Busou Shinki – Battle Masters (PSP)

Ever wanted to take care of a little android-like girl meant for combat? If so, then Busou Shinki – Battle Masters is for you! All your ‘mecha musume’ battles needs for you on the go for your PSP! Choose your favorite Shinki and let them loose in the arena! Both you and your Shinki’s fight as one in the future setting!

(Link – MySite)

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)
– I hope you’d pardon the unpro game screen captures. I don’t have a hacked PS3 with screen capture, nor do I want one.

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The Hidden Life of Figures

Hello! I thought I’d offer up a tutorial article for those new to the figure photoshoot scene, or those simply struggling to brainstorm ideas. Article also doubles as explanation to those those unfamiliar with Anime and figures. I’m basically going to mention ways you can guess or form a personality for figures for your comics, photoshoots, stop motion, or whatever else you might be planning to do and what you might be able to use them for. This also comes from studying other people’s comics and articles.

(Link – MySite) – Renge’s source of supernatural energy returned.

Note: If you see some obvious points being made, or explained, then it’s because of me explaining what this is about to those unfamiliar with bringing figures to life.

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Blog’s 4th Anniversary – Happy B-day Arctic Kitsune!

Happy 4th anniversary Arctic Kitsune! Me? No, no! I simply rode on  that name (and still am) because it’s easier to share/link back with other fellow bloggers and friends. Ghostly Substance? I ditched that username as well.  *coughs* What a time to celebrate Varkitsu’s birthday on Valentines day haha. More love for him then!

(Link – MySite) – Drawn by Denkikoiji– The completed one shall be added in soon once done – Consider this a teaser.

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GAnime 2011 – Palais des congres de Gatineau

Welcome! Time to venture around my third Anime convention – GAnime 2011! Missing out on last years, I finally managed to go to all three Anime conventions (Otakuthon, Naru2u, and GAnime) within 2010 and early 2011. Maybe not all as I can’t get to Anime North due to transport and contact issues. Only went to Ganime on a Saturday though and found it to be be as great of a trip as Otakuthon’s.

(Link – MySite) – Located here.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens; Varying quality due to lighting within.)

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