KanColle x Azur Lane

– KanColle Web (prior to its self-sabotage).


Comparing KanColle & Azur Lane:
(A blog post is one thing, a page is another.)

This page is dedicated to my interest in both Kantai Collection (KanColle) and Azur Lane. A page format instead of a blog post to constantly be viewed out in the open, and not hidden in the past. It’s to show my love and admiration to both games, even if one refuses to be a game any longer.

I view both KanColle and Azur Lane the same and hold both in high regard. They may both be similar, yet different games, they however both hold high amounts of respect from me. Regardless of what I say about Kancolle, I still admire it through-and-through, even if the gameplay design has been intentionally designed to be as miserable of an experience as possible.

It was thanks to Kantai collection I was introduced to the concept of shipgirls in human girl forms in their varying types of real-world ship classes, and eventually nationalities. It’s thanks to KanColle web (2014 onward) I’m even interested in anything naval related, especially on the Canadian navy side of things. Played KanColle web, found it neat. Even helped an overly ungrateful Dutch person obtain their account with mine at 6 AM (EST) in the morning for us both to gain access into the game. Everything was smooth sailing from then on. We both had fun (with another friend) tackling events. I had fun partaking in the fishing event, in every small, medium, and large event. I was a proud KanColle Commander. I even risked my job sending expeditions off while at work, risking boss and fulltimers yelling at me on KanColle Android.


We obtained Roma, Italia, among other greatness. Had Italia beat her own event, something which was heartwarming. Happily obtained Graf Zeppelin prior to my American friend, and even proudly constructed Bismarck with the weird Hyuga-other ship alternations until Bismarck was constructed. Proudly Obtained Bismarck after the weird Hyuga alternations about 10 constructions in later (5 being Hyuga). Pain. Proudly obtained Warspite, Zara, among others. Sadly, the Gangut event was where the straw broke the camel’s back after having sorties 4 days straight into her map failing to beat her campaign (live on Twitch stream) until 4-5 days later. I was burnt out.

I’ve also had infights with my Dutch ex-friend, and even my American friend. I genuinely admired Yuudachi and her ‘Poi’ catch-phrase. Sadly, the internet ruined it for my American friend. The Dutch person lost morale, even gaining less progress than I had achieved myself. We were falling apart, even when I originally gained ground at the start.

When it comes to KanColle it genuinely set the standard. It’s the benchmark we set all our shipgirl design, regardless of it being Azur Lane, or some other third-rate clone. KanColle genuinely sets the standards high, and I still respect it for that. That’s never going away, nor nullified in any way, shape, nor form. KanColle shall always have the best character designs. The music always hits hard (in a good way) as well.

– Littorio (MVP)
– Graf Zeppelin – Proud memory of obtaining her from the German graveyard prior to my American friend.
– Nightmare of Solomon – Yuudachi Kai Ni
– A festive Hamakaze.

I even tried playing KanColle web at a Walmart, McDonalds, and at Wendy’s at one point. Just trying to do my dailies, try to partake in the event, and just to catch up. My ISP (Bell) screwed us up at one point overcharging the bill causing us to not have internet for a few months. The Summer of hell. I even had to go to a nearby library to tackle an event, at one point even getting yelled at my mother causing a miniature scene. She yelled so loudly people inside could hear her. Should have just left me there.

It was from all this open wi-fi uses my tablet became defective with malware and viruses, gradually losing its operations. It became painfully corrupted to the point it became a defective brick. I couldn’t play KanColle as much as I desired that one summer. I thankfully obtained Zara, maybe others. Sadly, nobody else.

I eventually regained my ISP via Start.ca, we wouldn’t have any further issues onwards. Maybe TV, just not with Bell themselves.

– A festive Kawakaze

I had a few favourite shipgirls, some of whom were openly badmouthed by fellow KanColle commanders. It pissed me off.

Favourite KanColle shipgirls: Hamakaze, Kongo, Bismarck, Kawakaze, Yura, Hatsuharu, Shouhou, Sendai, Zara, Kawakaze, Suzuya, Naganami, Junyou, Asakaze, I-26, Saratoga, among others.

Mainly Hamakaze would be badmouthed for her breast size. Once with Kongo on Twitter in a combo hatred of her Burning Love. I was a piece of shit to both American and one ex-Japanese KanColle commander. They would beat hard mode, show off my waifu Bismarck with torpedoes attached to her, yet I was always cast aside like trash, possibly because I struggled to keep up. I was frustrated. Even being told one person side-lined Kawakaze (while fully damaged) really annoyed me. I know it’s their style, KanColle seems to bring the worst out in people, or at least for most westerners and “some” Japanese folks.

I was able to make use of Shouhou half the time, while others were not able to use her at all. It’s true, she is a damage magnet. Sadly, CVLs are required. I genuinely admire her updated Kai, sadily, her original form is too dated.

– Shouhou’s gorgeous remodel. Elegant.
– Murakumo Kai Ni (A fluffy cloud)
– Happy V-Day Murakumo.

[Side-note: Either Zara or Pola was obtained during the ‘Summer of Hell’ thanks to my ISP Bell over-billing the bill, even refusing to access a bank account secured by a cell phone. They refused to mend the situation. The bill is still unpaid, even to this day.]

– Kawakaze – Surprisingly good destroyer.
– A cute and festive Yuudachi 😉
– YAMATO! (This caused my ex-Dutch friend to leave in envy/jealousy, among other reasons. Never saw him in KanColle ever again.)

When I obtained Warspite I genuinely fell in love with her elegant design. Her regal elegance. For the few days I had her I genuinely assumed I could smell perfume during her training battles sorting into easy maps to level her up. I genuinely admired her. Next to Bismarck, Warspite is my second waifu. Even one lovely doujinshi I genuinely admire thanks to her, and a few R18 Pixiv art relating to her.

– Warspite! My pride and joy!

With the additions of Italians and French navy I was genuinely happy. It made me happy seeing more, even to the point I even requested a French KanColle paintjob for a Euro Truck Sim 2 Renault truck. Fun times.


I would spend a lenthy amount of time trying to partake in these events (with ISP restored to ‘Start.ca’) trying to accomplish as much as I could. I was even on a hunt to obtain I-26, a lovely submarine girl. I spent days, maybe weeks, even trying to obtain her. Farming and farming, with little to no luck.

– I-26 get and Kai’d!
– Happily obtained Taihou! I laughed like a madman seeing her destroyer her foes with ease. When I was leveling Taihou she was overly fun to play with.
– Asakaze get! She became one of my favourite destroyers.
– Saratoga! She became one of my favourite shipgirls!
– I-14 became another favourite submarine of mine, one I would occasionally think about when farming while at work. Would constantly ponder how to farm for her when at work waiting to go home to farm her on her map.
– Umikaze
– Yura! Another proud shipgirl of mine, someone I genuinely desired to remodel ASAP. Was proud, even taking her into event maps. She was sadly also badmouth by another commander. Shame. She however allowed me to see her real-world shrine and name-sake.

I was annoyed with the growing harmful map gimmicks. I had help from both the two who badmouth my shipgirls, yet other times cast aside. It was weird. I would also occasionally see various people jump in to just as quickly jump out after awhile leaving the game for good. One pretended to be an expert, later not playing it anymore. Lost contact with them on top of that. Sad. To monotoned for them. Another simply desired time, a Japanese person, so they quit the game also. Another Japanese person (a person who has helped me) also quit. Seeing people leave one after another all because of unfair map gimmicks and heart-attack inducing gimmicks.

Bit-by-bit people were leaving KanColle, and mine was during the Gangut and Suzutsuki era.

Kantai Collection – Bismarck Oath:

– Bismarck get! My waifu!

Once I obtained Gangut, leveled her up a bit, left KanColle for good. The combined pain of Gangut event and not obtaining Suzutsuki during her introductory event depressed me way too much I just had to put KanColle down. It just wasn’t fun. Too much repetition, pain, depression, stress. I couldn’t take it anymore. Abusive workplace. I didn’t want to obtain a heart attack, nor a stroke. I still had the mini-strokes regardless.

– The final days before my hiatus. The new HTML update from a previous engine. All my world progress had been lost. Shame.

Gangut & Suzutsuki (An End of an Era Moment):

Failing to obtain Suzutsuki, I simply gave up. That’s it! I’m done. Sadly, no more. Thankfully I obtained Ark Royal, Richelieau, among others. I sadly had to give up, as mentioned prior. Too depressing. Too stressful.

– Gangut!
– Naganami!
– Suzuya
– Kamoi
– Ark Royal get!
– Richelieu
– Jervis! My precious!
– Musashi!
– Iowa! Never thought I would have obtained Iowa, yet here she is! WOOOO!~
– Tashkent!
– Gambier Bay
– Festive Warspite!

[Disclaimer: It appears the Gangut Event wasn’t the cause of it, yet the final memory I had of KanColle. It appeared KanColle may have been far too traumatic for me I failed to recall Ark Royal, Iowa, among others. The failure of having not obtained Suzutsuki may have weighed far too heavily on my mind to the point various memories were smoothed out to pin it purely on Gangut. It genuinely was one of the few straws to break the camel’s back, yet the actual straw to have done that was Suzutsuki’s failure to drop.]

RIP KanColle via Gangut Event & Suzutsuki’s Failure to Drop.

Basically KanColle went rogue. It region blocked itself. Fuck the foreigners! Fuck everybody! Fuck the Canadians! Fuck the Americans! [Baka gaijin].

Azur Lane, here I come!

– HMCS Haida – It was thanks to KanColle I was encouraged enough to visit HMCS Haida, with special push from Azur Lane. I desired to see my Canadians.

Azur Lane:

– Chinese Prinz Eugen.

The allure of Azur Lane caught my attention. The various shipgirls, Neptunia event, and trying to create a login was a struggle. I accidentally started off on a Chinese server, then stubbornly stuck on a Japanese one, until the Global one was announced. I sadly stuck with the Japanese one longer than I should have missing out on Neptunia on Global. I barely caught Kizuna Ai event. Graf Zeppelin being the first shipgirl I desired heavily there.

Manjuu/Yostar lured me in with the loose promise of Canadians appearing in the game. I stuck with it after seeing HMS Fortune & HMS Foxhound make note of ‘Maple Monarchy’ in their English dialogue. I found it more accessible, more fun, if more generic. The gameplay had a chess grid map, focused more on auto-world grinding, even made things easier as time went on. It allowed for more options, even allowing me to emotionally re-connect with my Bismarck waifu in a whole another level. A more mature Bismarck, a prouder one. Azur Lane even allowed me to see Tirpitz! Bismarck’s sistership, and my secondary waifu vessel.

– Chinese Version – Gen 1 Azur Lane – Neptunia Collab (I genuinely need a re-run of this event now knowing re-runs are a thing. The only shipgirls I’m missing from my shipgirl archive. I genuinely desire and need Neptunia re-run! Same with Hololive, with new Hololive members playing the game again, regardless of self-imposed limitations.)
– VOTOM Collab – Japanese client. Sadly, none on Global. Battleship Kaga and Naka.
– Amagi – During the early days.

Basically, Azur Lane was intentionally supposed to last as a 1-2 year game, it surprisingly lasted much longer than that, even potentially overshadowing KanColle. It reached so much further. The designs are crude for those very reasons, thankfully becoming better (for the most part) as time goes on. As new events and collabs release you can genuinely note improvements in designs, if with various exagerations to be found on various shipgirls.

Oathing Bismarck in Android & Crosswave game:

– Oathing Bismarck

I would do as I had done with KanColle, sending off commissions, nearly getting in trouble at work time-and-time again, as I had done with KanColle. Both Coworkers, and sometimes bosses, would hound me. As the workplace loosened up, so had the hounding. I even loosened up my usage of my phone at work once I caught up to Azur Lane’s barriers making me less dependent on commissions to acquire resources. Events that took months in KanColle took weeks in Azur Lane. Grindier, sure. More accessible, and more relieving to do. Less heart-attack inducing events, more memorable moments to be had.

I fumbled quite a bit when migrating from Chinese account to Japanese, and then stubbornly taking my time to venture to the Global English version. I missed the Neptunia event, something I would regret to this day. I even have a few Japanese exclusive Anime event shipgirls, simply needing to relog into Azur Lane JP. It however no longer feels the same keeping me solely in Global version from now on. Azur Lane also decided to rerun special events, such as Dead or Alive, Gridman, and hopefully others. I genuinely need my Neptunia shipgirls. The events are fun, the music are great. The BGMS are getting better overtime.

– Azur Lane eventually adding AR Mode. Took this during the fall/autumn period with HMS Monarch, a research ship.
– HMS Foxhound with HMCS Haida’s propellers in Hamilton, Ontario.
– USS Dewey at Tofino, B.C, Canada.

I genuinely enjoy how Azur Lane archives their events after a certain while allowing you to tackle them at your own pace. Granted, you need tickets and can sortie a certain amount of times. It however is possible to complete a past event you missed, yet you won’t get the trophy/medal associated with it. You’ll obtain the majority of it, just not a medal.

During all this, Azur Lane Crosswave even released on both consoles and PC. I had my fun, and it genuinely was a decent game. Disregarding all the negative reviews and feedback, the game was genuinely good as a visual novel game. Grindy in other parts, yet fun for those quick moments. It however needs to learn the same lessons as KanColle. They both need to produce an open world free-roaming game to do whatever you desire. Sadly, nobody shall learn from the likes of Silent Hunter 3.

– Azur Lane: Crosswave – Bismarck. She is a late-game unit to obtain forcing me to speed through the game to obtain her. The game also has photography mode.
– Azur Lane: Crosswave – Mainly a visual novel game. Oathing Bismarck, as I had done twice prior to her KanColle and Azur Lane android version.
– The sad, yet proud story of Bismarck and U-556.
– U-556 and her brave struggles to save a gravely damaged, and sinking, Bismarck. No Torpedoes, only her courage, desperation, and will.
– Azur Lane: Crosswave – A Foxy Kaga during a full moon.
– Azur Lane: Crosswave – Kaga.
– Azur Lane: Crosswave – Kaga & Full moon.
– Azur Lane: Crosswave – Bismarck, full moon, and aurora.
– Azur Lane: Crossave – Bismarck.
Screenshot_20230214-030332_Azur Lane
– Valentines gift from USS Boise! Nice!
Screenshot_20230214-030346_Azur Lane
– Tap to continue to receive Boise’s Valentines Day gift.
– Two accidental Tirpitz V-Day gifts (one should be Bismarck), one from Boise, and one from Kasumi. Azur Lane’s Kasumi made me fall in love with how precious she is.
Screenshot_20230215-123159_Azur Lane
– Obtaining fun Valentines Day chocolate skins for your weapons. You can shoot off a box of chocolates.
– Playing Azur Lane while in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

I genuinely play Azur Lane almost every free moment I could. I let it run, I let it auto-sortie into battles doing its own thing. I send shipgirls off on commissions, even doing dailies every morning. If in transit I would let the shipgirls fight PVP, or daily challenges on specific days. Maybe even Operation Siren.

Prior to moving to a proxy home I played Azur Lane on a bus. Even before a flight to Vancouver & Japan (and back) I would play Azur Lane. Or at a restaurant, to the dismay of my friends and new travel friends. I needed to stay caught up.

Gatcha games are both a blessing and a curse. A curse to my friend, yet a blessing to creative expression and freedoms. Even my roommate notes how much I play Azur Lane, to which I remind him I play for the time I predict I no longer shall be allowed to play in the future. Maybe I’ll be homeless, or without internet. Who knows. He hasn’t grasped onto that thought seriously, and it shows.

I play for the times I’m allowed to play to make up for a potential future without gameplay.

– Kantai Collection Boosterpacks from Tokyo, Japan. Bought them from Akihabara obtaining a special Taihou card. (Tennozu Isle).
Screenshot_20230328_094854_Azur Lane
– Tashkent – Ura!
Screenshot_20230401_194752_Azur Lane
– La Galissonniere META – METAmorphisis. A ship having lost her emotions. A rusting, degrading shipgirl.
– Odaiba, Japan.

One of the great things about Azur Lane is that obtaining outfits is seasonal, yet changing outfits is option, by the user. You can change the outfits to however you desire. You can scale the AR mode however you like, even attempting to pose next to your subject the best to your abilities.

– Bismarck Zwei

Many people complained the various shipgirls are derailing from the concept of shipgirls. Giant riggings, oversized dragons, duplicates of the same ships, and simply milking everything. I agree for the most part, yet have to still side with this still being a valid progression. Sure, maybe it is milking. No gatcha is innocent, and that goes for KanColle as well, as much as it does for Azur lane. Bismarck is my “waifu”, hence the bias, yet still view this as a valid move forward.

Just as long as they apply this logic to updating Saratoga, Warspite, and other shipgirls in a proper sense then I approve of this. Same with implementing the Canadian navy, Dutch, ANCAZ, among others.

Screenshot_20230324_065859_Azur Lane
– Voroshilov, a Russian shipgirl I obtained during my stay in Japan.
Screenshot_20230324_065742_Azur Lane
– Sevastopol get! (Also during my stay in Japan)
Screenshot_20230329_010216_Azur Lane
– Kursk – Obtained while in Japan (Tennozu Isle).
– Hanazuki at Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.
– Tennozu Isle AR mode.
– Umikaze at Yokosuka.
– Nagato at Yokosuka with Nagato and Takao Cruiser monuments.
– Yokosuka – Mikasa Warship and Mikasa warship from Azur lane in festive wear.
– Mikasa on Mikasa.
– Mikasa with Mikasa at Yokosuka.

I’ve seen Azur Lane grow from a starter-tier game (a throw-away game) to something more respectful. I’ve seen the beginner phase, the middle modernization phase, and the third Re-modernization phase to where it is now. I’ve been there almost from the start seeing it grow from a low-grade game to something which commands more wortwhile respect. You can’t ignore Azur Lane, though you can pressure it.

KanColle needs to do more to apply appropriate levels of friendliness and healthy competition to compete with Azur Lane, or else go the way of the Dodo. Or, at least suffer a cruel and painful suffocating death. Adapt, or die.

It genuinely makes me happy seeing Azur Lane adding in AR mode, though it needs updating and revamping to be even more useful. KanColle has recently tried this via third-party apps, something I haven’t tried. It would be neat for it to do more in a far more accessible manner.

Screenshot_20230607_122509_Azur Lane
– Nelson (Retrofit). A surprise, that’s for sure. She was my early low-tier waifu finding her way higher up in the tier.

I originally refused to upload Azur Lane ‘Get!’ images for spamming purposes, yet turning around on that idea. Shall be posting more on Flickr as time goes on. May go back to catch up with the times. Azur Lane makes me happier, and I admire it for its accessibility.

Especially, more Italian girls to admire.

Screenshot_20230629_112310_Azur Lane
– Andrea Doria
Screenshot_20230629_112320_Azur Lane
– Gorizia
Screenshot_20230629_112620_Azur Lane
– Attilio Regolo

And to add a bit more context as to why Azur Lane is so appealing to me, I need to dig more into the story. I need to share more images of the dorm, the story, the research ships, and other fun stuff. I sadly can’t share it all, I however shall share a quarter of what I desire to show for the Azur Lane section.

Screenshot_20230405_012419_Azur Lane
– It goes without saying Azur Lane is lewd. It’s far more suggestive and erotic than KanColle hinted at, even going further than KanColle had ever desired. KanColle isn’t a Saint, it was just as suggestive as Azur Lane went, though this takes it further. Also, Devoted as the Warm Snow was advertised openly in Japan, I even saw Azur Lane air this outfit in a short PV CM on Japanese TV.
Screenshot_20230427_123517_Azur Lane
– Dead or Alive Collab – Nagisa.
Screenshot_20230427_123547_Azur Lane
– Tamaki – Dead or Alive.
Screenshot_20230427_151715_Azur Lane
– Luna – Dead or Alive Collab.

It was awesome seeing the first ‘Dead or Alive’ collaboration, though was strange seeing it the second time around. Later, other collabs would see a revisit, something making others desire to see a Neptunia collaboration revisit. People enjoyed Hololive, even desiring a revisit of Hololive for Azur Lane, even if China butchered relations between Hololive and Yostar by VTuber abuse. Many collaborations were had, more than KanColle could ever count.

Screenshot_20230503_140915_Azur Lane
– Mini Formidable, a variation of an existing unit (also one of my favourite shipgirls in Azur Lane).
Screenshot_20230519_194703_Azur Lane
– Some lovely coloruful dialogue in Azur Lane. Some of the many amusing dialogues.
Screenshot_20230525_110905_Azur Lane
– Regensburg – Light Cruiser, yet visually appears as a heavy cruiser, or Battleship type shipgirl. Far too large for her class. Concerns are valid.
Screenshot_20230525_111839_Azur Lane
– U-556 META – Facing extreme pain during Bismarck Zwei’s event. A secondary emotional event to the one prior to a reinactment relating to Bismarck’s sinking.
Screenshot_20230526_170709_Azur Lane
– Various festivities to be had, such as swimsuit island resorts, among others. All themed to the season.
Screenshot_20230526_171732_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230602_092533_Azur Lane
– Vestal META.
Screenshot_20230616_140554_Azur Lane
– Algerie META
Screenshot_20230617_023518_Azur Lane
– Various outfits to be unlocked for free, through mini-games, or even purchased. This specific one was free. A mini-game.
Screenshot_20230719_142305_Azur Lane
– Kearsarge, a Priority 6 research ship. A World of Warships on-going collaboration.
Screenshot_20230720_123041_Azur Lane
– Gridman Collab – The 2nd (Re-run)
Screenshot_20230720_123305_Azur Lane
– Princess Hime – Gridman Collab.
Screenshot_20230726_024616_Azur Lane
– Hindenburg – Priorty 6 Research ship
Screenshot_20230730_105029_Azur Lane
– Various achievements to unlock.
Screenshot_20230803_144247_Azur Lane
– Marseillaise – The Fighting Angel (A pre-event to a major event. A mini-event holding one shipgirl, Marseillaise.)
Screenshot_20230803_144635_Azur Lane
– Marseillaise get!
Screenshot_20230803_144704_Azur Lane
– Two-floored dorm. First floor for morale and EXP training, the second for mainly morale/fatigue.
Screenshot_20230803_234531_Azur Lane
– Gorgeous event illustrations.

Bismarck, Bismarck Zwei, and Yorktown II’s main events all made me emotional. Those three hit me the hardest, all thanks to U-556 & Bismarck’s connection, and how Yorktown was able to be “revived” (healed) via the Type II riggings. Very emotional, made me cry. Nearly cry.

Screenshot_20230815_015556_Azur Lane
– Felix Shultz – Priority 6 Shipgirl (DONE!)
Screenshot_20230815_030050_Azur Lane
– New Jersey pre-event amusements.
Screenshot_20230815_030136_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230815_030206_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230815_030214_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230815_030230_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230815_030243_Azur Lane
– I wish New Jersey joined us on our journey. Shame she hadn’t.

The latest 5th Anniversary released more lovely shipgirls, of the French shipgirl variety. A unified faction, not a split. Mostly of the French Witches variety using blueprint ships borrowing from scrapped ship plans.

Screenshot_20230817_120204_Azur Lane
– Guichen – French – 5th Anniversary.
Screenshot_20230817_120534_Azur Lane
– Glemenceau – French – 5th Anniversary
Screenshot_20230817_120728_Azur Lane
– Lyon – French – 5th Anniversary.
Screenshot_20230817_130906_Azur Lane
– You got mail! 600 free gems, food, blueprints, among other goodies. Various goodies are mailed to you on special occassions.
Screenshot_20230817_131029_Azur Lane
– Angelic Nurse – Unicorn (Freebie)
Screenshot_20230817_135712_Azur Lane
– French eventful fun – Horror VN apocalyptical happenings. End-of-the-world events.
Screenshot_20230817_145251_Azur Lane
– A jab at the whales of Azur Lane, I bet. Love the comedy in Azur Lane.
Screenshot_20230817_151306_Azur Lane
– Various equipment obtained via events.
Screenshot_20230817_223101_Azur Lane
– My anniversary data & Formidable. Wish I was with Azur lane Global since 2017. I was longer with Azur Lane than noted here via CN & JP accounts.
Screenshot_20230817_232947_Azur Lane
– Jean Bart summing up the whole story.
Screenshot_20230817_233922_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230818_000306_Azur Lane
– “You will never be more than a jester, and I mean that in a good way. You’re not fit to play a villain” – Clemenceau to Marco Polo.
Screenshot_20230818_030223_Azur Lane
– Painleve get! (Aiming for Suffren)
Screenshot_20230818_134544_Azur Lane
– Suffren get!
Screenshot_20230818_135911_Azur Lane
– Special event equipment get!
Screenshot_20230818_231701_Azur Lane
– Unification.
Screenshot_20230819_011030_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230819_012647_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230819_015837_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20230819_021416_Azur Lane
– A unified front. Though, goes without saying I personally desire to see Canadians. This event would have been perfect to introduce HMCS Uganda/Quebec using her AA & Radar as her special traits. Shame. Not even the Dutch, ANZAC, or other vessels either. Lame.
Screenshot_20230819_031222_Azur Lane
– “To Reunite As One” Trophy/Medal.
Screenshot_20230819_115734_Azur Lane
Kersaint get!
Screenshot_20230820_095817_Azur Lane
– Simple, yet elaborate events are usually held.

Azur Lane is an overly accessible and fun game to play, yet people also suffer from short-attention spans, such attention span even required to play KanColle. People simply lack attention spans in general, yet I can easily play both this and KanColle with ease. I can also multi-task, hence why I love Azur lane all that much more. It’s something KanColle used to be able to do until region blocking. Shame.

Azur Lane (for now) is easier to play, more fun to tackle, and pushing the boundaries (in a safe manner) seeing what it can accomplish. I respect it for that. It genuinely needs to do more (as with KanColle) to be the best game ever. Especially on a PC platform. It’s great as it is, yet it genuinely needs to do more.

I genuinely admire listening to the music. The BGM/OST has grown throughout the years, as has the character style. The styling of characters improved per year, a few examples noted below.

The Comparisons – KanColle Versus Azur Lane:

I genuinely do not want to say one is better than the other, they however do have their genuine pros and cons in their field. KanColle is viewed as the benchmark of shipgirl design, while Azur Lane is viewed more for its accessibility and entertainment. KanColle is known for more patriotic/nationalism reasonings in Japan, while Azur Lane is more “entertainment” based.

Granted, I do have various gripes about both games, just as much as I do admire both games. It’s a love-hate relationship.

I’ll start off by saying both KanColle and Azur Lane’s Bismarck are nearly identitical in various ways, yet different. One is more mature than the other, yet both have suffered various pains.


– Bismarck – KanColle on left, Azur Lane on right.

I genuinely admire Bismarck, even desiring her back in Azur Lane realm. She is my waifu, hence why I admire her so much in both realms. She appears similar in KanColle realm as she does in the Azur Lane realm, if attached with [Sabaton’s Bismarck] cover. More was done to Bismarck in Azur Lane than had been done in KanColle.

One can perceive KanColle’s Bismarck in her teens, while Azur Lane’s Bismarck in her early 20’s, or late teens. Whichever is more respectful to a women’s age. A story was even weaved with U-556, as noted [In my blog post] oathing both Bismarck & Tirpitz. Bismarck even obtained a Version 2 in her second story, also with U-556.

No complaints. Bismarck treated me well in both games.


– Warspite – KanColle on the left, Azur Lane on the right.

I genuinely admire KanColle’s Warspite over Azur Lane’s. I wish they could redo her design, at least in a Muse, or META, or some other manner. An alternate appearance. This is what you get when you release Azur Lane with the intentions of lasting for only 1-2 years, you get these generic designs. I shall always 100% admire KanColle’s Warspite over Azur Lane’s Warspite.

I prefer KanColle’s more regal; Royal elegance, and the garter over Warspite’s “generic” (for a lack of better word) appearance. Granted, Warspite in Azur Lane is without pants, even showing her panties off to the world. Need to be more refined, as KanColle’s version is. Need those stockings and garters. Something more refined and elegant. Warspite in Azur Lane is more of a royal assistant to Queen Elizabeth, even holding authority over other royal navy shipgirls. She holds power, she however sadly doesn’t command the respect the KanColle version holds. Shame. She is special (Azur Lane version), just not in all the right ways for me.

KanColle’s Warspite wins any day.


– Saratoga – KanColle on the left, Azur Lane on the right.

First off, Saratoga in Azur Lane genuinely makes me angry. Every time I see her standard art I’m livid. I genuinely desire to see KanColle’s Saratoga over Azur Lane’s Saratoga. All these version 1 Azur Lane shipgirls frustrates the hell out of me. Her normal and retrofit are both painful to look at. Wedding outfit? Nah. Seven Seas of rest? Nah. All her outfit makes her look weird and messed up. The only redeeming quality of Saratoga in Azur Lane is the ‘Hibiscus-scented Idol’ outfit, and that’s the only outfit I force Saratoga to wear. The ‘Hibiscus-scented Idol’ outfit.

I’m into the more serious ‘mobster’ appearance of Saratoga, from KanColle. Her KanColle appearance (white and black variations) are her actual appearance. I understand! Azur Lane’s Saratoga is a prankster and a troll. Knowing that makes me more frustrated. GIVE ME MY KANCOLLE SARATOGA! KANCOLLE SARATOGA!

If Azur Lane had to change Saratoga’s appearance then it has to line up more with KanColle’s version. make her “grown up”, more “mature”. Give her some American iconic references, such as the 1930’s mobster, as applied to Saratoga. Make her worthwhile.

KanColle’s Saratoga wins! 100%, and hands down victory!


– Kasumi – KanColle both on left and Middle; Azur Lane on right.

Here is where things take an interesting turn. Just as much as KanColle is known for superior art, there are times where Azur Lane has a better moment than KanColle, and it’s in later generations. Welcome! Kasumi, from Azur Lane! A lovely fox girl destroyer, a foxy shipgirl accompanied by a companion named ‘Foo’. Don’t try anything naughty, her spiritual companion shall keep her on her toes.

As much as I respect the KanColle’s design, her original version failed to command any respect, even of the cute nature. Her Kai Ni however, I can see where her awesomeness comes from. She is far more gorgeous, as noted with Shouhou normal and Kai upgrade.

For someone who admires fox girls, Azur Lane’s foxy Kasumi really wins me over. That, and when she originally announced it was in parallel to a VRChat friend who wore similar fox girl avatars to Azur Lane’s Kasumi. AL’s Kasumi holds a special place in my heart for those very special, nostalgic, and foxy reasons.

Kasumi from Azur Lane wins! White hair-blue eyes foxy beauty! Kon! Kon!

Kantai Collections Rebound?:

Will Kantai Collection ever rebound? Regardless of one’s stance on the stability of KanColle Web, and their anti-Westerner approach to the game, it’s still a very respected game in Japan. It may implode on itself, not before a group of whales stubbornly keep it alive to the best of their ability. Japan has many pockets of interest keeping KanColle alive, especially during museum visits and military vessel tours. Maizuru, Kure, Yura, and other military-based locations have KanColle covered. Even various Otakus in Sapporo, one of whom I captured, yet unable to share an image of wearing 1940’s period costumes.

– KanColle Arcade

It goes without saying KanColle needs to revamp the way it does things. It needs to drop its heart-attack inducing gameplay, make it more enjoyable, and even more accessible. Reverse region blocking, allow KanColle Android to be a thing again, and to even try cooperating with Azur Lane in some healthy competitive manner, or another. Or, at the very least keep one another’s blades sharpened in a friendly rivalry.

– Sailing with Murakumo as my starter.
– Holding onto a KanColle Arcade finder, as recommended by local KanColle commanders in Japan. Was trying to find various arcade locations in Osaka & Sapporo. I found them through this website, as provided by Japanese locals.

Thanks to my visit to Japan (March 20th-April 22nd, 2023) I reconnected with my Kantai Collection side. I managed to experiment with KanColle Arcade (after being rejected from not playing Busou Shinki Arcade; Ignoring Fate/Grand Order Arcade), I had fun learning the ropes. I had fun sailing the ship girls all around with the gimmick of the throttle and the button.

– Shiranui Remodel
– Scuffed KanColle Yamato model build. TOO TINY!

From this point of view I simply facepalm at Kadokawa, and those behind KanColle. For the love of god, why can you not make an up-to-date free-roaming open-world game. It could be a sandbox, an RPG, or even based on Silent Hunter 3, minus harsh limitations. Anything open world, and MUCH MORE than both Azur Lane Crosswave, and KanColle Kai.

I’m well aware Japanese people can be smart, they however need to be more assertive and flexible. Things die out because people tend to die on the wrong hill. Focus on fun and entertainment, not heart attacks, depressions, and strokes!

Would someone please listen to me for once, and for god sakes! For Kitsune sake! LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE! (Especially by adding Canadians into either game.)

– Suzutsuki! (April 27, 2023)

Upon my return back to Canada I logged back into my KanColle web via ‘ElectronicObserver’ client. Cookie method was no longer valid requiring a third-party app to play. I wasn’t allowed to use KanColle Android, even twice harshly scolded by my American friend for “not listening”, even though I simply desired to see the results for myself for “scientific purposes”. People can be so vile. Shame.

Regardless, I’m genuinely proud I obtained Suzutsuki after 6 years of a hiatus. The gameplay of KanColle was that bad, and even MUCH WORSE upon my return. I only made it to E-1 to E-3. Something along that range. Nothing special.

It also makes me wonder if I’ll ever see any Canadians in KanColle, or even Azur Lane. Always dangling over my head, especially on Azur Lane’s side, yet never fully produced onto the battlefield. Fuck the Canadians, I guess. We’re a bunch of trashy morons. How sad and depressed that makes me not being able to represent my Canadian patriotism and Canadian banner.

I admire my shipgirls in either two forms… Both KanColle and Azur Lane are both equally fun and entertaining, and in their own ways. They both have pros and cons, and they’re both interesting on the naval warfare front.