KanColle Admiration – November Admiral Log

Heyo! A belated November Admiral Log because of how pressed one is to juggle naval activities versus other tasks at hand. Been a very fun November month blasting the Abyssals to bits to accomplish the necessary. November was started with a nice ‘blast’ of clearing 1-5 & 2-5, among other lovely maps.

– Sendai a happy MVP for a 1-5 ‘hat-trick’ clear. YASEN! [Nov 1st, ’15]
[All images taken from the Japanese ‘KanColle’ game using printscreen + photoscape.]

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Happy (Belated) Sinterklaas Festivities! [2015]

Merry December 5th Sinterklaas festivities! My white foxy & Busou Shinkis were itching to have a photoshoot done. It was difficult, yet time has now allowed us to do some ‘quick-shoots’. Lovely gifts were also gathered from December 1st till the 10th for the 5th.

– A semi-chaotic (distracted) festive season with me trying to find time & balance everything. Shinkis admiring the December 5th festive mood.

[All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.]

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