Early Spring photoshoot

Hyello again, enjoying the spring like weather? Oh, you don’t get winter? For those of us that do have to experience 4 seasons instead of two; Spring, summer, fall, winter. Spring is nice since you see things become light green, cool light brown, Cherry Blossom pink, Apple tree bright red and etc. Now I’m just being a smart-ass and stating the obvious so we shall move on.

I haven’t seen any greens yet, but I have noticed the bike path becoming nice and clear for distant biking. I’ve noticed tons of birds coming back and a few bugs popping about (shudders at the thought of centipedes running through his room).

While trying to take pictures of a bird, it started flying at the last moment when the camera was focusing and getting ready for the high quality image part. It mocked me and my camera!

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Sub’s 22nd Birthday

Wow, where have the months, weeks and days gone? Last time I checked it was March 9ths, then 15th, 20th, and now 28th. Twenty two already, wow.

Thanks to Valdez for this “Post-card” lol.

(Link – MySite and Petroglyph Gallery)

Youtube – Caramelldansen

I’ll edit in any new events into this blog entry (if any) and shall get a banner made tonight or tomorrow for those who asked for it :). If you don’t see anything past this mark then nothing interesting worth blogging about happened.

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Petroglyph’s 5th anniversary

Since I helped keep Petroglyph’s forum clean and trying to keep the community creative, as well as active, I got access to a nice new shirt.

For those who don’t know who or what Petroglyph is then check, here. They created the games

1) Star Wars: Empire at War (PC)
2) Star Wars: Forces of Corruption Expansion (PC)
3) Universe at War: Earth Assault (PC and 360)
4) Mytheon MMO (PC) – Still in the making and free to play (with the option to buy cosmetic typed material online).

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

If you want to know what Mytheon is, then check out this site: Game Sector Network. Not much to say except let your creativity loose and see how you could support other companies, friends, buddies, co-workers, or other solo/groups of people I’m unaware/forgetful of when typing this entry in.

January’s Christmas Decoration & new comp

Ya, I know its late for this and early to show it for next Christmas, but I thought I’d post it since its wet snowing here.  Should make for a nice wrapping up collection of winter images and start up with some nice light green spring scenery.

(Click the link under the image for fullsized view, will open in a new window/tab.

New computer woot! Acquired it last Satrday (March 14) and showing it off today.  Better access to things and I can finally make better quality “music” with the help of FL-Chan (Fruity loops 8). My previous computer had fried USB ports so I couldn’t post things as swiftly, reason why your seeing this late.

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Spring walk – Figma Shana

Nice day for a walk I must say, though a bit windy, it was warm with spring coming around. I should remind you to watch your step as it can get pretty icy around here. It always ends up getting swampy like and turns to ice (not everywhere of course). Oh and if your lurking, Shana makes a quick appearance. My camera ended up running out of juice so I had to head back.

So without further ado, here are some pictures from Canada, Ottawa with a nice lovely sky.

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Blog changes – Theme and “mascot”

Well, the previous theme was giving me issues so I decided to switch it to a more simple theme. Also, you may have noticed I changed the blog name from “Eurosubstance” to “Arctic Kitsune” to a little internet persona that was formed on another site (Explained here, and at the bottom).

My previous theme was an eye-sore and this one I got now fits my persona/mascot well. Please welcome our little Kitsune Fox, GS.

(Link – MySite) – Created by Valdez.

And the weapon that spawned the little guy above.

(Link – MySite) – My concept, redrawn by Valdez

And to quote the origin of this Arctic Fox.

I know this should of been in another blog entry but I thought I could make it into a quick wrapping up explanation.
Reason why I was drawn as a (male) Kitsune was because I ended up liking the Anime’s Spice and Wolf, Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Kanoko, and other various fan arts of these kitsunes. I ended up ranting about it on the boards (as with drawing a Fox sword) and have been drawn into an Arctic Fox. My Fox persona is based on Anime and my liking of Kitsune girls.

If you know the Japanese mythology of Kitsunes, then you should know what this one is. The Anime Wagaya no Oinari-sama should be a good example. Now here is to hoping I can give him a proper name, besides Ghostly Substance or GS, and see a shape shifting side to him in the (near) future.

Figma Shana get

Well I did say I got Figma Shana in my previous article. I also tried to do a group shot with all my Figma’s but it proved to be troublesome. Just one tiny little bump on the table and they topple like diminos. I also found a bit of irony while I took (blurry) pictures of them. I’ll explain (what I call) irony further on.

I think I need to do another attempt at a Figma group shot, but here it is:
(For bigger images, click on the link under the appropriate image to view in a bigger size.)

(Link – MySite)

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Petroglyph Madness!

Wow, I’m bad at maintaining blogs. Well whatever, one can do as they wish with one :). This entry will be random and should be in a positive light (compared to that rant I had previously). Whats this madness I speak of? Well Petroglyph comics as well as randomly drawn alter egos in their forum character style being shown in comics in a comical way. Mine as a sprinkle of Anime-ness on it and I view these comics in a Lucky Star kind of comical way :p.

Also look forward a blog entry of Figma Shana and my Figma group shot photoshoot. Since its spring I can finally do proper photoshoots with my lacking picture taking skills.

An example of my online alter ego – A Yu-Gi-Oh! Card created from the PF Comics.

Any cards and pictures in these posts are property of Valdez.

(Want this card? Here is the, link. For more you can go to the original source, Petroglyph Game’s Forum)

For the comics, click to view the article and a brief explanation of the Fox avatar, as with my new music track I made.

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