Ottawa Comiccon 2014

Heyo! Went to the Ottawa Comiccon as mentioned on Tumblr while more or less enjoying my time there after a “rough” start. Went to the EY Center next to the Ottawa Airport for this event. I enjoyed viewing the display areas the place had to offer.

– Patiently waiting in line gradually becoming impatient. Was just about to leave for some plane spotting nearby.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 Pancake lens.)

Wanted to finally go to Comiccon in Ottawa after passing a few that were being held locally a few times. Had to miss them a few times because the wallet was weeping loudly. I finally went and enjoyed most of my time there, just not the messy line-ups, misinformation, and the messiness of it all. Basically making a loop around the entrance for no reason at all. Should have had registration at both entrances  or funnel people in through a tent. That annoyed me greatly and others.

That aside, everything else was quite enjoyable and fun. Was finally able to dig back into the North American side of things after going to a nice amount of Anime conventions. A nice change of pace. Spotted some nice old Power Rangers figures, Star Trek stuff, Minecraft stuff, and some nostalgic triggers here and there. Quite a few temptations. Luckily easy to ignore such temptations.

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I’m going to have to agree with what I over-heard – That this Comiccon should have had more display areas with less shops. Needs more fun displays like the Star Wars, Dr Who, and Back To The Future displays.

– Can’t deny that people are having genuine fun at this place and other conventions. Love that vibe!

– Imperial Service Droids (And R2) being all flirtatious. All happy going up to every person. One thing to see it in a movie, another to see them in person.

– Mouse Droid! I’m always amused by these little ones.
– Can’t go wrong with Doctor Who fun.
– My favourite Doctors in view. Companions not so much.

– I just had to also see these evil bastards in person. Again, everything is better in person.
– Pardon the blurry but one of my favourite version of the Daleks during that WW2 episode.
– Disliking how blurry the images are of the Daleks. Quite nice seeing that white and blue version.

– Was highly amused by this dancing Stormtrooper dancing around with music blasting.

– “These aren’t the droids you are looking for.”

– Was tough getting an image with this cool trooper with all the people.
– Thanks for complimenting my 501st shirt. An awesome scout trooper.

– I found me a beautiful Ahri!

– Male RWBY Red version. Fancy.

– A rogue Sith Zabraak claiming his cell as is own stating none shall sit on his precious cell-block chair. Amused.

– Gorgeous female bounty hunters. Always need more of them for their coolness.

– Captain Canada!
– Now this makes me miss the 3D version of Voltron.

– Someone sure is afraid of Vader! XD

– Spiderman! That’s some awesome detailing as well. Damn!

– She was riding on R2-D2 from the vendor side heading towards the Star Wars display. R2 wasn’t amused in the slightest. I obviously laughed at this.

– All the Star Wars characters gathering up for a group shot for the main winner.
– It’s a trap! (Look to the left) And I’m amazed that I actually managed to get a nice shot of one of Hutt’s minions for the Rancor.

– From a show I used to watch and enjoy greatly. All the nostalgia!
– Awesome family and great cosplay.

It’s been a fun con when avoiding all the line-ups and evading all the people that would have bumped into you by mistake. A few unavoidable bumps into people was inevitable. I obtained two Minecraft goodies of an Enderman figure and a Pig keychain from those random packages. I shall be having more fun with them later. I actually quite liked this convention.

– Renge helping to show off the Minecraft loot. Choose the Enderman out of them all because of how neat they actually are. May get Creeper next later.

I’m quite big into Minecraft so I just had to purchase these goodies, even if my wallet is crying horribly loudly. I love playing the game a lot while rebuilding what I once lost. If you want to see more images of these Minecraft figures in the future then feel free to bookmark this blog, this Flickr, and even my YouTube for future videos for past and future event videos.  I now want to play around with this Enderman outdoors while also having fun with my other fox girl named Varakitsu among Ottawa’s nature.

And if curious, I was wearing a generic Levi’s 501st grey shirt with a black circle on front. It seemed appropriate for the convention and to receive a nice comment with “nice shirt” from a scout trooper. Too bad I couldn’t hold Vara on my arms, and glad I didn’t with the amount of people at the convention and the bus. Would have loved to do such, though would have been overly troublesome if I actually did. Maybe next time and for the next conventions.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed viewing my images. I had fun while finding it a worth the light venting on my end.

– Kon!