GAnime 2011 – Palais des congres de Gatineau

Welcome! Time to venture around my third Anime convention – GAnime 2011! Missing out on last years, I finally managed to go to all three Anime conventions (Otakuthon, Naru2u, and GAnime) within 2010 and early 2011. Maybe not all as I can’t get to Anime North due to transport and contact issues. Only went to Ganime on a Saturday though and found it to be be as great of a trip as Otakuthon’s.

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(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens; Varying quality due to lighting within.)

Being my first time there I got a bit lost with trying to find my way around this place. One thing I did notice that this place would be extremely great place if people ever wanted to meet up in-between Anime conventions for figure photo-shoots and the like with Dollfies. Or figures. A get-together with a mixed & members. Neat scenery and all in there. I took some videos but don’t think they’re worthy to be viewed so I won’t be uploading one anytime soon.

Side-note: Also, if you see yourself within my article and don’t want your picture up then do leave a comment and I’ll delete the image.

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Just having a bit of a fight with my camera – I probably have it on the wrong setting that caused a few images to end up blurry after this image.

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My first victim, or victims!

Left: Someone from Final Fantasy, forgot name.
Right: ID

(Link – MySite)                           (Link – MySite) ID

Left: Haruhi
Right: Umbrella soldier from Resident Evil

(Link – MySite)                               (Link – MySite)

Left: ID
Right: Master Roshi from Dragonball Z with an unknown gothic cosplayer.

(Link – MySite)  ID                           (Link – MySite)

Left: Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles?
Right: Yoshimori from Kekkaishi

(Link – MySite)                              (Link – MySite)

Left: ID
Right: ID – Also pardon the blurry.

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(Link – MySite) – Anime goods! Go spend your life savings!

Left: ID
Right: Original Gender-Bender Neko Maido.

(Link – MySite)                             (Link – MySite)

Left: .Hack/roots? Don’t know character.
Right: ID

(Link – MySite)                                (Link – MySite)

Bleach – I don’t know the two on either side as I didn’t watch far enough in.

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Hellsing – Alucard.

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ID all three

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Left: Li from Cardcaptors Sakura
Right: Miku Hatsune

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Naruto, and same as Bleach comment.

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Left: Humanoid Espyon from Pokemon.
Right: Euphemia from Code Geass with gun after 11 slaughter.

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Meet up with a fellow figure.fmer by surprise and came across some Dollfie/Azone/Azure owners. I’m not familiar with the makes so take your pick on the name. We asked and I took some pictures with my Renge.

What? You thought I wouldn’t travel to a convention without her? She possessed me in Busou Shinki Battle Rondo! She’s a fox with the ability to poses humans. She did a fine damn job of it as well by possessing those that take a glance at her. Fox spirits are known for possess humans whenever they so please haha. Lovely doll, especially the kimono. Sorry for disrupting the ‘parents’ of the doll.

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Gundam Model Exposition:

They had tables set out for these Gundam kits, and one Rozen Maiden statue. I actually liked this idea and think they should expand this to Dollfies, Figma diorama’s, Shinki’s, and etc. Whatever is out there they, Ganime, should open their doors to. Also, theres some nice painted Gundams that I took closer shots of.

(Link – MySite) – SIEG ZEON! In Gundam universe I’m a Zeon/Zaft guy due to mobile suit quality.

(Link – MySite) – Earth Federation mobile suits.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)                              (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Heero Yui and his Wing Gundam Zero Custom in SD form.

(Link – MySite) – Strike Gundam from Gundam Seed.

(Link – MySite) – Rozen Maiden. Am I missing something? Ha.

(Link – MySite) – Zaku!

(Link – MySite)                                              (Link – MySite) – Renge showing off the Gundam collection.

And back to more cosplays!

Left:  Shizuo from Durara. Please do not mess with him unless you have a death wish.
Right: ID

(Link – MySite)                                                    (Link – MySite) – *zombie sounds*

Tsubasa Chronicles!

Princess, Sakura, and Syaroan.

(Link – MySite) – What dimension do you want to venture to next while we search for Sakura’s feathers?

Left: Resident evil security and ID
Right: Original furries?

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Left: Someone from Soul Calibur 4, sorry.
Right: Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed universe.

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Left: Sam Halo suit
Right: ID

(Link – MySite)                                                    (Link – MySite)

And Renge just being her proud and arrogant self lol.

(Link – MySite)                                                       (Link – MySite) – Humu!~

Sumomo and Kutoko from CLAMP’s Anime. They maybe found mainly in Chobits and make appearances in Tsubasa Chronicle

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(Link – MySite) – Renge in battle mode

(Link – MySite) – Food court – No Japanese meals from what I noticed.

(Link – MySite) “Mastah, please give me some food!”

(Link – MySite) *Disappointed Renge stares at food*

(Link – MySite) – “Say hello to my little friend!”

Got a nice new mouse pad for myself – Fate/Stay Night Anime with Servant Saber on it. This mouse pad is far healthier for my wrist than my older one and it’s even much much softer. I’m happy *grins*.

(Link – MySite) *poke poke*

(Link – MySite) – Singing contest? Vocaloid Luka on-stage.

Left: Unknown – ID. The cosplayer was fully into it by making noises.
Right: Rider from Fate/Stay Night

(Link – MySite) – Cosplayed to the max (Link – MySite)

Left: Unknown – ID
Right: Avatar

(Link – MySite)                                                    (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Just walking about.

(Link – MySite) – Canadian pride

Thank you for skimming/reading/viewing! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, or more. I’m pleased I finally made it to GAnime without missing out and got more than enough content from it. Whens the next time? Otakuthon? Doubt I could make it there, and same with Anime North.