Fox Spirit Wednesdays – 00

Hello fellow lurkers and possible fox minions! Thought I’d try more experimenting on my Anime & traveling blog by adding more fox spirits onto it. Hope this experiment doesn’t end up getting far too messy, as my blog already is.

May be a bit NSFW, though I shall try and keep it elegant and tasteful the best I can. I prefer beauty and elegance when it comes to these foxes.

(Link – Safebooru) – Let’s get this party started!

(These images are not mine! These came from Pixiv, Safebooru, and various others! If you see your fox image and dislike it being here then do let me know! Just to be safe this article is NSFW – Enter cautiously!)

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Renge prepares food & Wanders outdoors

What a surprise! Renge decided to make me some food! Even though she told me she didn’t know how to cook, she did fairly well haha. She later ventured outdoors where I would of been spotted observing low incoming planes coming in for a landing over the Ottawa river.

(Link – MySite) – Incoming overcast/rain.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Busou Shinki – Moon Angel – Anime

Hey guys! Today I thought I’d quickly cover the Anime, it’s OP’s, issues with Battle Rondo and Diorama studio along with some rambling. Hope you don’t mind? Well, lets get cracking! Might want some earplugs if I start rambling on :P. Depending on how these episodes release and how I blog I may try and review each anime short.

(Link – MySite) – Arnval – Type Angel – Moon Angel.

(Image taken from Busou Shinki – Battle Masters (PSP) and video from Konami’s official Youtube channel.)

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