Flight Sim X – Shinden Flight 5

Welcome back! This time I shall be sharing some test flight images of freeware add-on planes and various scenic images of Japan. And of course the infamous Shinden plane! Since I can’t travel to the real Japan, this FSX version should do for now.

(Link – MySite) – Messerschmitt Bf 110E with Mt. Fuji in the background.

(Pardon the image quality. Not true game quality as this game is a real resource hog.)

Found some nice scenery along the way to Niigata during the first add-on test. It maybe digital but it shouldn’t be ignored as even digital scenery can be gorgeous. As mentioned, was doing some add-on testing. Also wanted to try out some short range flights from Tokyo’s Yokohama AB to Niigata airport. Once at Niigata I basically switched from one plane to another in between landings and take-offs.

One thing that ticked me off the most was how…..lacking the sound files were. I had to file swap better sounds from other add-ons into the following add-ons to make them sound better, or unique. I understand it takes work to model and code them, it wouldn’t hurt to add a random sound file to the plane(s). These were also taken during multiple session as for those that read will know I play on real time with real weather.

Flight Sim X – Shinden Flight 4:

Shinden Flight 3:

Shinden Flight 2 – Ottawa tour:

Shinden Flight 1 – Random screens:

AN-32 base:

AN-32’s Fed-ex textures:

Halifax Friday the 13th:



I don’t really recommend the helicopter and the SU-29 due to it’s blandness. It’s just something to fill my plane list.

(Link – MySite) – A lovely lake inbetween Tokyo and Niigata – Google comparison.

(Link – MySite) – And another awesome lake.

(Link – MySite) – Handley-Page Halifax Friday 13th at Niigata airport. A brutally loud and heavy plane.

(Link – MySite) – Halifax taking off!

The Strikemaster is an awesome plane. I’m unsure if it is a trainer plane. It handles fairly well, everything is near payware quality, and it flies perfectly in the air. Sadly, once I flown it New Zealand had a quake a few hours later :(.

(Link – MySite) – BAC Strikemaster New Zealand colors (Clean).

I wanted speed so I tried out the IRIS Mig-29 package. It had cockpit canopy issues where the glass was dark forcing me to fly it from the outside view. Flying and landing this thing was a pain. Great quality though!

It’s worth a get when you get the patches as well!

(Link – MySite) – IRIS Mig-29 package flying towards a nearby island off of Niigata.

(Link – MySite) – Ohayou mina! Good Morning everybody! Waking people up at 5:50 am JST time :P.

(Link – MySite) – Ah! The sun is gradually creeping up from the horizon. Lots of clouds as well.

(Link – MySite) – And starting my low final.

(Link – MySite) – A wallpaper styled image for you guys of Niigata airport and sunrise.

The Antonov AN-32 is a decent plane. The quality is up there, but not as great as I was hoping. It’s another plane made by Tim “Piglet” Conrad, the guy who made the Shinden I’m flying in FSX. The textures are awesome, the flying capabilities on this is great, but it’s auto-pilot lacks greatily. It can stay in the air, but it doesn’t keep to the GPS course as me and a friend did a flight from Niigata to Tokyo before his FSX glitched out. The wind also harassed my plane a lot forcing me to manually guide the plane on the GPS route I set.

(Link – MySite) – A fictional Fed-Ex theme on an Antonov AN-32 as I prepare it for take-off.

(Link – MySite) – Wasn’t expecting to see Swiss in Japanese territory. Awesome though!

(Link – MySite) – Incoming on Haneda airport with Tokyo Bay Aqua line in view.

(Link – MySite) – Haneda airport with a Kamen SH-2G Helicopter during very early morning with dense cloud cover with lots of rain.

(Link – MySite) – Flying over Tokyo’s famous Rainbow Bridge. Dense cloud cover can be spotted.

(Link – MySite) – Flying past the overly famous (or infamous) Tokyo Tower.

(Link – MySite) – Downtown skyscrapers. If viewed at the right angle it’ll appear Tokyo is populated by many of these in FSX.

(Link – MySite) – An unknown overly large and eye-pleasing structure found in the heart of Tokyo – Google comparison.

(Link – MySite) – Can’t be a Shinden flight without a Shinden plane. Went back to Haneda to switch to the Shinden.

(Link – MySite) – Dense cloud cover over Tokyo/Haneda airport during sunrise.

(Link – MySite) – A slippery Haneda airport.

(Link – MySite) – This looks uh….ominous…..Reminds me of the anime Zipang where a Destroyer was sent to WW2 in similar weather.

Zipang English Trailer:
(Note: Trailer says aircraft carrier but it’s actually a Destroyer.)

(Link – MySite) – Yup, I can see why Danny Choo tweeted “It’s raining cats and dogs” haha!

(Link – MySite) – Heading off towards the sunrise – Narita airport. What you see is a blanket layer of clouds below.

(Link – MySite) – Oh! Almost foggy like at 550-ish feet.

(Link – MySite) – Wing view of the rain slipping past the plane.

(Link – MySite) – Low level cloud nearly touching ground.

After flying for a good 5-10 minutes I finally reached Narita under dense cloud cover. It got a bit difficult that I scraped the Shinden on the ground that would of been worthy as a “crash” to the game.

(Link – MySite) – Now that is a nice theme for Korean Air.

(Link – MySite) – Oh? Wasn’t expecting this – a JSDF military plane at Narita.The main reason why I landed at Narita using the northern runway.

(Link – MySite)As if it wasn’t enough, here are more clouds to get in your way! 😛

(Link – MySite) – Oh? Even at Niigata airport? Somethings up. I’ve never seen military planes at civilian airports in FSX. Also saw them en-mass at another airport which I forgot to check out.

(Link – MySite) – Dawn flight from Niigata to Komatsu. Tried Tokyo but got shot down by Americans (game crashed).

(Link – MySite) – Awesome sun rise lighting.

(Link – MySite) – Assumingly Komatsu airport with an awesome sunrise. Can’t remember due to game crash.

(Link – MySite) – Enjoying the view while following the highway full of traffic.

(Link – MySite) – Haneda to Higashimatsushima. Did I land at a military airbase?Google Comparison

A necessary pit-stop was in order as I couldn’t leave this plane on it’s own. It doesn’t have a noticeable autopilot function and the winds would of pushed it off the coastline’s path. Refueled, checked Google maps w/photos and then moved on. A quick break. Followed the coast a bit east where I was greeted by a forming snowstorm that started to cover the land.The skies were were pretty much silent up until I reached Hachinoche where I was greeted by a UPS plane.

All I saw were mountains and more mountains. Someone could easily make a base of operations there. Or maybe some folklore/mythical Fox spirits (Kitsunes) could be hiding over there :P.

(Link – MySite) – Greeted by a UPS in the Hachinoche area – Google Comparison.

Examined a few airports with non having any sign of life/planes. Headed west towards Aomori where I was once again greeted by a dense snowstorm.

(Link – MySite) – Scouting out the Aomori area for any planes.

(Link – MySite) – Whoops. I just did what I done in Miami, pushing the plane back and suddenly stopping shifting the weight to it’s ass.

(Link – MySite) – Awesome! I ain’t alone! Two JAL planes landed but the game flicked the bigger one out of the game. -5 points for ruining the immersion.

(Link – MySite) – 1 Hour later – finished eating dinner, clouds let up slightly, and the first JAL took off to New Chitose. I was soon to follow in an indirect flight path.

(Link – MySite) – Flying upside down while getting a slight weird feeling. Examined a few areas before heading towards Sapporo.

(Link – MySite) – Whoa! About the same, or worse than Aomori airport area. It headed north?

(Link – MySite) – Shifted over to the left runway due to traffic. Still snowy as I go into final. Plane had issues slowing down due to snow on runway.

(Link – MySite) – ANA going around due to traffic on the same runway I avoided. Still attempting to slow down on snowy runway.

(Link – MySite) – Taxiing to fuel. Can’t even see the terminal from here.

(Link – MySite) – Active snowy Sapporo terminal.

So if you got confused, like I did, then here are the flight path plans:

1) – Messer’ – -  Tokyo’s Yokohama AB-> Niigata
2) – Various plane test flights @ Niigata
3) – Fed-Ex AN-32 – – Niigata -> Tokyo’s Haneda.
4) – Shinden – – Haneda -> Narita -> over Tokyo -> Niigata.
5) – Shinden – – Niigata -> Komatsu -> Tokyo (Americans downed Shinden/game crashed)……
6) – Saab J-21 – – Komatsu -> over Fuji -> Tokyo’s Yokohama AB. (Resumed from where Shinden ‘crashed’)
7) – Shinden — Haneda -> Narita -> Higashimatsushima -> East Coast to and 90* into Aomori airport -> Sapporo.

Note: May contain errors as I consulted memory, log book, and images. This is the conclusion I got to ^

Hope you enjoyed this Shinden’s 5th flight article! Thanks for viewing and have a happy flight! See you in the skies!