Reset Era Sets ‘Ion Fury’ Ablaze

I’m honestly not happy posting this because it does not stick in the positivity range, yet posting it out of ‘necessity’. I’m posting this because our hobbies are being attacked where you simply can’t enjoy anything, unless it fits a certain mindset with everything RE finding offensive being set ablaze.

– Ion Fury getting review bombed AFTER 3D Realms threw their developer under the bus while catering to demands of those who originally wouldn’t have bought the game. Maybe some would, though not the majority. The negative reviews are in response to giving into SJW demands. Would have been fine if 3D Realms never gave into SJWs.

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[VRchat] A Look Back Into Past Memories

Heyo! Been looking back at my images recalling all the fun memories I’ve been having desiring to post more on my blog to share them with you guys. I want to show you guys even more fun images of makes VRchat so fun, and why I idolize it as much as I do, have, and will. All those fun memories “we’ve” had. 

– I have a deep love-hate relationship with this image because I was kicked off as Scathach, yet love it because it’s part of a fun time in VRchat history haha! And he wonders why I try to cut off his 9 tails in jest 😛

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