Early Spring photoshoot

Hyello again, enjoying the spring like weather? Oh, you don’t get winter? For those of us that do have to experience 4 seasons instead of two; Spring, summer, fall, winter. Spring is nice since you see things become light green, cool light brown, Cherry Blossom pink, Apple tree bright red and etc. Now I’m just being a smart-ass and stating the obvious so we shall move on.

I haven’t seen any greens yet, but I have noticed the bike path becoming nice and clear for distant biking. I’ve noticed tons of birds coming back and a few bugs popping about (shudders at the thought of centipedes running through his room).

While trying to take pictures of a bird, it started flying at the last moment when the camera was focusing and getting ready for the high quality image part. It mocked me and my camera!

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Sub’s 22nd Birthday

Wow, where have the months, weeks and days gone? Last time I checked it was March 9ths, then 15th, 20th, and now 28th. Twenty two already, wow.

Thanks to Valdez for this “Post-card” lol.

(Link – MySite and Petroglyph Gallery)

Youtube – Caramelldansen

I’ll edit in any new events into this blog entry (if any) and shall get a banner made tonight or tomorrow for those who asked for it :). If you don’t see anything past this mark then nothing interesting worth blogging about happened.

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