Discord Group

– Renge from Busou Shinki within VRchat

Come join the Discord Group at:

The Discord Group is for:

Please do join respectfully without the intention to troll, or disrupt behaviour. I have moderators at the ready. You’re however free to talk about Busou Shinki, Frame Arms Girl, VRchat, VR gaming, and stuff in general. It’s a general Discord group, but do not pester to force us to play games. 

  • Twitch & Youtube conversations
  • Busou Shinki & Frame Arms Girl discussion
  • VR & VRchat discussions 
  • Gaming & local happenings (no politics).
  • Anything anime, or what we’ve talked about elsewhere on the web if you’ve come to know me. 
  • You can ask those into VRchat to partake in any events, and such. 
  • Anything you want me to stream, within reason. 

It’s just a general chill & hangout place. Use common sense and you’ll be respected in return. 

-Arcticu Kitsu