(Wishlisting) Am I Allowed To be Happy?

This page is me wondering if things shall steer back to its greatness, or if everything shall degrade into nothingness. Nothing to do with depression, or negativity. This page is simply to note various desires within my interests of games & Anime wondering if I’m ever allowed to connect or immerse myself within various things. Will the various things I desire be forever a figment of my imagination, eventually turning me into a skeleton from eternal waiting? You tell me.

(Note: This page shall be updated fairly frequently as things shall hopefully come and go.)

– Microsoft Flight Simulator – TBM9 with Canadian paint job (Flying over Hokkaido, Japan)

Lessened Hype & Appreciation With Each Passing Year:

As the years go by there are simply less-and-less to note or be happy with. Things once appealing to me falling of my radar thanks to other people, especially relating to my hobbies and outside of them. I’m trying my best to keep myself entertained, yet with the constant push back, or lack of creativity, or market pushes, we simply can’t stay hyped up as we used to be. No longer being pinged for your favourite things via Twitter or Discord, people being more miserable than ever, even ghosting you, or leaving you out of the loop. Hence, my [Depression] page going into various parts which makes me depressed. I’m trying to note things I hope I can eventually find in the future in the below list.

I miss following a game, Anime, or other forms of mediums giving you the highest form of hype and satisfaction. Those are painfully few and far now. No longer being pinged by people in excitement making me aware of whatever I’m missing. Shame. The closest fun to that was with Bismarck Zwei having been announced for Azur Lane. That’s the only time I was truly happy.

– Azur Lane – Bismarck Zwei (My waifu in Kantai Collection & Azur Lane).

Imagine Bismarck, but as proper Canadian shipgirl constructions, event rewards, etc. Properly released, not as cookie-cutter, nor merged with another faction.

My future desires & “I’m Waiting” moments:

– Microsoft Flight Simulator – DC-9 flying from Kushiro to south of Sapporo.
  • World War 2 Naval Game – Canadian Navy
    (Full, or most of the naval roster found in a proper not-cookie-cutter naval game. Destroyers, 2 Light Cruisers, various aircraft carriers; Potential 3 Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleships. A proper game simply adding things properly for the whole interest and passion by the developers, not because a nation is “minor”. Add them because they exist. Both ‘War Thunder’ and ‘World of Warships’ do not count, yet games similar to ‘Silent Hunter 3’ does count.)
  • Kantai Collection and/Or Azur Lane to add Royal Canadian Navy Shipgirls:
    (After becoming attached to KanColle I’ve desired my Canadians to be represented. Expected Azur Lane to have added Canadians by now, especially with HMS Fortune noting ‘RCN/Maple Monarchy’ in her dialogue. I’m still left hanging, becoming more depressed as years go by. I’m not allowed my Canadians, especially under their own Canadian banner. Seeking actual quality character designs, not cheap or meme-level Canadian shipgirl designs, especially Azur Lane side. Actual proper serious and genuinely respectful quality designs.)
  • An Kantai Collection or Azur Lane VR Game:
    (Commanding and/or playing playing as varying types of shipgirls. From Destroyers, cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers, etc. Can even be a knock-off game. Gesturing to let flight groups fly, aiming to shoot enemies in the distance, or even commanding them while guiding them along.)
  • 3D Kantai collection or Azur Lane Game:
    (Better version of ‘Azur Lane: Crosswave’, (not that Azur Lane: Croswave is bad) allowing you to fully traverse the world, not in a square bubble. Needing to be more like Silent Hunter 3; Bigger world, more to do, more free-roamy, yet still something we can relate to on a Silent Hunter 3 note.)
  • Surface Warship Games (Singleplayer + Co-op):
    (A game which isn’t ‘War Thunder’, nor ‘World of Warships’ featuring a vast open world allowing you to sail as any warship. Fight enemies for any nations, even as a minor nation, going anywhere and at your own whim with no set end-date to the game. Fight for as long as you personally desire. No Cookie-Cutter nonsense.)
  • More Japanese Flight Sims, Naval Games, and Arcade games to be found on PC Steam & DLSite:
    (Japanese game developers need to cut ties with Sony to simply release their games freely on Steam & DLSite. From Kantai Collection, to Fate/Grand Order Arcade, Busou Shinki Arcade among numerous others on a PC market. Need more fun and entertainment in this world. Japan needs to compete in their own way to fill in Flight Sim, trains, and other forms.)
  • Avro Arrow Aircraft & Proper Flight Sim:
    (A proper Avro Arrow aircraft in a proper flight game which doesn’t punish you, nor is too casual. Just a proper flight sim with a study-grade level detailing to it. Have been banned from Microsoft Flight Sim official forums for requesting Canada’s Avro Arrow. I feel I’m not allowed to fly in a Flight Sim, Project Wingman, let alone any other game for their level of seriousness (Project Wingman), or their level of corruption and greed (Microsoft Flight Sim). Seeking both a proper flight simulator game and Avro Arrow aircraft.)
  • Kotobukiya’s (Megami Device) Busou Shinki – Renge – Ninetail Version:
    (I’m hoping to eventually see, within my life-time, a Kotobukiya version of Busou Shinki Renge. Hopefully, it can expend into a more serious Shinki Renge fox line with actual serious appearing ‘Kitsune’ gear. A far more fear-inducing appearance, yet still highly respectful of her design. I’ll take the former first before the latter desire can be fully imagined.)
  • Proper Star Wars Free-roam Game:
    (A game on the level of Star Wars Galaxies in terms of freedom and interaction, yet updated to 2024+ standards. Aware of SWGemu, even ‘Star Wars Outlaws’. Severely need a proper ‘Star Wars Galaxies’ counterpart in this era of gaming, especially as a singleplayer game with co-op abilities. Must have character customization, crafting, housing, vehicle ownership, among other elements. Basically ‘SWG’, yet updated to 2024+ standards.)
  • Various Accessible Kantai Collection & Azur Lane MMD/VRoid/Unity Models:
    (Desiring to see various accessible models to be used in other games, such as most Kantai Collection and Azur lane characters, a few being Yuudachi, Bismarck, Kasumi (AL), Shinano (AL), among numerous others. Seeing them constantly date-gated, heavily restricted, and other locks tends to hurt the freedom of creativity. Granted, Americans are to blame for content theft.)

I would genuinely admire any game which allows me to have fun in the way Japanese Indie game developers know how to share their fun. I’m always happy to play Japanese indie games, yet not overly hyped from lack of awareness of their presence. I genuinely admire how they simply make games just because they can, adding units because they’re fun and existed, while also focusing on fun, not a political quota as Western games are doing. Not expecting my wishlist to be ticked off any time soon, it’s only here to show what I wish for.

I’m aware by simply listing and wishing for them they won’t happen. I however do hope people shall become more aware of what I desire hoping to eventually see it accomplished in some form, maybe eventually seeing various things ticked of bit-by-bit as years go by, as had been done with my Vancouver & Japan trip recently. Even having visited HMCS Haida.

– VRChat – VKet – Avro Arrow leggings.

I’m thankful for having the Avro Arrow leggings. I’m however too unskilled in separating them, even having them applied to my avatars properly. I’ll hopefully eventually have them functioning.

Here is to hoping we can return to the age of enlightenment relating to games, Anime, and other hobbies. Too many excuses as to why things can’t get done, too little done to have fun with. Finding myself playing various indie games on Steam, even ones by Kairosoft, Japanese indie developers; Seeking out various games through DLSite. I miss when everything was mostly fun and natural.

I’m thankful for Microsoft Flight Simulator community for adding in various Canadian planes. I may pick it up later once the dust settles, yet thankful for the Twin Otter, Caribou, among numerous other aircraft. Sadly missing the Avro Arrow, among other aircrafts.

(Side-note: I’m willing to bet I’m not allowed to have certain games, features, and elements thanks to Trudeau being an idiot of a Prime Minister of Canada removing any Canadian pride and identity away from Canada. Same could be said of the overly abusive LGBTQ nonsense groups corrupting everything they touch by censoring and banning everything fun in life. Everything in life is a farce. True honesty goes a long way, fake LGBTQ honesty corrupts everything. “No fun allowed”. Various people have enough of fake politics ruining everything, hence counter-protests countering every fake LGBTQ nonsense and other idiotic pushes. Games and Anime are our escapism, thankfully. Sadly, various things become stunted because of both Trudeau and LGBTQ nonsense. Video games and Anime should stay as our escapism, to the dissatisfaction of fake social justice groups out there.)

I want to wake up to a game announcement (or unit update) of any sort to the point it hypes me up about it for that day, week, or month. I want to be happy again. We sadly live in an ‘No Fun Allowed’ world. I need my proper escapism. I want to push the whole “everything is your fault” on the sideline. I simply desire to have fun, something myself and others are simply not allowed.

I genuinely miss the 2006-2013 Era of gaming hobby and Anime hobby waking up to people poking and pinging me on social media a certain figure, game, or a unit in a game was released. Such as Bismarck Zwei, as recently had been done. We need more of these wholesome moments, something we’re seeing less of.