Petroglyph Madness!

Wow, I’m bad at maintaining blogs. Well whatever, one can do as they wish with one :). This entry will be random and should be in a positive light (compared to that rant I had previously). Whats this madness I speak of? Well Petroglyph comics as well as randomly drawn alter egos in their forum character style being shown in comics in a comical way. Mine as a sprinkle of Anime-ness on it and I view these comics in a Lucky Star kind of comical way :p.

Also look forward a blog entry of Figma Shana and my Figma group shot photoshoot. Since its spring I can finally do proper photoshoots with my lacking picture taking skills.

An example of my online alter ego – A Yu-Gi-Oh! Card created from the PF Comics.

Any cards and pictures in these posts are property of Valdez.

(Want this card? Here is the, link. For more you can go to the original source, Petroglyph Game’s Forum)

For the comics, click to view the article and a brief explanation of the Fox avatar, as with my new music track I made.

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