Canadian Freedom Convoy – Ottawa’s Tantrums:

– Canadian Freedom Convoy – Ottawa

Just wanted to make quick blog posting seeing as how this is happening in my city, and how the message is also being twisted and smeared by people. The main message of the convoy is simply lifting the COVID-19 mandate, meaning lifting restrictions, allowing restaurants to get their customers back, and for your typical parent-run shops to be able to do business again. This isn’t about being ‘anti-vaxx’, this is simply about returning to the status-quo of the past.

Also, as with any big happenings you always tend to have people tagging along and hijacking the message for their own. You’re seeing this with political nonsense hijacking American cartoons with Disney, Marvel, DC, and anything Hollywood related to then be received poorly. As with this Trucker’s protest you have people wanting to hijack these protests to insert their own voice into it. If you look at official sources you’ll find Japanese media outperforming the North American ones because they simply focus on a story and escapism, yet the American ones lost their way. They fell from grace as they deal with faux politics. This is what the media and Twitter is doing to these poor truckers who deliver our supplies, tend to our needs, and get us around.

Leave it to Ottawa to feel offended about things we should be standing by with.

– Leave it to both Twitter and the media to twist things out of proportions for hate-clicks to earn money. Don’t believe me? That is how they generate money. Cause fear to which people will tune in allowing them to generate money. You’ve been had.
– Of course we’re going to see these hashtags. Why wouldn’t we? Everything is offensive in this world, according to Twitter.

These hashtags reek of corrupted hypocritical social justice warriors……… Imagine going out of your way to corrupt North American media, censoring video games, and harassing Japanese PIXIV artists (indie artists) because they don’t fit your views. Such actions is what also has indirectly led these truckers simply asking for their lives and livelihoods back.

No, not allowed. We have to twist, slander, and corrupt the original message by pretending the ‘Alt-Right’ is with the group………

  • Trucker Freedom Protest

Canadians (not just truckers) want to be heard. They’re however being alienated by faux-politics and double-standards.

Caring more about your sock collection than about the Canadian people.

– “kooks” this, “kooks” that……

Once I see ‘Trump’, Nazi, Confederate, and labeling the truckers as such you know these people drank too much contaminated water. This basically runs off as: “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

This is basically going “La!~ La!~ La!~ Laaaaaa!~ I’m not listening”…. Very childish.

– They honestly don’t look like truckers to me. They look far more like your typical ANTIFA, Ottawa Reddit, and SJW Ottawa folks always finding everything offensive in the world. Urinating, pooping, all sounds like your typical false-flag attacks to smear the truckers. Common tactic, even in military tactics.
– Oh, no! The clock is correct two times a day! Oh the horror! Oh, the humanity!

Maybe people need to stop being hypocritical to the point you stop alienating people. Stop burning buildings, stop toppling statues, stop false diversity while alienating other people then you won’t have people constantly pissed off at faux-activism spawning Freedom Convoy Truckers in their place. You can’t have true diversity until you accept ALL people. As for it being Confederate? Again, a clock is correct twice a day. A coincidence. I’d even pass this off as a false-flag, though shall back a step to simply say “a coincidence”.

– The double standards in this tweet is horrendous.

I find these double standards horrible. Truckers came here to be heard, not to derail trains, nor to burn buildings, topple statues. That’s ANTIFA’s & BLM’s job to do such, as they have done to the War Memorial and any other vandalism. They’ve done this in USA, and attempted to do just as much in Canada by defiling various War memorials in Ontario and Quebec.

The only issue here (according to SJW Ottawa) is how the truckers aren’t echoing faux politics, that’s their only sin here.
(Below: Truckers cleaning up after themselves.)

Truckers cleaning up after themselves.

(Trudeau’s false message against truckers with a tweet following after showing his horrific double standards.)

Police found nothing wrong with how lawful the truckers were being. No buildings burned, no statues toppled, no elderly were assaulted. Only false-flagging by Ottawa’s own citizens as they try to gaslight their way out of this situation through ‘SJW’ means. They’re claiming assault, abuse, and everything with no proof. Show me the proof.

OH, I’m sorry! Were we supposed to convert kids into horrifying cults? Were we supposed to plant bombs to blow up buildings? We’re Canadians, not morons. Truckers protesting in the politest way they can while doing things as politely as they can by honking and tooting. The longer Trudeau screws up the longer this goes on.

Complicit this and that. WHAT THE HELL?!…. What DO you want the truckers to do?! Yes, you want to leave because they hurt your special feelings. Besides that, what do you want the truckers and police to do…….. I’m aware Ottawa is full of hipsters, that’s not surprising.

– Such double standards….. Because it doesn’t fit the current politics the truckers are now evil Nazis needing to be purged like a WW2 villain.

So, according to Trudeau’s February actions truckers are now useless as retail workers. Both mean nothing, both are trash, and both are no longer heroes. Both can be thrown under a bus and into a ditch, be abused by their customers, and both can be harassed and bullied freely. Even the OC Transpo drivers getting spat on by their passengers, hushing of the singing OC Transpo driver, among other nonsense. All this, just because it doesn’t fit the current political narrative……. Remember the 1990’s OC Transpo shooting? Screw the bus drivers also, Ottawa said so with how much they hate OC Transpo.

Nazi this, Nazi that….. White Supremist this and that. Shut the fuck up……….. Trump may have shown his support, and Elon may have donated to the protest. The media however knows how to spin this for hate-clicks……….

– Convoy being the above group while the media focuses on the side groups. Typical.

– Honestly amazing how the truckers aren’t allowed to do what other protesters are allowed to do. I was expecting worse. This is comical…….

I was honestly expecting MUCH worse with confetti, Hawaiian decorations, clown nose. You know, ACTUAL damage. Nope! Double standards just because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

– Ottawa media wanted riots, instead we had peaceful protests and hypocrisy.

No issue with LGBTQ and other groups “defiling” Terry Fox, yet the truckers weren’t allowed to for not following Trudeau’s narrative. One of the reasons why Ottawa is a laughing stock of the world. No, really. I’ve showed this to a few people with visible confusion on their face as they sought to seek an excuse. “Truckers bad” because media said so. Give me YOUR honest thoughts, not what the media wants you to parrot.


– *yawns*…… Twitter being hateful Twitter again. Typical.
– Truckers have their own funds while having been shown giving out food to people………. People are also allowed to protest, but because Ottawa is full of Hipster wannabes we can’t have truckers for fragile reasonings………

Also, you brainless moron! It’s ‘Anti-mandate’, NOT ‘Anti-vax’. Learn what the difference means……..

– Truckers have been shown giving out food to people. This is one such instance. And yes, that does say ‘Fuck Trudeau’ because he cares more about his sock collection than he does about the people. He’s a drama teacher, after all.
– Trump may have given his praise. He’s not wrong, Canadians are a fragile bunch with Ottawa and Toronto being the overly special of the bunch. Full of hipster wannabes. Trump isn’t wrong, we do need to fight for our actual freedom which we just don’t see. Too blinded by whatever the media tells us. Elon Musk also backed the truckers with $420,069. People fighting for their freedom is a great thing, they’re ironically being shunned for it by brainless SJW morons.

Just imagine you’re trying to free yourself from North Korea to be gaslight by your locals calling you a loonie. North Korea is diplomatic! It’s free! You can have all the food you want. Yes, Canada and North Korea aren’t the same, though it’s nudging its way there politically. Just look at Quebec in how they were attempting Nazi political movements which SJW Canadians agreed with not uttering a word. They haven’t see Star Wars showing the dangers of providing “emergency power” turning the Republic into an Empire. Canadians are weird.

– Just bill the Ottawa hipsters who slandered, protested against, and harass these truckers. Same with the media seeking hate-bait for a quick buck.

Again, I have to put forward with how Antifa is allowed to burn buildings, topple statues, harass the elderly, loot, yet the truckers aren’t allowed to sit in their lane honking and tooting. Ottawa’s SJW group should be rich enough to support this rally so give them the bill for being a bunch of whiny hypocrites.

Truckers don’t do damage resulting in false-flag attacks to cause damage pinning things on the wrong people. ANTIFA & the media had to urinate on the War Memorial to pin it on the truckers, they had to blow simple things out of proportion while not sharing video footage of food shelters being raided, nor shutters for vehicles being “vandalized”. I can’t believe these claims until I’m shown proof. Everything is alleged.


– Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, the Nazi flags are a distraction from a more genuine cause. People want the Covid-19 mabdate to be lifted, not be anti-vaxxed. Many truckers are vaxxed.

WHAT PART OF THIS IS ‘MAGA’?! A few bad apples spoiling the batch with the media taking advantage of this. Gullible. Yes, Trump praised the Convoy for actually fighting for a righteous cause. That’s neither here nor there……..

“fear-based white parade”…… Lay off the media, it’s killing you. It genuinely is killing you. They want you to believe for those hate clicks…….

– Ottawa is full of hipsters, so no. Ottawa is full of clowns and morons always trying to do the “right thing” to only get taken advantage of.

(Above image)

I love how people can’t respect our workforce in Canada. So much for retail “heroes” or with how truckers keep our economy going……… Canadians, no wonder we’re always mocked and belittled when we try to praise our nationality abroad in other nations. I always had to hear my fellow Canadians getting berated by their poor education system, how gullible they are. We’re only praised in formalities, nothing more.

People only praise our workforce when it’s politically convenient.

People don’t want us Canadians to cry. Or they do…….. I mean, I’m having trouble seeing Canadians appear in World War 2 games, or even American Truck Simulator with a simple ‘Canadian Flag’ paint job……. Screw us fragile Canadians, I guess.

– Yeah, BLM/ANTIFA/SJW Ottawa. This perfectly fits those three groups. PrincessThor is asking for a fight, even if they may or may not be a boss.

You know what’s hilarious? PrincessThor speaks of ‘lost my income’, something these truckers want to get back. You’re not seeing this simple message which instead focuses on a forced narrative, not ones these truckers and retail workers have been shouting out for ages. Just because the media tells you these truckers are “nazi” you won’t see they have these same issues….. Your name is fitting with a Princess-like personality. So fragile………..

PEOPLE WANT THEIR LIVILIHOODS BACK! As you’ve noted in the latter half of your tweet…..

– Ma & Pa’s business going out of business, restaurants suffering, kids becoming depressed (killing themselves), among other nasty issues.

Kids are playing more video games to compensate for all the Covid-19 related stress. Less social interactions, more unhealthy interactions. Students in school suiciding. It’s brutal. The elderly even having it far worse by being neglected, dying alone, and simply suffering.


(Copy and paste link into a new tab. Purposely left them unhyperlinked.)

But yeah, do tell me this is about ‘Nazi-ism’… Brainless Ottawaians. Even if those links may be bloat, the point still stands people are depressed, suicidal, and fed up with Covid-19 mandates.

– Why? Because you want it to be Alt-right? Shut up and sit down.

And this is exactly why we Canadians are the laughing stock of the world because we now associate everything with Nazi. We parrot whatever Americans say not able to make our own thoughts and opinions on things……..

If we’re going with Twitter logic:
Water is alt-right for drowning people. Instead of a liquid it needs to be a gas! How phobic……..

– I also grew up knowing Ottawa loves to stroke its own ego while being fake. It loves flaunting its fakeness.

This protest “isn’t it” because it doesn’t fit your faux-narrative. Everybody is peaceful, everybody is tooting and honking where they should. It’s ANTIFA and the rogue groups hijacking this group for their own game and narrative.

Also, SHOW ME the evidence. You can’t make alleged claims until you show proof and evidence.

I grew up in Ottawa so I’m well aware Ottawa loves bullying others for no other reason than self-satisfaction, compensating for what they lack. I’m well aware Canadians are arrogant, yet hollow; Intelligent, yet misguided….

Canadians are like Pufferfish trying to be all perkily and puffy, yet tiny and cowardly……. Oh, Ottawa. You can be so much better then this………….

– Thank you, ANTIFA. Thank you for your false-flag o7…. If not, then Ottawa SJW rogues. Hooligans…….. Hipsters.
– They’re not wrong. I can now see why they hate this……… They can’t see the truth.

I’m well aware people want to view me as ‘Alt-right’, Nazi, or whatever. This isn’t the way. People aren’t honest with themselves, yet these sign protesters are. Ottawa has been politically hijacked and I’m thankful these sign people exist. Every time I go to Europe I always have to hear people belittling Canadians just because they believe in the stupid things which include ‘gender ideology’, etc.

There is a reason tradition exists……. It’s to keep things in balance and harmony. It’s why Christmas feels like Christmas in the most rural of villages in Europe, yet doesn’t in North America. Ironically, Christmas and Halloween feels more like such in Japan because they know how to have actual fun.

– With a big gathering you attract all sorts of people. Truckers are truckers and other people are other people……… Just don’t confuse the two as an SJW Ottawa nutjob.
– True. People want the truckers to bomb buildings, topple statues, and preach about gender ideology. Instead, they’re simply honking & tooting while being framed for things they haven’t done. ANTIFA/BLM are allowed to loot, burn, and harass the eldrly, yet these truckers aren’t allowed to peacefully protest.
– Truckers are vaccinated simply seeking to end the mandate. They don’t want to be anti-vax, only to simply end the mandate. They want these lockdowns and restrictions to ease up, viewing them as ‘Martial Law’. Quebec dropped their plans to tax unvaccinated people. The “loudmouts” are the media, STFU.
– I’m aware this is a partial joke, you still need to follow the rules as the truckers are.
– Says the SJW Ottawaian whining and moaning, yet forces their harsh alienating ideologies on other people. If you can hear the truckers then karma has hit you well. You reap what you sow o7. P.S: You’re saving nobody, only complaining on Twitter.
– Only the SJW hipsters are. Only the hipster SJW Ottawaians. Chiarelli is on the right side, ironically after belittling females years ago.
– Because you do not want to see the light (the truth). You’re too fixated in villianifiying everybody to the point you’re seeing enemies in retail workers, truckers, and anybody who doesn’t see your POV. These truckers want to end the mandate, not be anti-vax. Learn the difference.


Video of a local yelling at truckers for not allegedly sleeping the last 5 days. I understand the anger, and I do understand his frustration and anger, it should be aimed at Trudeau, the media, and SJW Ottawa for being dense morons.

I get it! I get it! You allegedly didn’t sleep for the 5 days. Buy some noise cancelling headphones, sleep at a friend’s house. If that doesn’t help then join the protest, as the guy in the video has noted. If the truckers are able to sleep then so are these locals.

This brings up the point in how Ottawa doesn’t know how to be humans. They yell and scream (REEEEEEE!), they can’t logically think their way out of situations like these. I wish Ottawaians were smarter. I’m sure there are smarter folks who aren’t complaining on social media or at the truckers.

– WOOOOOOOOOOOO! These people get it! These people understand! It’s as simple as that, yet Ottawa has to be stupidly dense and moronic over faux-politics. LISTEN TO THE TRUCKERS!
– Oh boy….. More fuel for the fire. Never wanting to view people as humans, only villains. Everything has to be villainized…….. Hence, the frustration of the truckers, not the Ottawaians.
– Yeah, I don’t buy this. This is from CTV/CBC claiming truckers are some rabid animals. Grow the f*** up, learn to humanize people instead of seeking hate bait.

Lake Kawartha joins the convoy!:

The actual message.

^^^ The actual message ^^^

– Twitter appearing to be attempting damage control trying to make something lesser than it actually is. It may be true trucker numbers may be fluctuating on an daily basis. It’s nothing to sneeze at. It’s however a shame these truckers are being treated as trash as the “heroic” retail workers. Fuck them both, I guess. Fuck our hard working workers.

Alberta Blockade:

Not one, but TWO! Canadians are FED UP! You’ll have SJWs trying to gaslight this. Canadian are FED UP complaining they can’t play hockey, can’t do things they want to do while other Canadians are more sneaky and covert in their support. It’s only the loud minority on Twitter being moronic.

True Canadians had enough. Farmers, truckers. PEOPLE HAD ENOUGH! It’s only the fake ones going against this movement. They’re too caught up in their fake politics to realize what the hell is going on believing the world is flat, the water makes the frogs gay, and all this nonsense.

– Trucks blowing past an RCMP stop replenishing those who had left. Canadians had enough and I’m pissed of with the lies and slander of the media. Fuck off!

Go Alberta Truckers, GO! I laughed when the convoy went around the RCMP blockade in an non-aggressive manner. Assertive, just not aggressive.

I’m also furious with the media lying and slandering Canadians who are fed up. Your everyday humans who bleed red blood and shed tears. Fuck em, I guess. Right? No more hero retail workers or truckers. View Trudeau’s conflicting messages I shared above……..

I’ll probably edit things as I come across them. I’m disappointed with one person in particular spewing political bigotry while in the care of special needs individuals (Downs Syndrome). He needs to step down allowing someone with actual skill, ability, and an unclouded mind to help these individuals. When it comes to politics Ottawa loves blinding themselves with it to the point they fall from grace, alienating other people, and just becoming a bigger and bigger laughing stock in the world.

P.S: Ottawa hates fun (The city that fun forgot), while also noted as being a ‘boring city’. They hate fun. Everything is offensive, racist, sexist, and all this nonsense.

– Gee, I wonder why. The food and scenery are good, the people? Not so much. Good cars. Everybody hates fun forcing people to pimp out girls, use drugs, and shame other sorts of fun.

Yeah, then you wonder why the truckers are protesting. Quebecers going to Ottawa to watch Spiderman (boasts LittleVMills, a Youtuber). No Ferrari Fetival, no air shows, no events. Can’t do your job properly, can’t secure livelihoods. Families losing their jobs, family shops going out of business………

But yeah, this is somehow allegedly a “white supremist” event. Shut the fuck up. And here we’re supposed to be Canadians……. The only people truly suffering from this are the people in the downtown core. Everybody else is free. Anything you see on the news about “wanting their lives back” are the people in the downtown core, nobody else. Drama queens. Bunch of whiny drama queens. Now to be labeled Alt-right, and all this nonsense with how Ottawa loves puffing up like a pufferfish……..

Problem is, everything can get hijacked, as shown with the Vancouver riots…….