Arctic Kitsune’s Favorite Images P3 – Images from 2011

Hello guys! Hope you had a lovely New Year!

Now to share some of my favorite  images to show what I did, what I did right, wrong, poorly, properly, what I should do, what I shouldn’t do, and etc. Also helps to summarize the year for both myself and you guys to see what I did and how I did it. These articles are to help assist my mind to know more about myself, the hidden side of myself that I can’t see unless I ask people, to see how I’ve been doing each year, and to see where to improve.

(All images taken from my blog’s archives from the year 2011. This article contains lots of images and tons rambling, feel free to skim if needed.)

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Gran Turismo 5 – Review & Photoshoot.

Hello again!
I wanted to share Gran Turismo 5 with you this time just because I like this kind of game, and the previous versions. It’s a tad bit late, but probably still a good time to personally review it now that I got a PS3 that can play this lovely game! First PS3 yellow lighted on me – 60 gig PS3 (2006/7-2010?). The game also released some times around December and received around 6 big patches, which could be considered DLC.

(Link – MySite) – Welcome! Your Maserati in Kyoto!

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Ottawa’s Ferrari Festival – 2011

Ferrari!!! The Italians wanted to welcome everybody to view their national pride on Preston Street! The one event that is bound to get my attention is the Ferrari Festival! Ya, now you know who I am cheering for in Formula 1 haha! Oh! And because I missed out on last year’s Ferrari Festival, I shall post double the amount I normally would so make sure you have a great net connection!

(Link – MySite) – Little Italy!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 Pancake lens on Preston Street – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!)

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Remote Control Ferrari – TT-01

I didn’t acquire anything new, just looking at something acquired from a few years ago. This is just something to change the pace on my blog from the constant Anime Figure reviewing and photo-shoots. I’ve actually acquired this R/C for an auto-class project back in High School and had interesting memories created with it. Quite random and weird, but ya.

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Ferrari Collection

I doubt I have gone through my Ferrari collection in the last year or so. Time for a Ferrari update if that is the case as I obtained $17 (CAD)’s worth of new Ferrari’s. It might not be much to someone else but it would be for someone who keeps collecting Anime figures while trying to review them, or photo-shoot them heh. Its something to do while waiting for the Ferrari Festival to roll around.

(Link – MySite)

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Go For Sushi! Part 2

I had a massive craving for Sushi for a full week or two and wanted to satisfy it. Grocery store Sushi? Nah, doesn’t hit the spot and they tend to expire faaar too quickly. Just “Go for Sushi“  in Ottawa, located down  on Merivale Road. Sadly I don’t know of any good Sushi shops outside of Ottawa, except for those within Slovakia, Bratislava.

(Link – MySite and Flickr)

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Euro Trip 2008 – Pt 2 images

Finally I can host a gallery full of images from Europe! I remember an earlier blog I was going to split the European stuff into teaser bits but that never worked out. I instead killed all my galleries and plan to host a better one. I kept scanning the net for better galleries templates, but never could found one nice and simple enough to host onto. Google yesterday caught my attention so I decided to try it out (the links below).

(Link – MySite) – Funky lights on flight to Europe.

(Article contains 38 images in total and three embedded youtubes.)

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Figma Haruhi wants to explore

Well I got bored and decided to take the image of the little snow on the ground before it fully melts. I was about to go Figmaless but took Haruhi out since shes the easiest to pose with and my current fav figma. I was in a rush that I didn’t think about taking Haruhi’s spare parts since I only wanted to take pictures of the little snow around.

So I looked for a patch of snow that was similar to the November 18th, 2008 snowfall and heres a good example.

(Image links open in a new window)

(Link – My Site, Deviantart)

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Return from trip to Europe – Part 2 – Ferrari Loot

Well now that you got a summary of what I did in Europe I will now show you my Ferrari collection, Ferrari products on streets, and a Ferrari I saw on the street. There are 26 images to look through so there has to be something good to look at with something pleasing your eyes :).


My Ferrari Loot
(Click LInk for bigger pictures, will open in new window/tab.)

A gift given to me when I arrived in Slovakia, Bratislava.


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