Renge From a land Far Away

Kon! Finally got around to continuing my “Renge Comics” after a long long while of putting it off. I basically disliked the format and put it off until now. I’m hoping you shall like! Renge also had a lovely experience with the wind today, though a painful and damaging fall….Such is the risks for outdoor photography….

(Link – MySite) – Renge spots my book about Foxes.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Ottawa’s Ferrari Festival – 2011

Ferrari!!! The Italians wanted to welcome everybody to view their national pride on Preston Street! The one event that is bound to get my attention is the Ferrari Festival! Ya, now you know who I am cheering for in Formula 1 haha! Oh! And because I missed out on last year’s Ferrari Festival, I shall post double the amount I normally would so make sure you have a great net connection!

(Link – MySite) – Little Italy!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 Pancake lens on Preston Street – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!)

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Shorty Miko Dress – Foxy Renge

Kon! My lovely Renge finally turned into a divine fox spirit! How? By getting a lovely 1/12 Azone made shorty  miko dress with a broom. Basically the female shrine outfit that you see at Japanese shrines around Japan, and in Anime. I’ve been looking at getting something neat for my Renge for a long time and finally got such from HobbySearch. I kept checking AmiAmi but had my little issues with it. And because people are calling Shinki  dolls, not figures, I’ll treat Renge like a “doll” today. Might as well play along, right? 😛

(Link – MySite) – Miko dress – short version in a small box with paper stuffing.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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IL-2 1946 Sturmovik & J7W1 Shinden

I just feel like flying for these past few days and weeks that I picked up IL-2 1946 Sturmovik. I obtained IL-2 from Steam for just $10 CAD (Canadian), and been wanting to play it for the past 2-3 years. I’m also pretty sure that the majority of people already have this within their possession. I’ve been holding off  on this because of Flight Sim X, Figma’s, Shinki’s, life, and because I couldn’t find the hard-copy. Also, this article isn’t purely aimed at the IL-2 1946 game, but the the J7W1 Shinden itself. I wanted to focus on the Shinden.

I have to thank Kodama within the IL-2 modding community for this gorgeous plane!

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken in IL-2 1946 Sturmovik + HSFX Mod + J7W1 Shinden.)

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Figma Mirai – Culture Japan

I spy with my little eye something that is….Orange & white, has a “d” logo, and with a name that means future. Who could that be? Danny choo’s mascot – Mirai! I’ve obtained my Figma Mirai from J-List. Why not? Everybody else seemed to have went with AmiAmi but eh…let’s create our own unique path!

(Link – MySite) – Mirai with a J-list supplied tissue packet.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

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Battle Rondo – Fubuki – Type Ninja/Ninjya

Hello guys! As planned, I’m deciding to review Shinki Fubuki in her Battle Rondo form! I have Fubuki in figure form, and also have her in her “trial” form in Battle Rondo. Let us review the abused, thrown out, and shy little ninjya girl? Guess we need to also harass you guys for abusing her in the first place >.>

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken in Battle Rondo and Diorama Studio.)

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