Canadian Freedom Convoy – A Trip To Downtown Ottawa

– Convoy ‘camp’ next to the War Museum in Downtown Ottawa.

(Image heavy: Roughly 158 images)

Finally had the chance to properly visit the downtown side of Ottawa after all the work & life things. Finally able to see things for myself, examine the situation, and to admire the trucks. The many reasonings into one. It’s basically happening in my city having to visit while the iron is still hot, or so they say. Would have visited this convoy on Saturday (a few days earlier), things weren’t planned properly. I was also fairly silent simply nodding and saying I was “alright” when asked how things were. No disrespect, I had to take as many images as possible in such a short time-frame I was in. On top of that, it was also freezing.

– Checking out the LRT at Tunney’s Pasture. Was considering it, two sketchy folks prevented me from taking it. Same with being undecided if it takes a Presto. Never took the LRT. It was 99% empty.
– An all electric bus roaming around doing loops at Scott and Bayview. Probably experimental, a new bus at that having not seen it. This is my first sighting of that bus.
– (Pano) Trying to get the best POV. I believe it was further behind me. This gives you a vague idea of how far it goes (semi panorama image)

War Museum – Convoy:

I had to start somewhere, hence the ‘intro’ above and this War Museum convoy below. Found this area to be fairly neat. It was neat seeing this decently sized camp here, the police however unnerved me after hearing how they raided the fuel from the truckers in various areas a few nights ago from this day. They even abused a trucker in a green van which [Is shown here]. I don’t want the video embedded. Focus is my experience of the convoy on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022. Police gave me some odd looks, though nothing serious. We kept to ourselves.

I’m sure the cops are in a 50/50 zone being forced to over-reach by Dictator Trudeau and Watson. Both are scumbags of Canada, hence the situation and protests. My parents always Dispised/disposed both of them, as do I. Even when they both appear on the media. You can tell they’re as fake as they can come. I’d rather have Harper, at least then I naively viewed the world in a better light seeing things get done. Maybe I’m wrong on the Harper bit. Neither here nor there, just side ramblings. My side point was cops are only human (they’re not your friends), though they can be formally conversed with. Even they should have a breaking point forcing them to hold their own morality line.

There was also a vehicle I haven’t taken a picture of with how banged up I was. I was still “warming up” on my photography side. Trying to get back into a groove. It was black, was banged up harshly with a fuel tank sticking out. I chuckled at the damages, I however failed to read the messages. No disrespect. If I visit again I may take a picture for next time. I was simply being “shy”. People may have been in the car making things even more awkward.

– Convoy at War Museum.
– Their little neat base camp. Didn’t want to intervene or walk into anything. Took pictures and moved on.
– Peaceful.
– Separation, though strong Canadian pride noted on these truckers.

I came on a chilly Tuesday missing the full convoy on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday being the best times). Even for those that are still here it’s nice seeing familiar “faces” (trucks) still holding the line. I’ve been following various streamers seeing familiar truckers and faces appearing. It’s awesome.

Without these truckers Canada would be royally fucked. No joke. The things the media and police have done to these poor truckers riles me up. Stealing their fuel, placing Nazi protester agents in their ranks, destroying their property on trucks, putting out fuel, and all these fear and intimidation tactics. It’s why I was wary of the police, and partially of the truckers. I was fearing the “no fun allowed” side of governmental Canada. That in itself feels like dictatorship pissing me off so much more. I shouldn’t be tip-towing around my own fucking city. Again, I thank the truckers for providing us our necessities while hauling other supplies to necessary places. You guys have my respect, as with the more normalized police officers, retail workers, doctors, etc. Basically anybody that pulls their weight in a workplace.

CBC, CTV, Ottawa Sun, Toronto Star, and Ottawa Citizen can go fuck themselves. Corrupted pile of trashes for attempting to turn these truckers into WW2 Nazi Germany villains.

– Heart warming. <3

Again, thank you! Even if I may have been silent darting around from place-to-place, you have my respect. I’m just as pissed off as you guys are wanting things to go back to normal. I’m constantly seeing people being paranoid as skittish rodents when it comes to these mandates. Thanks for having the balls to get the ball rolling, for protesting.

Canada (the sane part) has your back! 🙂 My American friends also have your back, as well as my Canadian friend in Vancouver. And certain coworkers in my social circle. Others have been played by the media, I’m trying to rescue them.

– All these heart warming messages. Without truckers we would be royally screwed.
– Honk! Honk!
– Trying to get both trucks in the same shot. Two truckers shoveling snow “because the city won’t do it”, or so I heard on a stream.
– Oh? What’s this? Polish? Russian? I need a closer look…..
– Slightly “better” angle having all vehicles in shot.
– I assumed Serbia, Google confirmed my assumptions.

Not only do we have Polish pride, we also have Romanian and Serbia. Awesome! This on top of being Canadian, and French-Canadian all uniting as one.

“United we stand, divided we fall”

– Thanks you o7

Again, I apologize for being silent. I was in a rush wanting to document everything. You have my respect. I did tell “you” I’m doing alright. Yeah, just trying to beat the time a little bit attempting to capture everything.

– I’ll always support freedom.

Something I picked up on is the mood of the weather and the truckers. This probably relates to the situation at hand with Canada being in a moody state. Trying to be poetic, let me have this :P.

– “I’m a prisoner in my own country”

Exactly. That is how we ironically feel in a “free” country as Canada. I’m sure people shall gaslight claiming China & North Korea aren’t free, needing to be grateful for what we have. When you’re treated as sub-human when you don’t have a vaccine that’s where the issue spawns from. That’s why they’re here… Those who had health problems, died, lost their job, lost their housing, among other brutal complications. Everybody has a story to tell whether they realize it or not.

I know people who panic, who are trapped as non-vaxxed, are forced, etc. I’ve also known coworkers who recovered from Covid, or family members who have recovered on their side. People want to live as normal human beings, they’ve lost their dignity as with those who preach about getting the jab.

– Food, fuel? Don’t comply; End Mandate. Fuck Trudeau

Certain people fail to realize truckers supply our demand of necessities. Without them we’re screwed.

– Glorious and free! O, Canada, stand on guard for thee! (like we had done in WW1 and WW2, Korean, etc and in general). Basically, how helpful people had helped the truckers while SJW morons stained themselves with the help of the police destroying their own image. Karma is a bitch in this situation hehe.
– Some people shall sleep while others shall hold the line. I want to push & hold the line. FREEDOM!
– o7
– “we the people have had enough!” – Truth (Only the SJWs are pissed off pretending everything is fine)
– Clever. Woman dates, not mandates. That’s going to rile up gender-ists, I love it! HAHAHAHAHA!

Canadians are the best and honest when they’re pissed off. I LOVE IT! Don’t fuck with an angry Canadian. Not talking SJW angry, I’m talking about pure raw anger and frustration, that’s like a bull in a china shop.

– Stop mandates!
– Volvo’s have been one of my favourite trucks in American Truck Simulator. These trucks always tend to stand out.
– Genuinely heart warming.

I spy some interesting pandants catching my attention after the fact. Ukraine, eh? I wish I could find Slovakia, Ukraine works. France, UK, USA, Netherlands, Italy. Nice! All those heartwarming messages shows we truly care about our truckers. Just not Trudeau, Watson, nor the media.

– Healthy people don’t need to quarantine.
– People have died from the Covid vaccine, gained complications, and even their humanity with or without it.
– Honk! Honk!
– End medical segregation! I agree. People simply want to work and live.

I agree with all this. Also, had a weird awkward moment with a cop staring at me and vice-versa. I looked away in partial frustration. If he was honest in his work he has my respect, I was half frustrated and half focused on trying to document everything as quickly as possible.

Wellington Downtown Area:

Curious as to what changed I immediately changed course for downtown Ottawa itself to where the main convoy is at. Having seen recent convoy happenings through War Campaign, Machines Everywhere, and other streams I was curious to see what was where.

– Trucks adjusting their parking spots. Probably having to be somewhere else, obtaining necessities, or whatever it may be.
– United we stand. Note the signed walls.
– Canadian and American trucking love. Freedom.
– Strong and Free! Freedom Convoy 2022.
– “We should be all in this together! FREEDOM!
– The Great HOPE! Thanks you!
– “Thank you for being our David against the government’s Goliath!
– Sherp
– We’re all in this together. Freedom for all, even Quebecers.
– Big Bear’s Unity Cup (Street hockey).
– Random shot. I believe I spy another Serbian flag. Interesting.
– “Let’s take back our freedom! Also, note the mailbox on the door mirror.
– Canadian pride. (Just not a Trudeau pride)

Justin isn’t as innocent as he claims to be. Neither is Watson.

– All Canadians are furious. Even if SJWs may claim these truckers are the “minority” I’m well aware the majority of the world is with these truckers. Truckers from nearly all the provinces showing up.
– Freedom, dignity, and humanity.
– Such amazing rigs. Such amazing passion for freedom and their own nationality. I also didn’t notice these people staring at me. Hi, I’m the resident shy guy. Nice to meet you o7
– Loggers truck where they cut logs. Not in use today. A signed truck also seen in background on left side.
– Even if this may be a weekday (Tuesday), this is still highly impressive. I’ve seen what it was when it first happened (through images), on Saturday (streams), and now have seen it with my own two eyes.
– Born free | I call my own shots.
– Parental love.

Hearing from truckers (from a livestream) how schools have secretly jabbed their students with the needle without parental permission. I’d believe it, Canada and all. I’ve had my fair share of corrupted teachers being drug addicts, ‘Binder war’ fanatical (lunch penalty), among other abusive behaviours. Teachers always assumed they were special showing off their BMW while telling us to keep it secret. Teachers also been known to take a lot of strikes while not teaching students, though that gets into its own nonsense. I’m just noting things in neutrality. I have my own fair share of frustrations, hearing kids being abused shouldn’t be one of them for anybody.

– I’m sure I could add more accomplishments, that would however take away from the message. The message stays the same how Canada needs to get back on track.
– An image taken for my American friend who loves his retro and classy cars. The unique vehicles. I was afraid this vehicle had left by the time I got there. I’m relieved to see its still there from ‘Machines Everywhere’ stream.
– Recording everything and anything while being oblivious how the cold is effecting my phone’s battery. I also desired to view the convoy from that lookout, it appeared closed.
– Justin, your mommy is looking for you. No more masks, mandates, etc.
– Why are you hiding US? Open the bridges now! | Our kids, our choice Trudeau.
– God Given Freedom.
– Hey! Media! I found your racist! | “These are the droids you’re looking for”.
– Freedom for sale, eh? Peace must be obtained and respected; Carefully protected and cared for. Thank you truckers!
– Hauling Freedom. Truckers also shoveling snow.
– Freedom and courage are more contagious than Covid.
– We the people will pass on your Scotia pass. Fighting back is now the new normal.
– The harder they try the crazier they look! They have awoken a beast, and we call it CANADA!

Have to note a few things I observed

  • A guy with a camera on a tripod was streaming. He followed me a part ways as we acknowledged each other through a smile. Being the shy guy (documenting things in haste) I simply smiled at him and vice-versa. o7
  • A crazy guy walked westward on Wellington telling people they were ‘J-walking’ to all those he had passed. Crazy guy.
  • An older lady with a megaphone speaker briefly “honk! Honk!” into it. I had a nice laugh.
  • No Nazi flags seen over-all. Only Canadian, Quebecer, Natives, American, Serbian among others. (Polish was seen on stream and various videos by 4K Guy on Youtube). Nazi flag guy seems to be an agent from the police, as noted by truckers and video proof of their reaction.
  • Truckers carrying jerry cans around. Hearing how fuel was returned I’m assuming it’s fine? I’m blaming everything on the Police chief and Dictator Watson, but yeah.

Everybody was so peaceful, happy, excited, and relieved Canada is normal again. Everybody is elated we’re finally back to a normal status wherever the truckers are. Snap back to reality, oops, there goes gravity. A resident SJW noted how a trucker/supporter was anti-gravity, hence the [Slim Shady joke] right back at him. ‘at’Socialkeenan was suspended on Twitter for all the hatred and bigotry against truckers. KARMA! Constant hashtags and spamming with pure hatred.

– JUSTICE! Found this after the fact of my trip of documenting the convoy. A friend notified me how he was suspended for all his hatred and bigotry towards the truckers. Take care of your special needs instead of fighting a needless brainless political war, Social Keenan. People warned you to stock up on fuel, care for your safety, even how they cared more about your special need folks than you.

Now back to our convoy. As in IRL, distractions everywhere.

– Proud member of a small fringe minority with unacceptable views.
– Same old trick, different century. History repeating itself in various ways and manners.
– Can you hear us yet Mr. Trudeau?
– Missing 411. Justin Trudeau, he has fancy socks. Have you seen him?
– People are pissed. Give Canada back.
– Nurses back to hospitals. Students back to school.
– Fuck Trudeau. Trudeau is a traitor.

Indeed. Those who have personally experienced communism in Europe know the pain of feeling it in Canada. European parents would always say “Canada feels like communism back home” with how people spy on each other, snitch, police, and etc. It’s also amplified by the government to whom we’re now all protesting again, such as the dictator Trudeau and Watson.

Even Chinese people (certain types) are even saying “thank you!” to Youtube streamers and anybody they see boosting freedom in Canada.

And as per usual, SJWs simply void, gaslight, red herring, and do all these other moronic actions. Truckers, stand strong. Hold the line! Do not even think about cornering people unless you really want to be eaten alive.

– True Canadian home in the downtown core. OUR TRUCKING HEROES!
– Look at all that support, warmth, and strength given. Canadians genuinely care, it makes me proud to be a Canadian.
– Mandate Freedom.
– The gathering downtown is fairly respectable. Support is strong. Always stronger on weekends.
– Tons, upon tons, upon tons of support. Canadians support you! As do those outside of Canada, and certain individuals from my social circle.
– (Pano) One of my favourite shots of downtown Ottawa. Trucks, Parliament, and even people’s frustration put into words and art.
– Hey! It’s the Romanians. Honk honk! These fine folks support (Romanian) truckers asking if they can help in any way, shape, or form.

These guys are awesome! The one in red refuses to leave until the mandate is done, AND every other truck has left the city. He’ll only leave if Dictator Trudeau and Watson both stop being brainless twats that they are. Same with the city council fossils.

These guys have been through a lot of hell. Police harassment, anti-protestor harassment, alleged police agents harassment, and vandalism of their property. Various things were damaged, the pole for the Canadian flag was broken. They’re now being protected. These were noted in Youtube video clips and streams.

– Rideau area is clogged with truckers. Constantly changing, morphing, and ‘evolving’. Everything keeps shifting. For once farmers were here, they’re now elsewhere.
– Freedom not socialism Communism! No more lies! (Also had a “sorry” moment of getting in one another’s way with someone else.)

Again, Europeans who have personally experienced communism know the actual dangers. Those who haven’t been taught, nor exposed to it assume the world is all sunshine and rainbows, hence the constant arguments we find on the internet. This banner is an actual POV of Polish people, or those who faced Soviet Russia (or China) to the point they had to flee to Canada to then find Canada’s own version of Communism installed. My parents always complained about it, as have other Europeans.

– “We came from communism, we want a free country.”

Liberals LOVE their Communism…….. Thankfully, those who know the dangers of history are helping us protect and support one another. FREEDOM!

– I was painfully cold at this point having to shake my fist, place in pocket, and just try to snap images as much as possible. My phone’s battery was hurting just a few minutes in. Damn the cold. Don’t worry, I wasn’t shaking my hands at you. Truckers are awesome 🙂
– Freedom for one and all! Good bless our truckers! We love you!
– The love and support is real. From one truck to the next in various areas all filled with support.
– Thank you for giving us ‘Hope’! | You’re very, very welcome 🙂
– This sign suits the Social Justice Warriors of Ottawa perfectly well. And Toronto. They’re the two hotspots loving their faux-politics. I thank the truckers for standing up for our freedom. I’m with you guys and gals!
– *laughs* I had an inner dialogue tell me to take this image while I could, not sure if spoken out loud or in my mind. Hopefully in my mind.
– Support is support. People still have to fight and protect their precious freedom. It’s oh so fragile, as history has taught us.
– Let them truckers roll 10-4! Honk Honk!
– Dump trucks dumping the truth onto the public. FUCK TRUDEAU!
– Well, someone has some mechanical issues. I’m sure the media would LOVE this image for their redneck and Nazi-slandering ways. I’m simply sharing what I saw. Fuck the media.
– Chillin’.
– Quebecer hating on Quebec’s Priemer ‘Francois Legault’ for the various lockdowns, restrictions, curfews, and even proposing a shot-down ‘tax the un-vaxxed’ nonsense. Quebecers were hit the hardest having the most anger out of all of us.
– Reservists/volunteers helping keep the monument clean.

It’s been noted while the keepers of the monument went for a coffee break the city hastily jumped in to cage the monument without their consent. A big disrespect to the monument, something they can no longer care for as easily. Dictator Watson is obviously to blame with his hired goons of ANTIFA for false-flagging the truckers for almost everything. It’s been noted the city won’t clean their own property leaving everything to the truckers, reservists, and volunteer from all across Canada. Fuck Watson and the city hall staff.

(Source: Youtube streams & interviews in this exact spot. Possibly from ‘Machine Everything’, among other streamers.)

– Thank you, Dictator Watson o7
– All the surprising amount of love and support from Ottawa and beyond. So much love.
– How can he remain deaf in front of the people who shout. He is not fit to rule Canada!

Trudeau never has been, nor ever was fit to rule Canada. Nepotism at its finest, similar to how rankings work in the Imperials ranking in Star Wars. Corruption, nepotism…. The standard bullcrap in politics.

– I made sure you could read these. Pop this image out in a new tab 🙂
– Try your best to read these supports by popping the image in a new tab.
– We’re all grateful of the sacrifice for fighting for freedom in an allegedly “free” country.
– The fight for our ACTUAL freedom. Free all mandates, allow Canadians to regain their humanity and dignity back. Fuck Trudeau.
– My focus was on the convoy. I however spotted someone who appeared to be an undercover journalist doing very odd and weird things. I tried to avoid them.
– Overly suspicious. What the fuck are you doing?! Are you a regular individual or are you an undercover person? With all the crap I heard journalists do from trucker’s mouth this has be being overly suspicious about this person.
– At an intersection on the furthest side where a fire from B.C is being protected by an aboriginal family. Saw it on stream, I however went around it for respect reasons. I’m on a quick blogging documentation run while being constantly hesitant, constantly second guessing myself making me appear awkward and suspicious.
– (Pano) A small panorama further down showing the truckers and the other groupings of vehicles. Even blurred out the folk’s face as they chuckled past me. Privacy respected o7
– More love and support. Unsure if vandalism or clearing in those clear spots.

At last! I finally casually stumbled across the blue retro truck in the above image. A very old, if neat, truck from the good old days. May be a bit selfish of me, I however also came downtown for this truck also. As much as I admire the Volvo VNLs and Kenworths in their bulky size, I also admire these retro trucks just as much. Again, I love playing American Truck Simulator loving to use the Volvo VNL. I’ve even been forced to use the Kenworth trucks having wish for the VNL to hop into the game.

I’m just being stupidly nostalgic. Moving on………..

– As they say in photography “Take many shots to obtain that one desired shot”, hence the three images.
– One of my favourite trucks here, for sure. Those who remember classic Terminator from the 1990’s (or Transformers with Optimus Prime) shall latch onto this truck with nostalgia.
– Certified Dirty idle.
– Hauling truth and logic.

Had an awkward moment as the trucker came out as we stared at one another. I instinctively looked down at my phone and walked away. Instead, I wish I nodded to him. You have my respect, for sure. Thanks for fighting for our freedom. I’m just naturally shy with the abuse I had gone through in this city for simply being myself. That, and I’m in a rush for hasteful blogging. I was gradually starting to feel even colder by the 10’s of minutes. It was gradually slowing my muscle movement.

– Thank you truckers! Canada loves you!
– All these truckers are awesome. All so kind, all so respectful. I simply didn’t allow myself to connect with them in my haste. Even these folks in this shot were also overly kind. Respect o7
– Can’t tell if dude in the middle is showing a middle finger or not. Is he mistaking me for an SJW, or? I was starting to cut my routes in half to head back home.

Funny how I see certain details when at home. Am I being flipped the bird? Smoking? Asked to come closer? This is what my social awkwardness gets me into. These weird moments. My fucking phone camera tripping me the fuck out.

– I’m genuinely confused as fuck. Friend confirmed the dude was smoking which I also do believe. Just curious.
– Flags. I’m unsure about the flags, I however seen the woman holding the sign in another Youtube livestream.
– Game Over (for Trudeau). No Vax-passport.
– Freedom!
– Time for change!
– Truckers dotted around various places keeping the spot warm for their buddies. Assumingly. They are parked everywhere.
– Fuck Trudeau!
– Sushi would have been good right about now. Instead, admiring the trucker beauty. Even that overly gorgeous Kenny in the back. Again, reminding me of my American Truck Sim days.
– Veterans eh? They deserve more than one day. (Stand 4 thee).

Quick Side-note: I’ve been pressuring World War 2 game developers to add in Canadians regardless of their major or minor status. The more passionate a game developer is the more willing they would respect Canadians by allowing them Canadian status and freedoms in game. While truckers fight for freedom, I fight for Canadians in video games and through the backroads. Constant alienation, though awareness is awareness.

– NO Lockdowns, NO Mandates, NO Passports, NO Masks! Take back freedom!
– Surfing Justin.
– Trucks for Freedom on both sides.
– Pro Choice | Mandate Freedom.
– Hit me with your best Honk!
– Free to choose
– Farmer gathering. Father and kids playing hockey, kids sliding down their little snow bank.
– Another gathering.
– Mandate Freedom!
– Our veterans fought for the right! Trudeau urinated on it. Thanks for the Albertan pride, with a Volvo VNL. Much pride! Honk Honk!
– No More restrictions!
– The lions have arrives!
– If I weren’t sick I’d go face those mean truckers. Right mommy?
– Wake up Canada!
– Truckers, barricades, kids’ snow hill. Truckers are here to stay thanks to Dictator Trudeau hiding in fear. Cowering.
– Groups, upon groups, upon groups of awesome truckers. It’s awesome.
– An awkward intersection.
– Truckers for Freedom! God bless our heroes <3
– Awesome trucker with the right priorities. Also, a swarm of police lurking.
– Circled back to this group of truckers forgetting I already obtained this image earlier in the day.
– Santa Clause and Quebecers joining the protest. Saw the Santa dude dancing in downtown in a [live stream].

Again, while certain people believe these truckers are Nazis, white supremist, rapists, or something similar to Vikings I’ll still support these truckers because they’ve been nothing but awesome. They fight for our freedom while people stay asleep pretending the world is all sunshine and rainbows believing whatever the media tells them. Every problem you heard on the media is all Dictator Justin’s fault, Dictator Watson’s fault, Police Chief Sloly, and the fossils residing in the council.

As for me being cold, maybe I should have gone to a Tim Horton’s or something to obtain a hot chocolate. Or obtain a better jacket, or have those fire pits still available downtown. There’s always another day, unless Trudeau smartens up then this should be an overly memorable moment. We’re gradually seeing more victories for the truckers as evidence turn into solid proof ANTIFA & Friends are a pile of instigating shit (with the police agents), while truckers are awesome.

(As of this posting, Kenney from Alberta is ending the Covid-19 passport in Alberta for midnight.)

– My trusty Kenny.
– My first Volvo VLN before it was purged. (American Truck Simulator)

For as much as I rushed through this I still through-and-through respect the truckers. You truckers are awesome. I wish European common sense could win over the horrific Canadian’ized Communism currently plaguing Canadians to the point these Truckers had to protest, for Polish/Romanian/Serbian citizens to jump in, among others. The world wants no more mandates for what should be treated as a standard flu. For having grown up in a traditional European family setting I support these truckers fighting for actual freedom, not Canadian’ized Communism, as my parents have stated time and again.

– My revived Volvo VLN after recovering save file. May change the paintjob desiring a more Canadian pain scheme. SCS Software seems to hate Canadians for American Truck Simulator.

Lastly, I felt more at peace at the truckers protest than I had returning to the bus station to return home. So peaceful to then return to a dictatorship type setting. Everybody wanted to talk downtown, I however stayed silent. Zoom-zoom documentation. Frozen to the core. Warmer winter day, still freezing as fuck to the point my phone dropped from 80% to 40%. Brutal. Maybe I’m cursed, maybe it was genuinely cold downtown versus other areas.

As for when I was walking home trucks were honking with me being oblivious that a Freedom truck passed by me. A blue pickup truck with a Canadian flag mounted behind. Once I realized I was happy. Honking outside of the downtown core is awesome. I wish I saw that trucker in the blue pickup truck at the intersection I was crossing heading west bound. I assumed people were pissed I was walking slowly, instead it’s Patriotic Canadians. HONK HONK!