeze if your not properly bundled up. The more I walked the more I could see rabbit tracks (like the above image) and people’s foot prints along the line where the bike path goes.

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I would walk further and take more pictures of the famous Canadian snow, but I had no figures with me and it was causing me to get very chilly at this point. I headed back and noticed the bright moon in the clear cold sky.

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Funny how theres little to no clouds in the sky when its obviously cold out (or warm). Though I can’t complain since I like seeing sunny days :). And so much for bringing out my figures for a photoshoot, they where short skirts or light clothing.