Arcticu’s October 2020 Loose Thoughts

This is just a general blog post just letting some loose thoughts loose while noting a few things. Wanted to note a few things before I go back to posting about Anime & games. I’ve been wanting to though been stressing about many things.

– I genuinely love looking at Chinooks flying over head. The sound they make, the way they look. I always notice them. I love them, the same with how the CF-18s are treated.

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A’K’s Anime Viewing – Winter 2014 & 2015 – R11

Heyo! I thought I’d finally post up my thoughts about the winter Anime concluding to allow us to transition into the spring season. It’s been a great season, if a bit difficult to keep up with. This article may or may not contain spoilers as I’m viewing these shows with the final episode left unseen.

– Music being a way to communicate and form tighter & deeper bonds.

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KanColle Admiration

Heyo! Happy Valentines Day to those that celebrate it, I myself don’t. Wanted to actually celebrate another anniversary of my blog with some KanColle fun instead. Wanted to share my recent progress within that game while eying my in-game goals.

My lovely Bismarck I’m aiming to acquire <3.

(Images Printscreened and inserted in Photoscaped; Images may vary in sizes due cropping.)

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A’K’s Anime Viewing – 08/07/14 – R9

Welcome back to more glorious Anime viewings. I actually quite enjoyed the spring’s anime viewing, and the same with this summers selection as well.  Lots of enjoyable anime shows to be enjoyed.

– “Two girls at once, you lucky dog.”

(All images taken using Fraps from their respected shows. Feel free to click on little screenshots)

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A’K’s Anime Viewing – 05/22/14 – R8

Heyo! A bit on the belated side, though that allows me to dig deeper into each shows I’m watching. A nice selection of Anime this spring. Some bringing back the old Anime goodies with others surprising viewers with awesome soundtracks and animation beauty.

– A gorgeous elegant foxy from No Game No Life anime. <3

(All images taken from their respected Animes with Fraps.)

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Ottawa Comiccon 2014

Heyo! Went to the Ottawa Comiccon as mentioned on Tumblr while more or less enjoying my time there after a “rough” start. Went to the EY Center next to the Ottawa Airport for this event. I enjoyed viewing the display areas the place had to offer.

– Patiently waiting in line gradually becoming impatient. Was just about to leave for some plane spotting nearby.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 Pancake lens.)

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