Battle Rondo – Kohiru – Chopsticks

Victory! After a lengthy time of being stuck in Diorama Studio, she finally made it into Battle Rondo. Kohiru’s wave sister Merienda (spoon) also made it in. Also, BrigthFeather (nurse) and HarmonyGrace (Nun) accompanied the food cutlery in this update. With this, Battle Rondo had a necessary update on March 30th inserting older Shinki’s due to fans requesting their older Shinki’s into the MMO.

(Link – MySite) – Shinki Kohiru

(All images taken from Battle Rondo.)

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My Favorite Anime – Top 7 – Round 4 – Kitsunes

Kon! Kon! Because it’s March, an epic one at that, we’ll have a “kitsune” themed top seven. When March is epic we need some lovely fox spirits to accompany the epicness of it! If you’re a “kitsune” minion then these should interest those viewing Anime relating to fox spirits, foxes, or wolves using similar traits to fox myths/folklore. Now lets see the slyness of our foxy friends! These are the ones I chose as the best for this month

(Link – Safebooru) – Susukihotaru from Zakuro

(All images taken from safebooru. Trying to give credit to artists work when possible and shall only use when I can link back.)

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Nendoroid – 104 – Azusa Nakano

Nya!~ Obtained my first Nendroid today being the all too popular Azusa Nakano, or Azunyan. She comes from the overly popular K-On! Anime which features five girls attempting to save the music club – Keion/K-On!. Azunyan being the newest addition to the main casts that gets treated as the cute cat character with the cat ears – Nekomimi. I guess this could be considered a “belated” review as most collectors online have her within their collection.

(Link – MySite) – Nyan~

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Pokemon White Bundle (DS)

Ah, Pokemon! The good old days as a kid playing Pokemon Red & Blue on the original Gameboy before the Gameboy got looted from me at school. I acquired the Pokemon White bundle due to nostalgia and because a few people I know used to, or still do play Pokemon. Makes a nice themed purchase for my Arctic Fox persona, with it being white and all. It was also a nice gift to myself on my special month – Epic March!

(Link – MySite) – Pokemon White Bundle

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens over multiple days.)

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O-Chan and Saber’s snowy fun

What a weathery rough weekend that was! Ice and rain with clouds reaching to the ground, foggy, and then a snow pile dumped on the city overnight on Sunday. Well, being Canadians I guess we should be used to these messy weather haha! Well, somewhat….O-Chan and Saber wanted to have fun. Also added a few Renge comics as bonus content.

(Link – MySite) – Snow on trees, my favorite!

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

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Flight Sim X – Shinden Flight 5

Welcome back! This time I shall be sharing some test flight images of freeware add-on planes and various scenic images of Japan. And of course the infamous Shinden plane! Since I can’t travel to the real Japan, this FSX version should do for now.

(Link – MySite) – Messerschmitt Bf 110E with Mt. Fuji in the background.

(Pardon the image quality. Not true game quality as this game is a real resource hog.)

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My History with Anime

Ah, guess it’s about time I sum up my past with Anime into Nopy’s project. Off to show how I got influenced and why I like Anime to the point that I do. It seems like a nice way of seeing what and how people got influenced by Anime and why they like what they like. Noby’s Project here:

Do be warned! I’ll be rambling quite a bit as I’m digging back quite a bit into my past!

(Link – MySite) – My first ever images of  an outdooor figure photoshootMain article.

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Flight Sim X – Shinden Flight 4

Hello fellow aviators! Here is another Flight Sim X article featuring a flight from Cancuun to Cuba and then Florida which was about a month ago.  This isn’t necessarily on a weekend but since it’s a quiet week I thought why not, lets up it. Just showing my interest in aviation in a digital manner and to use as a break-up inbetween Anime/Shinki related articles.

(Link – MySite) – Air traffic suddenly sprung to life as me and friend readied for take-off.

(Pardon the image quality. Not true game quality as this game is a real resource hog.)

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