March 2022 – Random Thoughts, Anime, Gaming, & Venting

– VRChat – Visiting various chill worlds, if briefly.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted another blog posted. Been strongly desiring to post up my Flight Sim blog posting to instead focus on Canada’s Freedom Convoy news following it heavily. Tracked it from the beginning till when Trudeau tantrumed enacting Emergency Powers as a toddler-minded Prime Minister, and the internet threw other people under the bus because the media said it was fine to do so. Even if people were “freed”, they’re not really free. It’s basically Martial Law and House arrest under a Liberal government. I wanted to post more Flight Sim blog postings, more Genshin Impactpostings, among others. Stress. Constant stress, distractions, and anti-social behaviours by others preventing me from doing such. I can’t even make videos for Youtube, nor do other things. I was forced into a bubble to not even be able to watch Anime.

I simply wanted to make a “blog post update” noting things at random (if with slight structure to it) just to make note of things between January and now. How I witnessed people on my Twitter feed unfollow me, others treat me like crap, and just showing things as semi-randomness. It’s been a stressful time from January 23rd till,…… basically even now into March. One situation to the next. My focus was mainly the Canadian Freedom Convoy fighting for ACTUAL freedom, something fake Canadians and the main media outlet shunned people for. I’m sure people shall also throw me under the bus during my birthday also. As per usual.

(If anybody claims my blog postings are “rambly” (rambling), or “can’t understand them” are simply unaware of how stressful everything is. I have to also force these out as quickly as possible with the limit time I have.)

Canadian Freedom Convoy:

I genuinely support the Canadian Freedom Convoy for various reasons. I support them for keeping us alive, supplying our goods, and brave enough to fight for our freedom while Canada throws them under the wheel for not following a dictatorship styled Liberal government. Even if truckers are now “free”, they’re technically living under a mini Martial Law and house arrest styled lifestyle now. They can’t be human for standing up for freedom to end all masked mandates. World is fed up, yet Canadian government treating them as war prisoners in a horrible manner. It’s disgusting.

This was (and still is) a major issue for Canada with how these hard working truckers fought for our freedom. They painstakingly drive up and down, left and right across Canada (into USA), and even those around the world. We had Romanian, Serbian, among others fighting for Canada’s freedom to nudge Canada away from dictatorship (Martial Law; Communism), ironically pointed out by those who even FLED Communist China & Europe. Even those from war-torn nations around the world. THEY warned us, we ignored them. Truckers gave them a voice, the media & Trudeau silenced them with the brainless hive-mind. Also, like Father, like son. Both Trudeaus are brainless morons. Aggressive, selfish morons.

My deceased parents always brought up how Canada behaves like communism back in Slovakia with how people snitch on one another, how people behave, how the government behaves. They fled from Slovakia to flee from Soviet Russians to then end up in Canada’s own version of Communism with its own baby state of Martial Law. 2 years of Covid wearing masks, forced to inject a needle or else be treated as a less than a citizen of the nation. Gaslighted, turned into a black sheep of society, suicides, deaths caused by needles. People losing their job because of those needles when A) Feeling negative effects from needles, or B) refusing to take needles. Forced to wear a mask while also getting sick from them. I myself constantly having to pull my mask down to cough out the flem/mucus into the sink at my workplace. Same with other coworkers. My coworkers wanted to play specific indoor hockey, proper Scouts gathering; older generation desiring church gatherings, proper funeral.

The venting I heard from a coworker’s family’s relative was similar to how my mom vented about funerals in Europe. Same distress of how funerals pain people, how these specific relatives couldn’t talk to other people, how artificial, forced and unhuman (inhumane) these treatments were. How they can’t hug each other during precious moments. People dying alone. I’ve even been there unable to see my dad off (Covid negative; Liver disease). The pain is real.

My point is how moronic people have been treating truckers as ‘fascists’, ‘Nazi’, and other degrading labels just because the Fake News media said it was. I WAS THERE, I also can relate to the pleas of the truckers. I’m also aware of how brainless society is. Nobody cares about retail workers, truckers, or any of the backbones of society. Trudeau doesn’t, nor does Dictator Watson. To those that even care about the truckers are even villainized by the hive-mind society known as ‘SJWs’ (Social Justice Warriors) fighting for fake freedoms & political points around the world.

It’s also because of that situation it now leads to the following below:

– CBC is so useless……. FINALLY we’re seeing mandates being lifted, all thanks to the truckers. People have spoken, as have the lefty morons. Now you have people not knowing how to meme pretending they know how to joke. Everything has to be political, especially CBC’s false news.
– How retarded. How moronic! There has been a saying “left don’t know how to meme”, it’s true. They clearly do not know how to meme…… Dry humour at its finest, I guess…….

Twitter’s Betrayal:

People I knew showed their true colours basically telling me I don’t matter to them, nor does the world to them. They would happily see the world burn. They would much rather cower in fear, or stir the pot to create more flames.

– SocialKeenan – Spewing political bigotry online while in care of special needs folks. Overly vulnerable people. Very alarming.

I simply knew Keenan as someone who would post images of Ottawa. Just a local, that’s all. Eventually I would find out he was someone who takes care of special needs folks with Downs syndrome, eventually assuming he would unfollow me for the amount of Anime & games I share. Why would you follow me? Also, why would you spew bigotry against the truckers who provide us our basic needs? What possessed you to turn on your own people to further send Ottawa into a political hellhole, something Europeans, Chinese, and other ‘refugees’ feeling from other war-torn nations refuse to be a part of.

The numerous of fights we had on Twitter were justified calling out your needless bigotry. You ended up becoming a bot with all the moronic bot-like tweets you’ve made.

Even if you’re unsuspended, you’re still a moron. A war-mongering moron.

LittleVMill’s Brainlessness:

I used to enjoy Little V’s covers of video games. Unique; Had this specific charm to them with elements of fun. It appears ever since his mother passed away he has lost a part of himself (rationality, possibly) now opening him up for irrational behaviour. Constant shitposting, belittling, and meme’ing videos berating people. It was a two part apprecation of 1) Unique covers, & 2) Fellow Canadian, now it’s just needless memes and horrible shitposting.

– LittleVMills caught up in political bigotry.

Little V failed to realize the truckers he’s degrading are the same ones who provided him his goods for his home, or provided him in some form. He lives thanks to the truckers having provided to him, even to those alleged “10% fake terrorists”. V Mill’s mother should know the pain, as my dad also had having to deal with Ontario’s stressful crap. I’m sure my dad would have sided with the truckers having gone from a taxi driver, school bus, Para Transpo, among other sorts of jobs. Even a miner and an oil driller, among other jobs.

I’m certain (by implying) that Canadians are a bunch of “pussies”, or so my parents and other Europeans would see Canadians as with all this ‘Anti-trucker’ bigotry. Weaklings, cowards. Not the truckers who protested, those who failed to stand up for Canadian Freedom, or those whining about how hard something is in life. Canadians don’t know how to live their lives while being all naive, even unable to take a hint from truckers protesting for their freedom and Canada’s (and the world). My dad would have most likely backed these truckers, if given the proper context not provided by fake news gaslighting the whole situation.

I noted where I stood when conversing in Little V MIll’s threads. He never chimed in, only the fake whiny Twitter folks believing everything the media tells them with how the Earth is flat, water makes frogs gay, and all that nonsense. I’ve personally went to the convoy protests while also viewing actual interviews of how normal the truckers are. Daily Show had to plant fake truckers (or cherry pick) among them to prove a false point, as LittleV here had done.

Little V, you slipped. Just as I had in 2017, you have also. You’ve fallen from grace. You’ve lost my respect. Go sort your grieving self out.

Tyjos84 – Turtling (Bubble Mode):

This one caught me way off guard having been “friends” since 2017. We conversed ever since I had a mental break down to which I vented how I quit the figure hobby after various betrayals after betrayals. Tyjos always chimed in since 2017-2022 to which he now quietly threw me under the bus all because I desired Canada to be free again. Smiles to be unbanned and regained. He would always tweet at me about anime, games, and shows when Naitonii, Haku, and others from the Anime community of threw me under the bus. Never spoke with me, only threw me under the bus as Tyjos eventually had done in late January-Early February 2022. Even though people have a mouth nobody knows how to talk things through…….. So infuriating. Nobody knows how to talk to one another.

– Quietly blocked between January 28th-February 10th.

I’m assuming it all had to do with the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ when Canadians and the world desired their freedom back. Actual freedoms “unbanning smiles” with how Canadians now hate other people smiling in their society. I constantly tweeted & retweeted actual happenings to which Tyjos most likely blocked me for without telling me why. Never told me, never conversed with me. Mature people actually TALK to each other, you chose the cowardly way out. I say that, I’m however noting things because this is what society is now with people unable to solve any differences, unable to socialize, and just throw people away like trash.

I understand you suffer from depression and family troubles. You’ve openly noted this, I can relate. I’VE BEEN THERE! Learn to talk with people………

– Conversing about the N-1 Starfighter finally being back in Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett, and in a grand manner. It was one of the best moments.

Probably also didn’t help I also pointed out Boba Fett’s series’s various flaws. Flashy bikes, poor writing, over-compensating by turning Boba Fett’s Story into Mandalorian, among other weirdness. I give that show a 7/10. It could have been far better.

– Similar POVs. I constantly share anime. When those following me for political or other reasons becomes fairly awkward. A lot of people love unfollowing.
– That’s true. Twitter used to be an overly fine platform, eventually turning into a ‘REEEEE!~’ fest of people whining about everything.

Twitter is indeed depressing nowadays. You’re forced to bash Trump, be anti-Russian, be pro-terrorist, and even corrupted by fake gender politics. It’s nasty. It’s also Tumblr’s fault for sterilizing their own site becoming worth nothing while infecting every other social media outlet elsewhere.

Also, it would help if you didn’t block people. I get you’re depressed, you need to learn to TALK THINGS OVER. No wonder everything fails in life. Nobody knows how to talk to one another, why cheating in families is common. People forgot how to converse with one another out of fear of something.

Not to shame Naitonii, just want to note I’m still feeling the pain of “betrayal” from 2017 when I was basically thrown under a bus. It may not have seemed that way, it however was. I’m well aware I also became politically corrupted accidentally shaming Trump, that one I come clean about. Even becoming “one” with Tumblr with vent posts. Everything else, I feel I was betrayed on. 2017-2022. Doesn’t help he is Dutch with the other 3 Dutch gamers I know from the Petroglyph Games community having also thrown me under the bus. I’m highly wary of Dutch people, especially now more than ever. When we parted ways I was effected by this so painfully my coworkers even wondered what was wrong with me. I wasn’t composed as I usually was, unable to place things where they needed to go. I was lost in thought, depressed. It would take until late 2017 in VRChat for me to find a glimmer of hope again. My desire for figure photography shattered by the departure of NaitoNii. I struggled to be able to do figure photography anymore…..

Everything is always noted as being my fault. Everything…… Everything is always my fault, it always frustrates me because other people always come off as being “innocent”. I’m always the villain………I’m VERY wary of Dutch people…….. They can be cool people if you’re on their frequency. Otherwise, you’re trash to them and other politically minded people following the mainstream nonsense.

I still have his knitted foxes his sister gifted to me. I sadly had to throw out the plush Ahri having become infested with worms from my previous place. Heavy webbing of worms, especially a spider infestation. Assumingly, from the swarm of insects coming out of Milkbone treats, and spiders to feast on them. The Milkbone worms appeared to have come from Milkbone treats to which they took over my previous room having been from my long-past best friend of a dog, Sparky. Everything else (gifts) has been placed elsewhere. Somewhere.

I’m sure people will use this information against me claiming everything IS my fault. Partially. Being Anti-Trump at the time was my actual sin. I simply know how Dutch people love throwing others under the bus and how Europeans are now brainwashed by fake politics as we Canadians are. Europeans hate me. Can’t trust anybody. I’m allegedly a ‘radicalized terrorist’, even before this whole political thing took off. Even my fellow Canadians are a threat to me.

I simply want to hang out with people normal and down-to-earth people again not having to worry about political garbage. Again, this is not to bash NaitoNii, only to simply note I’m still feeling the ripple effect (pain) from this since 2017. We became highly trusted friends to simply having been thrown under the bus. I’m a villain, I guess. I 100% believe we can’t be friends either, it would be highly awkward, as experimented in other experiences where I’ve been bullied by other people.

Dustin may have followed me since Ottawa’s Naru2U convention, an overly ghetto convention with an arrogant organizer pretending to be special. Dustin popped up roughly around that time either having been there, or seen my tweets about it wanting to know more about Ottawa at the time. He moved to Canada (from USA) causing trouble to the point Nagzz21 may have unfollowed me from one of my comments furious how Americans are invading Canada to stir up unrest, someone who Dustin himself has been doing. Coming to Canada to hypocritically stir up anti-police sentiments, be anti-Freedom (Anti Freedom Convoy), anti-Canadian, and pro-political in a radicalized manner.

Those pronouns also doesn’t help him, neither for a fellow passive aggressive Dutch person I knew as ‘Dei’. I’m genuinely disappointed people like this is why Canada is now a pile of shit of a nation with Dictator Trudeau and Dictator Watson being a bunch of douchebags destroying Canada within. I’m always unhappy thanks to how plastic everybody is. It’s like seeing people as robots programmed to be something they aren’t…….. It feels like I live amongst vulgar robots wishing to do harm to one another, even verbally.

VRChat Unfollows:

I’m not going to cry over these ones, only note “these are to be expected”. We haven’t conversed in VRChat, let alone on Twitter. Barely. I’ve tried befriending various folks when it comes to VRchat for them to sideline me. One whined why they can’t socialize with folks only desiring to be with specific “important” people of the community. They were able to converse & socialize, still whining about being unable to have friends. Popularity and clout chasing. When it comes to VRChat I’m neither friend nor foe; Just a random person to them……..

– I wasn’t expecting Cutie Cori to follow me long term. We haven’t talked in VRChat, nor Twitter. They kept in their bubble, and I in mine.
– And this is probably why I can’t be friends with VRChat folks. They’re far too naive when it comes to life.

I find it depressing when people follow fads preventing them from being who they actually are. Back in the 90’s to the early 2000’s people assumed Rap music was the best thing ever with every other music types being trash. Everything was rap all the time. Or Lincoln Park, among other mainstream types. Even Call of Duty for FPS, or whatever people tend to bandwagon. Being transgender seems to be the next fad, especially with how bored people are in life. Then you even have cults going out of their way to brainwash babies and kids to be trans, censor anime, sterilized western movies forcing people to find other mediums of entertainment such as Japanese Anime, or something outside of the western sphere.

To those who are actually trans I genuinely feel bad for them. They’ve been forced to suicide by fake trans people for not following the narrative. Seeing people (even VRChat folks) preach about Trans and BLM is like watching people preach about drinking muddy water because it’s a new hip way of drinking water. It’s like chocolate milk, but not really. It’s just muddy water. It’s unhealthy, unsanitary, and it gets people sick. There are even cases of trans folks regretting their transition desiring to turn back to their original gender. It’s either suicide or regret. Be happy with the body you have originally. People aren’t seahorses, nor will they ever be. Nor are people Le Chavelier D’eon. Seeing VRChat folks playing politics overall simply shows why nobody can be friends with others. Everything was short-lived for a few years then drama of “nobody wants to hang out with nobody”. Everything had to sadly be political, even Nagzz’s special guest appearance of ‘Savannah’. Shame.

I’m aware these people are trying to do the “right thing”, it’s however also similar to how helping a butterfly out of its cocoon also weakens them. People have to fight their own battles in their own vessels. Unaltered. When people weaken themselves they can’t do battle as they normally would in life. Battling what? Life pressures, obligations, among other things. Fighting for their own presence in life to learn their own lessons in life. To be treated as humans instead of being tossed aside like garbage. Yes, even the true and fake trans people also.

To those who are naturally trans, congrats. To those being fake trans while preaching about it on the internet, nah. This isn’t me being a prick, this is just watching kids being spoiled in life wanting the shiniest things in life. It’s like watching kids curse in a bus, or try to be “hip”, or pretend they’re some elite sniper when they still have growing up to do.

Lots of dignity, humanity, and socialization has been lost since 2013, onwards. Maybe even earlier. VRchat is awesome, the problem comes down to finding the “down-to-earth” folks who actually make VRChat awesome. Those who actually join you in worlds day in and day out while being happy. Those who come back to to make sure you’re doing alright, making memories, among other fun stuff.

With how plastic people tend to be I tend to have high anxiety and poor social skills thanks to how off-center people tend to be. They aren’t themselves only speaking the way others speak, especially the media. I try to at least be genuine, if with faults being what my scenery is. You are your surroundings.

– Do things that actually make you happy, not how others want to you to be happy in their own way. You yourself come first.
– VRChat – This is honestly the state we are at with how people are eager to unfriend others. If it isn’t Covid, then it’s Freedom Convoy, or this Ukraine-Russian happening turning people against each other. Together we stand, united we fall. Attempting to be logical is backfiring on people causing others to alienate others. How moronic.

This is exactly what I mean…….. People are forgetting how to socialize with one another to the point we’re now back at square 1 going all Tribal-minded. We’re picking sides, we’re alienating the other side, refusing to treat other people like human beings. Russians see a certain POV other people don’t, and vice-versa. I’m purposely refusing to pick sides here. I want to stay in the middle while being pro-Canadian convoy. Russians and Ukrainians are fighting a war which is not black and white, it’s muddied. The news outlets are purposely putting fog of war on the situation preventing us from seeing what actually is happening. It’s also why the news media falsely labeled the Convoy as “terroristic” or “fascists”, it goes against the narrative the Liberals, Trudeau, Watson, and the rest have set. Ban all the smiles, be at each others throat, and fuck off. Be happy with what little you have and be vile with one another……

I’d rather have the opposite of that previous sentence of positivity and smiles. Kotasan has been played, good job!

On A Happier Note:

I’ve been trying to keep myself happy on an Anime note with Azur Lane, Genshin Impact, and even other games. I’ve even picked up Anime after having it stalled out since January 23rd from following the Canadian Freedom Convoy deeply. I’ve picked Anime back up after a month (March 8th or 9th) with Genjitsu anime and ‘Shin no Nakama’.

– Azur Lane has been one of my main games I have been playing heavily for a long while. I still play it heavily, even if it appears I haven’t shared much. It’s a great game which auto-plays itself while I do other things.
– Seal of the Polar Star (Azur Lane) – Achievement unlocked! Even with the whole Russian-Ukraine event going on I love how Azur Lane handles this event by closing comments on Russian shipgirls to prevent a political war in-game.

I want to see SCS Software being intelligent by doing the same thing by releasing the Russian DLC for Euro Truck Sim 2. I’m well aware they have politically minded weirdos amongst their rank, hence the messed up tweets they enjoy sharing. They’re afraid of implemented proper 100% VR mode for both American Truck Sim & Euro Truck Sim 2, even if ONE of their developers has done all the hard work in their free time. One person keeping the hope alive while SCS Software ends up being a moronic political piece of crap.

SCS Software supports Ukraine yet never respected Canada’s Freedom Convoy with a Canadian paint job of their own. They probably falsely believe the truckers to be “terrorists”, “nazi’s”, and other overly degrading labels. I’m genuinely pissed off with SCS Software for being hypocritical lazy morons.

– American Truck Sim – Convoy Feature – Cruising across western USA delivering goods into Washington state. We enjoyed this trip a lot during the one night we played. Had to go Viking skin thanks to SCS Software’s tardiness and hypocritical nature.
– Genshin Impact – If I’m not playing Azur Lane you can find me in Genshin Impact with my Mexican friend, Rally. He helps me in places I tend to struggle with, or lack the patience to deal with for grinding for materials.
– Shin no Nakama – Heroes desiring a more peaceful side of life. Betrayal turning into a bliss life, even a love life for a couple. Great anime, great story-telling, happy tones, escapism. Open for another season.
– Genjitsu S2 – How a realist ruled a country logically while in another world. Seeing various influences from real world showing up influencing his thoughts while taking a nation out of poverty into a formidable Kingdom. Great anime, great flow, nice characters. It’s awesome. I love how this anime also delved into ‘The Prince’ by
– Genjitsu S2 – Niccolo Machiavelli – IL Principe – Constant references to this is how our main character keeps referring to in hopes of keeping his Kingdom alive as an installed King replacing another. How to effectively rule as a nation as a noble and how to lead a nation. I love Anime for how it provokes the mind while being a source of escapism. This, while modern day western media is far more linear sterilized, lower tier, and far more prone to propaganda forcing people to jump ship onto Anime.
– Rising World – Finally placing the Titanic into the Rising World play area seeing its majestic nature.

I wish I was playing Rising World during this time. I’m also waiting on my Steam Deck which shall arrive in Q3 whenever it feels like it. I’m still waiting on the world generation update to release allowing me to finally start my adventure for real. To build, to survive, to have fun, among other amusements. I sadly can’t play with other people having seen their true colours by mentioning the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ topic. They assume whatever the media has told them is true while not seeing things for what they are, but for what they aren’t. Europeans have become painfully corrupted to which I simply can’t be friends with them anymore (United we stand, divided we fall). There is a major rift amongst us and “them” in the Rising World community. We’ve been divided.

Red51 (developer) still values my presence (we’ve discussed how the matter has been settled) while moving on. We’ve settled our situation while still allowing me to be associated with his game knowing how stressful the world is. He’s aware of how I’ve been depressed, stressed out, and how other people are also wound up by world issues. People refusing to see the truth, voiding what I have to say, while also following what’s happening in Ukraine. I’m trying to be neutral, though wish my Highschool Ukrainian friend and his family safety. Same with another Ukrainian buddy on Twitter. My highschool Ukrainian friend invited me to Ukraine to which I declined for this very reason. May have been nice, I was however also fairly na├»ve. These political situations hit far too hard I spawned a situation where Vortac (youtuber) renounced his ownership of the ‘Unofficial Discord group’ to another user. He lost interest in Rising World giving ownership to another individual named ‘Joni’. I’m now refusing to moderate the Discord group for being thrown under the bus.

That in itself may have been a ramble, I however wanted to note everything, even if it may or may not have come across as confusing. My point for Rising World is I’m simply waiting on updates to play it again, to mod, and to have fun again. I still strongly desire to add in Busou Shinki NPCs, KanColle, F/GO, Azur Lane among others. It’s all up to Red51 and how the world fairs.


VRChat – 2018/10/26 – Having a drinking game spinning the bottle to actively kiss another user, digitally. It’s thanks to VRChat I now “threaten” to kiss others in real life, as a joke. A hug backfired on me to which I had to hug someone in real life. They were overly grateful.

The header image is the only one I took for the month of March. The only image. I’ve had an overly nasty VR withdrawl causing me to stay up aware when trying to sleep. It made me overly emotional (emotional surge) making me overly nostalgic for the times which have now passed, and those we wish to still have in VRChat in 2022+. I still wish I could tap into the magical side of VR & VRChat taking me back to those good old days when everything was fun. When people wanted to hang out, ping you to hop on, and just venture around at random discussing things at random. The whole chill and random factor is what made it the best. Once you go VR it’s hard to go back, and this is exactly why.

Zenith MMO:

– Having fun playing the game with a friend who gifted me the game as we tried to intervene fighting an overly powerful Naga. It murdered us. I glided down, though wish this game had more stamina to fly.

A trusted friend gifted me this VR exclusive VR game allowing us to play in an MMO in VR. I at first had issues with connection issues, staying connected, connecting, joining a server, among other issues. Once going, it went well. I had the occasional lag spikes, though eventually found the charm of this game. You can gesture in various ways to slice enemies up, grab items, glide around, and even climb around using VR mode. It felt as if I was in VRChat, just in Zenith MMO instead. When things worked, it worked great. It honestly feels great slashing enemies, even if doing it poorly. I purposely fight poorly to simply get the feel of the mechanics. Purposely making mistakes to gauge where things are at.

This game would be the best game ever if the stamina could be twice, or three times as much. It doesn’t last that long causing you to prematurely fall out of the sky. Having to upgrade your stamina takes away from the charm of this game when I simply want to glide around. Having this game as a standalone singleplayer with co-op would be awesome as well. I would love a game like that allowing you to fly.

I’m overly spoiled by games with gliders now, such as Genshin Impact, Craftopia, VRChat, and now this game. When a game doesn’t have gliding or flying it makes me sad now.

– Genshin Impact – Yae Miko still fresh out of a wish able to take on Hilicurls.

While the world unfairly throws myself and others under the bus I’ll still keep doing things as I normally do while also doing it while living in between houses. Still trying to find my own. Shall still focus on my interests, do my own thing, while trying to stay alive. I’ve been feeling fairly sickish lately feeling under the weather, stressed, overworked, and just all over the place. With how anti-social people have become that also has taken a tole on me, hence why the Canadian Freedom Protests even happened to regain our humanity and dignity back. People want to live again, and I wish people would be ‘down-to-earth’ again wearing smiles. Unban those smiles, legalize them again! People were genuinely happy during the Truckers being in downtown that we want them back. The fakers of Ottawa however don’t, normal people do.

Everything has just been a mess. People are making it a more of a mess to which we need to return back to our humanity and dignity. Everybody is so anti-social it’s so unfair. I simply hate how fake people tend to be when the going gets tough. During the toughest times you tend to see who your true friends are. They stick with you through thick and thin regardless of what path we take.

Back to Azur Lane, Genshin Impact, Flight Sim, among other amusements keeping me sane during these trying times.