Why figures and which do you prefer?

Hello guys! I thought I’d try my hands at another rambling & opinions articles to say why I love my figures, and why they’re awesome. I’m not doing a vs Figma or Shinki, but a simple comparisons to show why I like them and how I got into them.  So, why do I like my figures? Also, if you want,  you may consider this article a continuation  of – My History with Anime.

(Link – MySite) – Animated Ottawa.

(If you’re going to skim at least vote in the poll at the bottom to vote on what type of figure you prefer to own!)

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The Hidden Life of Figures

Hello! I thought I’d offer up a tutorial article for those new to the figure photoshoot scene, or those simply struggling to brainstorm ideas. Article also doubles as explanation to those those unfamiliar with Anime and figures. I’m basically going to mention ways you can guess or form a personality for figures for your comics, photoshoots, stop motion, or whatever else you might be planning to do and what you might be able to use them for. This also comes from studying other people’s comics and articles.

(Link – MySite) – Renge’s source of supernatural energy returned.

Note: If you see some obvious points being made, or explained, then it’s because of me explaining what this is about to those unfamiliar with bringing figures to life.

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New loot – Figma Signum and Di-Saber

Some might be uninterested but I managed obtain Figma Signum and Diformate Saber. What? I’m a Saber fan and I like the Diformate Saber ^_^. I think I wanted this figure since I saw it in the Anime store for $100 CAD. I’m not that rich so I waited and patience seemed to have rewarded me with a $30 CAD one from playasia. Sorry for the trouble and thanks Playasia.

(Link – MySite)

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Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie ver

This time I obtained a Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie version from my Anime store. Too my shock this anime store had tons too choose from which made buying something harder to choose. I wasn’t sure what to obtain as they had new figmas, a Haruhi pillow case, and nendos (I don’t have nendos). From all the choices I had I tried to take my chances with this Revoltech Yoko version and see how special this figure really is. I know other people already have this figure but I only just acquired it on Sunday (August 23, 2009).

(Link – MySite)

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Fraulein Revoltech – Bunny Haruhi

Went to my local Anime Store again and tried to find new Figmas to get. My choices for today were

1) Figma Ryomou Shimei.
2) Figma Mikuru Asahina School Uniform Version.

Either those two or the $100 CAD Deformed Saber figure (Link)…….. I can hear my wallet crying already :(. I also saw bunny ear’d Nagi-san (Link). Nice choices but damn, I’ll try getting them online for cheaper (slim chance).

Well I checked out the Haruhi Bunny revoltech and saw one that seemed to be opened and twisted around. I made sure that what I was checking out was as best of a quality before I took one.� She looks cool and in perfect condition, so I picked her up and bought her. She also had a guitar which made me get her over the other two Figmas.

(Link – MySite)

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