Ferrari Collection

I doubt I have gone through my Ferrari collection in the last year or so. Time for a Ferrari update if that is the case as I obtained $17 (CAD)’s worth of new Ferrari’s. It might not be much to someone else but it would be for someone who keeps collecting Anime figures while trying to review them, or photo-shoot them heh. Its something to do while waiting for the Ferrari Festival to roll around.

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Figma Emiya Review + meet-up.

Hey, me and Kodama – profile – tried to do a meet up at a very short notice. We met up but were hoping for more people. I should of had a little flag showing “d” in purple. It went well but it was only me and Kodama taking images of Figmas for three hours.  I ended up being about 10 minutes late at the time, but did leave a warning that I’d be late as I was cycling – 3ish pm -> 6 pm. I also tried went to my local AnimeStop on the way to buy a Figma – Figma Emiya.

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(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Experimental Farm w/Figmas

In my hunt for more Cherry Blossoms I saw that the Experimental Farm had a few in their garden. Also brought my Figmas with me just to even out the Ottawa scenery bits with a bit of Anime-ness. The Experimental Farm is a vast open space to experiment with crops and such. There is no way you can miss it as it covers a large portion of Ottawa.

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(Article contains 62 images. All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens)

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Happy Figma Easter Weekend

Happy Easter Weekend! Me and my Figma’s keep getting flooded with chocolate of all kinds and this Easter seems to be a new record for these chocolates flood. Miku and Rin were the only ones interested in the chocolate flood as Shana and Haruhi are still recovering from their Coca-Cola antics. Shana is also munching on her winter Lindt chocolate that she looted from Christmas heh.

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Canada, Ottawa – Downtown Easter Friday

Wow, such an unCanadian like day as the weather was  oddly warm and summer like. I’m not complaining as I actually enjoyed such an unusually warm weather for late March and early April. It went from being snowy, warm, cloudy, warm, cold, cloudy, rain, cloudy, sunny, cloudy, chilly, warm, windy, warmer, and then into summer in an unusually short time. People didn’t even need a sweater in this weather and to top it off buses could easily turn into a sauna.

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Made it to Tokyo, Japan

Ya, I made it to Tokyo, Japan after getting the tickets as a secret birthday present. I didn’t want to ruin my chances of the flight being canceled or getting sick so I didn’t blog about it, until now ^_^. The air smells so nice, the breeze….nice and chilly. Narita airport, so damn huge 0_o. The flight, boring and long.

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(Update: April 2, 2010 – April fools – Tagged so you guys/gals know that this was my poor attempt at an April Fools joke.)

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