Figma Ryomou Shimei – First glance

Anybody called for a maid? Went to check out my anime store recently and they didn’t have much, just her and Shana. Ah well, at least I put myself in line for Figma Signum. I didn’t have her and didn’t want to leave the shop empty hande so I grabbed her, paid for her and biked back home. I got her last week on wednesday, but I kind of waited for the “right moment” to review her. Meh, I should of just took pictures of her like I normally would.

I don’t recall ever seeing Ryomou in a maid outfit. Its not like its a bad thing, right? The below images were taken with my Sony W170 Camera, excuse the quality. I should of taken the pictures during the nice warm weather when I had the proper lighting……..

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Ottawa – Spring Time#4 w/figma Rin (Vocaloid)

Another great day meaning another great time to take pictures of the local wildlife, as with figmas. This time I decided to bring Figma Rin to see what kind of images I could end up taking by bringing her along.

Well, I missed out on the Ottawa Tulip festival since I forgot when it was going to take place with me currently cursing that I have missed it. So much for looking at the Japanese tent this year :(. Ah well, there is always next year and more events to go to, right?

Before I go on about it, I thought I’d point out some kick ass Pockies that I found interesting again. The Almond type biscuit sticks that I found yesterday in the local Asian store on the other side of Ottawa. Also a teaser image to the next Figma I got that I will eventually do a photoshoot of, Figma #024 if your curious.

(Link – MySite)

A review of the next Figma will come soon 🙂

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Ottawa – Spring Time#3 w/figma Haruhi

Excuse the lack of a better post title, heh.

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Another beautiful day means another set of great images from the vast open great white green northern nation of Canada. Each week passes meaning a better and greener scenery around the city as well as the nation, woo! This time I brought Haruhi around for the bike ride but wasn’t too sure were to take images so excuse the lack of Figma images.

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Ottawa – Spring time#2

I see I haven’t blogged in awhile. Lets create a new entry then with my bike ride along the Ottawa river, with my new bike.  Sadly I didn’t bring any Anime figures this time around since I just wanted to get used to my new bike and finally check out the Spring scenery around. Though since this is a gaming and anime oriented blog for Ottawa, I’ll get some in the next article.

Lets start off with some ducks, shall we?

(All images are full sized, click the link under images to view them. Images are captured with a Sony Digital Camera W170. )

Warning: Below image comments may contain inside jokes or quick humor that may not be humourous to an average person.

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