Ottawa’s National Day Of Honour

Heyo! Went to downtown Ottawa to observe the National Day Of Honour to pay respect and to commemorate to those fallen in Afghanistan and to those returning from there. A nice big Canadian respect to the Canadian troops and to the end of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

– Lovely Canadian emblems on each and every vehicle.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

I missed out on the main parade and event while only catching the display. I ended up arguing with myself about going or not to only end up doing so for the display side because I would have felt a great regret for not doing so with it near me. I knew of it the day or few ago. I had to observe and capture something on camera while I’m in Ottawa for those that aren’t while others are. I do feel guilty for not catching the planes flying over head and missing the parade, though happy that I took many images of the display.

Do hope the images are enjoyable. Tried to keep them sharp, bright enough, and enjoyable.

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Didn’t go with anything Anime with how startled and swiftly I left. Left so quickly that I even left my phone charging at home. Left both Vara & Renge at home to have a full Canadian experience on this day. I do feel a light regret or not bringing either when remembering others in other nations taking images on military vehicles.

– APCs and a Leopard tank all in a line in a convoy type line for people to enjoy.
– With all the people it was a bit tricky to take images of the vehicles alone. Don’t mind taking images of the troops as this is for them.

– Three artillery trucks making their way out of Parliament Hill.

– An APC driver window being removed for people to sit in.

– The Leopard tank appearing to be one of Ottawa’s favourite pick. A beautiful beast it be.
– A Canadian Leopard tank hanging around in front of the Parliament building. Right in the center of the line-up.

– The second main attraction to the whole display. Quite a lovely bird.

– Lovely bird with lovely blades. Loved how the blades reacted to the strong stormy winds.

– People sure loved looking inside the Chinook. No matter what the minute or the hour the line was always lengthy.

– I had a nice chuckle (a visible smile on my face) when I saw this. Would be neat to have this at Comiccon.

– Now if only the Ottawa River was large enough to allow this beauty of a ship to park somewhere nearby.
– I’m pretty sure that this vehicle is a minesweeper, or a bomb sweeper. Both. Everything is awesome in person.
– The guy operating this little guy had way too much fun that I ended up chuckling a hell of a lot. Same with others. I even have videos of it.

– I was surprised and amused how they even had ammo-less guns for display.
– Was neat to look through these binoculars, just a bit difficult because you had to look through it precisely or see black.

– This beauty reminded me of the gun used in the Jormungand Anime. I know not the same, though similar in style or size. Still makes quite a loud bang even without ammo.

– This little memorial was placed in front of the Parliament Building’s entrance. Right under the Peace Tower itself.
– Less people at the 4 pm mark making it a bit easier to take images.

– Each APC appearing to have its own emblem. Do enjoy seeing what each one has.

Went in circles about three times to see if I could see specific vehicles and displays better. The rifles and guns section and the Chinook both being the most popular from the appearance of line-ups. Too bad I missed the flyby, though worth it from this display side.

My respects to those that have fallen and served in Afghanistan. Thanks for the display as well.