Canadian RCN Shipgirls (Azur Lane/KanColle Shipgirl Inspired)

– HMS Cygnet (HMCS St. Laurent) next to HMCS Iroquois bow. (Taken via Azur Lane’s AR Mode function in Ottawa, Canada.)

This page covers everything in an Anime-themed viewpoint, heavily influenced by KanColle (Kantai Collection and Azur Lane. Both are Asian naval games, the former being Japanese, latter being Chinese, both tending to the same concept of viewing shipgirls in a feminine form, and as shipgirls in their humanoid, female forms. Being Canadian born, and proudly Canadian, I’ve been strongly influenced by KanColle (since 2015) in desiring Canadian shipgirls initially in KanColle, later seeing such from Azur Lane’s Maple Monarchy mentions through HMS Fortune’s dialogue lines. I simply desire Canadians in either, or both, naval games, hence this page. I’ve blogged about it on numerous occasions, now obtaining a page noting various significant vessels to add into both Azur Lane and KanColle.

Various Canadians (and non-Canadians) have sought out Canadians in both Azur Lane & KanColle. Various Youtubers, Redditors, Azur Lane fans on Discord, among other places. Many faction banners, fan-art, and even an Pixiv Artist creating a KanColle fan-art perspective of HMCS Haida can be found on the internet. The desire for Canadian RCN & Azur Lane’s ‘Maple Monarchy’ faction is highly requested, yet highly ignored. The Canadian pride is there, and strong, yet the gaslighting and voiding tactics are as equally abusive, and restrictive. Canadians desire to not only have their Canadian shipgirls to connect with, they also desire them to be properly respected in their full Canadian patriotism. Full HMCS Suffix, and all.

The main focus of these “Canadian Ship-girls” is mainly from a World War 2 perspective, if slightly in, and around. Mainly an WW2 perspective, as noted via KanColle, and even Azur Lane. Sure, there is also ‘Victory Belles’, also covering this same concept, I however was unfairly abused in their community. I shall have no further mention over Victory Belles, and their HMCS Saguenay (not HMS Saguenay). Canadians deserve their respect through-and-through. Bullying and harassment shouldn’t be tolerated, hence why I’m not hyping up Victory Belles.

[Heavy Disclaimer: I’m using AI Art because various artists and official sources refuse to conceptualize, let alone fully respect Canadian contributions during World War 2, or any other area. I required the use of both Bing AI Image Creator and Open AI to brainstorm, mentally visualize, and formulate things into more an more solidified manner. If one is offended by my use of AI, blame Manjuu, Yostar, KanColle’s developers, and anybody refusing to treat Canadians as Canadians. “Minor Nation” this, “It’s too much effort” that. Lame excuses. My AI use is done out of spite, and in protest, strongly desiring Canadian shipgirls in Azur Lane, KanColle, and properly represented in ANY World War 2 naval game in the gaming market. I’m willing to swap AI art for commissioned art, economy and finances willing. IF I can find an appropriately skilled and willing artist at a later point. I’m also aware majority of AI art fails to contain ship-rigging, something one has to imagine them having, respective of their class. Again, I’ll commission actual artists at a later point in time once everything is far more agreeable, and in proper states of approval. Once I assume artists are safe, and willing to contribute towards you’ll see ai art swapped for more “publicly approved” interpretations.]

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) – Vessels of Note:

Battleships – [Conceptual; Pre-WW1]:

  • HMCS Ontario – [Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship]
  • HMCS Quebec – [Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship]
  • HMCS Acadia – [Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship]

Aircraft Carriers:

  • HMCS Bonaventure – [Majestic-Class]
  • HMCS Warrior – [Colossus-Class]
  • HMCS Magnificent – [Majestic-Class]

Light Cruisers:

  • HMCS Ontario – [Minotaur-Class Cruiser]
  • HMCS Uganda/Quebec – [Crown Colony-Class Cruiser]


  • HMCS Haida – [Tribal-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Iroquois – [Tribal-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Athabaskan – [Tribal-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Athabaskan II – [Tribal-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Huron – [Tribal-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Micmac – [Tribal-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Nootka – [Tribal-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Cayuga – [Tribal-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Saguenay – [River-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Skeena – [River-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Qu’Appelle – [F-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS Restigouche – [C-Class Destroyer]
  • HMCS St. Laurent – [C-Class Destroyer]
  • & Many, many more (Shall edit significant ones at later times.)

Armed Merchant Cruisers

  • HMCS Prince Robert – [AMC]
  • HMCS Prince Henry – [AMC]
  • HMCS Prince David – [AMC]

Paper/Research Vessels:

(Sidenote: Azur Lane & KanColle both do not have Frigates, Corvettes, and every other sort, hence why other ship classes, and types are not noted.)

Azur Lane / KanColle Ship-Girl Concepts:

HMCS Dominion – Essex-Class Aircraft Carrier (Fictional):

HMCS Dominion (AI - Fiction)
– HMCS Dominion – – Essex-Class was considered, yet financially rejected.

HMCS Dominion is a fictional take of being an “What-if” aircraft carrier, one which if Canada had obtained during the American proposal of offering Essex-Class aircraft carriers to Canada. Similar to how Azur Lane provides their players with both visualizing, and interacting with both realistic and paper/research warships, Dominion is of that same mentality. She was, with serious thought, conceptualized to be in (a fictional sense) a part of Canada’s RCN, or even Azur Lane’s ‘Maple Monarchy’ fleet registry. Her presence can indeed be viewed in some form of “realistic” perspective.

The thought was mine, I however needed OpenAI (ChatGPT 4o) and Bing AI to further conceptualize, visualize, and bring her into a more life-like manner. Yes, she’s still AI, and she is fictional, she however is a lovely, beautiful Canadian ship-girl, one I can claim for my own to use in neat fictional settings. Why HMCS Dominion? The name ‘Dominion’ specifically? That is what Canada used to be called, prior to its full formation today. Canada’s formal title (“The Dominion of Canada”) since 1867.

Hair: Long, flowing auburn hair that hints at both strength and elegance, often tied back in a ponytail with a navy blue ribbon adorned with a maple leaf charm.
Eye Color: Warm, golden brown eyes that convey wisdom, determination, and a hint of kindness. (ChatGPT 4.0 swapped between golden brown and blue, hence why you see mixture of brown and blue eye colours)
Outfit: A modern naval uniform with elements of historical design. Her uniform is a blend of navy blue and white, with gold trim and maple leaf motifs. She wears a short, stylish cape that drapes over her shoulders, emblazoned with the crest of the Maple Monarchy.
Accessories: Wears a captain’s hat with a maple leaf emblem and often has a pair of aviator goggles resting on top. Her gloves are white with gold trim, and she carries a ceremonial sword at her side.
Rigging: Her rigging includes modern aircraft carrier components such as flight deck elements on her back, complete with miniature planes ready for launch. The rigging also features sleek, modern technology combined with vintage aesthetics, reflecting her dual heritage of historical inspiration and contemporary design.

Motto: “Strength in Unity, Power in Flight”

HMCS Dominion (AI - Fiction)
– Something for a more “teaseful” touch, an Azur Lane touch. Submarines usually wear swimsuits, and bottomless accessories. This is simply an “for fun” perspective of HMCS Dominion, or as an alternative mixed attire.

HMCS Quebec – Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship (Pre-WW1):

HMCS Quebec (BB | AI | Fiction)

Hair: Long, flowing red hair, reminiscent of fiery maple leaves.
Style: Adorns a sophisticated and regal attire inspired by Canadian heritage, with elements of Quebecois culture incorporated into her design.
Eye Color: Emerald green eyes, reflecting her strong sense of pride and determination.

Motto: “Loyauté et Fierté” (“Loyalty and Pride”)

Someone needs to both conceptualize and visualize the appearance of HMCS Quebec, the proposed pride of the Province of Quebec. Originally proposed to be a battleship tasked as an Lake monitor, constantly observing and patrolling in the 4 Great Lakes of Canada. She may indeed appear similar to HMS Monarch, and I actually admire such a strong red-headed appearance of HMCS Quebec as a fiery Canadian ship-girl. I would happily accept her more traditional naval approaches, mannerism, and pride, as proposed by ChatGPT 4o.

(Appears similar to Azur Lane’s HMS Monarch, something I highly admire. Once Quebecers stopped rioting and protesting during WW2 they’ve actually done much to contribute to Canada’s history, or so I’ve read via history books and various sources.)

HMCS Quebec (BB | AI | Fiction)

(The flashiest, and proudest of the three proposed Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleships.)

HMCS Ontario – Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship (Pre-WW1):

HMCS Ontario (BB | AI | Fiction)
– Canadian flag needs to be swapped with a more fictional take (Maple Monarchy emblem), or even a generic Beaver emblem, Maple emblem, and/or Trillium flower emblem. Pretend she has a Trillium flower (fake or real) placed on her head, uniform, or similar.

Hair: Short, bob-cut blonde hair, exuding a sense of energy and vitality.
Style: Sports a more modern and streamlined uniform design, with sleek lines and technological enhancements reflecting her status as a shipgirl.
Eye Color: Bright azure eyes, symbolizing her youthful spirit and enthusiasm for naval combat.

Emblem: Maple Motifs, Trillium Flower emblem (Flower & emblem).

Motto: “Strength Through Unity”

Again, intentionally attempting to view these conceptual warships as ship-girls, with special thanks to Azur Lane and KanColle. Makes them feel more respected. For HMCS Ontario, one has to view them through an Ontario province lens, especially with how her namesake is tied with the the Trillium flower, something Bing AI can’t add into the art. Everything about her, and her two other sisters also being of WW1 theme, yet kept simple.

(If HMCS Ontario, HMCS Quebec, and HMCS Acadia were built, operated during both WW1 & WW2, even respectfully displayed, they would be a major pride and joy for those to admire in our era. It’s up to Azur Lane, and any other World War 2 naval game to pay tribute to any Canadian, including HMCS Ontario, of the BB-QE variety.)

HMCS Acadia – Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship (Pre-WW1):

HMCS Acadia (BB | AI | Fiction)

Hair: Shoulder-length brunette hair, styled in a practical yet elegant manner.
Style: Wears a modified Royal Canadian Navy uniform with elements of her historical battleship design, such as armor plating accents or nautical-themed accessories.
Eye Color: Deep blue eyes, conveying wisdom and determination.

Motto: “Resilience in Adversity”

(More to be fleshed out at a later date and time.)

HMCS Haida – Tribal-Class Destroyer:

HMCS Haida (Conceptual) (AI - Fictional)
– A very loose interpretation of how I assumed HMCS Haida to appear with Tribal traits applied onto her. Has to be a 50-50 mix of Canadian navy and Haida Tribal influences. Even an red-white Haida flag, as seen on her museum vessel self in Hamilton, Ontario.

HMCS Haida is the most well-known vessel in the Canadian fleet, especially from the World War 2 era. One would have hoped to have found her in Kantai Collection, and even in Azur Lane. Alas, developer tantrums, online abuse, harassments, and voiding campaigns run rampant. She can already be found in World of Warships, Warthunder, and even Warship girls, they however fail to capture her full pride and magic. World of Warships and Warthunder both fail to be singleplayer games, something Silent Hunter 3 is, and has HMCS Haida in her more time-period accurate representation.

People have desired, suggested, and requested HMCS Haida to death, something Manju and KanColle side refuse to grant, something as allegedly easy as an “copy & paste”, as a World of Warship Steam forum moderator had noted in their U.K non-pride behaviour.

For those who desire HMCS Haida view her with high regards and respect. They expect her to be of UR status in Azur Lane, and for her to be displayed in her fully glory. I expect her to be true to her name, her valor, the respect she commands, and the pride she brings to Canadians. I expect her to have her ‘HMCS’ prefix, not a disrespectful ‘HMS’ attachment. Canadians are Canadians, not British. Canadians are Fighting Beavers, not Fighting Lions. View your history books again, one where it showcases Canadians as Beavers, and U.K’s Royal Navy as Lions.

What about her appearance? With respect. People desire her to appear “appropriate”, and not as a little child, nor with overly cringe Canadian stereotype memes. Only a true, and proper Canadian. She has to reference traditional Canadian navy sentiments, especially of her Haida nature. She has to have some form of ‘Haida’ tribal attachment onto her, as I’ve attempted to get Bing AI to apply onto her persona. Bing is infantile, and it shall never grasp onto the fine conceptual side of things, something an actual artist would capture.

HMCS Haida (Conceptual) (AI - Fictional)
– HMCS Haida – I attempted to have her mixed with both Canadian Navy and Haida themed motifs on her. AI art can only go so far, hence the high struggles. Pretend Haida’s head horns are of tribal nature.

(Disclaimer: First Nation and tribal themes are of touchy nature, especially with fake “woke” activists pretending everything is offensive in this era. Even First Nation created art is offensive to political activists, which is both hypocritical and demeaning to the First Nation folks themselves. Counter-productive. I mean no genuine disrespect to any sane Haida tribe-folk, yet equally desiring to pride myself on Canadian pride. I’ve also attempted to show caution when showcasing things of “First Nation” perspectives. HMCS Haida has Haida, hence I expect to see Haida tribal elements on her persona, yet AI can only do so much. Blame AI and artists failing to capture her ‘Haida’ traits. Blame Azur Lane, and KanColle. I’m trying to be respectful. If, and when, Manjuu & Yostar decide to add HMCS Haida, I hope it is in her full glory. Her full HMCS prefix, maple motifs, Haida motifs, while proudly displaying her ‘Maple Monarchy’ banner for Azur Lane, and Canadian emblems for KanColle.)

HMCS Yukon – King George V Class Battleship (World of Warships):

HMCS Yukon (AI | Fiction)
– A conceptual take on HMCS Yukon from World of Warships, as suggested by both ChatGPT 4o and Bing AI. Teaseful appearance for Azur Lane bias.

Link to HMCS Yukon:

People, other than myself, have also desired to have HMCS Yukon represented in Azur Lane, something I also have desired. People shunned me, yet other people have spoken. People desire to Canadians, and Canadian shipgirls we should be allowed to desire and admire. Canadian connection, Canadian pride.

  • Appearance: Dark brown long hair, deep blue eyes, traditional navy officer’s uniform with gold accents, regal cape.
  • Rigging: Heavy battleship rigging, large-caliber guns, secondary armaments, AA defenses, Canadian flag designs.
  • Personality: Regal, resolute, strategic.
  • Scene: Engaging enemy fleet, commanding presence, heavy firepower, tactical maneuvers.

Motto: “From the Cold North, With Steadfast Valor”
“From the True North, Resolute and Brave”

The two AI art, as suggested by ChatGPT 4o, may probably fit the KanColle side, yet the first one “may” fit Azur Lane’s side of things. If one was to pair her, and the three QE Battleships, they would fit nicely with the rest of the Royal Navy battleship girls from Azur Lane’s lore. Well, I would assume, and hope so. Seeing HMCS Yukon, as suggested by both AI’s, is something I can approve of. Possibly a more “Anime-tized”, wilder take may be needed to fit in Azur Lane’s realm.

HMCS Yukon (AI | Fiction)
– HMCS Yukon’s more alleged regal, and modern side of things? Fancy, if possibly generic.

(Side-Note: I may swap the two AI art of HMCS Yukon with an actually commissioned one at a later date. Consider these placeholders. Everything is a placeholder until a commissioned art appears, or even (surprisingly) an official rendition shall replace my own conceptual takes of these beautiful, if forgotten, Canadian shipgirls.)

Canadian AI Art/Image Protest | Out of Spite:

As noted previously, I’m doing the AI image “art” thing out of spite. I’m well aware of how people view AI, how AI causes people to turn their heads, etc. I’m using AI in spite of various alleged “professional” game developers intentional refusal in adding Canadians into their naval games. Their refusal forcing my curious mind to fill in those very intentionally avoided voids to imagine various “what-if’s, the very same AI tool used to be creatively curious”. Basically creative brainstorming, food for thought, and to imagine various situations, all intentionally voided and berated by other WW2 game developers, disrespected, and highly verbally abused in various online communities.

The only thing which worries me is HMCS Haida missing out on her Haida influences. An Haida cape, the Canadian shipgirls being stereotyped into degrading Canadian nonsense, and turned into perverted “loli” characters, as had been done with HMCS Haida in ‘Warship Girls’. An artistic respectful approach needs to be taken with Canadians, if, and when that occurs. Though seeing how pathetically cowardly (highly fearful) naval developers are of Canadians that may however be the least of any worries.

I would also expect any Canadian shipgirl to be lore accurate to KanColle and Azur Lane. Basically to have their flags and emblems designed for their lore-accurate perspectives. Maybe Beavers and Maple Leaf for Azur Lane, and red-ensign for KanColle. Maybe both.

– A Canadian naval warship girl roaming around Canada’s Vancouver harbour area, assumingly with a combined ‘First Nation’ and city-girl attributes.

The Excuses:

  1. Minor Nation – 3rd Largest navy in the world, end of WW2. Proudly a fighting Beaver nation, with U.K portrayed as a fighting lion. Canadians can have fun with various destroyers, pair of light cruisers, three aircraft carriers, and even other “paper” or “research vessels” for experimental, creative gameplay purposes. Games are for fun, and everything should be done for fun.
  2. Copy & Paste Job – Then all the easier! Makes it far easier to add Canadians into any naval game if it’s simply an “copy & paste” job. An World of Warships Steam forum moderator tantrumed, even banned me on their forum because I hurt their fragile little ego noting it would make things far easier. Change HMS to HMCS, apply Canadian Maple Emblems, and other traits, and you’re good! DONE!
  3. They Belong to the Royal Navy: Canadians are portrayed as a Beaver, with Maple emblems, and with highly improved radar and ASW capabilities. HMCS doesn’t make them HMS, it makes them Canadian. They mix like oil and water when partnered up with their British/U.K counterparts. Constant in-fighting, mutinies, and vulgarities are thrown, as noted via HMS Puncher and Nabob experiences.
  4. Canadians are Canadians: EXACTLY! Canadians are their own genuine ‘Angry Beaver’ entity, and they had their own ways of doing things. They can’t be HMS, nor Royal Navy. They fight with the British like oil and water. They may be a part of the Commonwealth, they however do things their own way, hence the “oil and water” analogy. They do not mix, as much as people insist they do. View HMS Nabob & HMS Puncher logs of constant crew scuffles between Canadians and the U.K side of things. Constant scuffling and mutinies.

It’s also, with special thanks, to Banzai (and other fake individuals) I’m intentionally going to use AI art in overly spiteful, yet creative manners, to intentionally fill in purposely neglected Canadian naval pride voids.

– Banzai, from Steam’s World of Warships forum hub, pretending to have the high ground when they simply come off as egoistic and highly controlling. And yes, people 100% HATE (to its fullest meaning) Prime Minister Trudeau to the point of viewing him as a Dictator Wannabie, and that’s backed up by polls, sentiments, and numerous “FUCK YOU Trudeau” signage. Real Canadians hate Trudeau to the core. High amounts of heckling aimed at Trudeau, etc. Intentionally disregarding Canadians, even falsely grouping them with the Royal Navy, something they do not belong in, as noted above in bullet points. Similar to Reddit moderators they ban people when their fragile egos are shattered and hurt. Copy & pasted ships would make it EASIER, especially with adding Maple motifs, and Canadian RCN additions. Oh, it must be OH, so “hard” coding games, especially with how easy “copy & pasting” works, especially in this regard. [Full Context can be read here.]

I enjoy the way Asian mediums portray Canadians, especially in regards to Muv-Luv Anime/game noting an alternate timeline of a Canadian rebellion using mechas to take over USA. Then there’s also a Strike Witch perspective of Canada turning Canada into ‘Faraway Land’, (as noted in this Wiki; Use Adblockers), and with [Elizabeth F. Beurling] as Canada’s Ace Pilot in both real and Strike Witch’s universe. Canada’s RCN is ripe for the picking, and waiting to be implemented into any naval game, especially of Azur Lane & KanColle naval universe.

Putting other cookie cutter WW2 naval games aside, and same with their fear, cowardace, and tardiness aside, Canadians are ready and waiting to join the naval front lines to assist with whatever is needed. Canadians are eager to fight in a naval battle, especially with the various vessels noted previously. And with that, the AI art spiting shall continue, up until either the RCN, or the Maple Monarchy (one in the same) are added in an official capacity in either/both KanColle & Azur Lane naval war games, and future non-cookie-cutter WW2 naval games.

(Every WW2 naval game is the same, hence the ‘Cookie cutter’ term. Silent Hunter 3 being one of the rare few games poking into everything, yet nothing can capture its magic in the same way. It’s why Azur Lane and KanColle are special, yet still are highly fearful of the Mighty Canadians.)

– An Canadian battleship shipgirl roaming around Canada’s Vancouver harbour area.
– A Canadian shipgirl roaming around in Vancouver’s harbour area.
– An overly weaponized Canadian shipgirl (battleship class?) roaming around on a scenic route of Vancouver, probably near Stanly Island.

Maple Monarchy – Azur Lane:

After KanColle proved overly unfair, too salty (hard gameplay), and highly rigged in its gameplay, I jumped onto Azur Lane in hopes of easier gameplay, and Canadians. I initially desired Canadians in KanColle, Azur Lane however provided a grander opportunity for such, and even July 1st and 4th celebrations. Manju and Yostar teased us! Including me! HMS Forune’s line even references the ‘Maple Monarchy’ (RCN in Chinese).

People still desire HMCS Canadian, especially just as much as I do. People desire HMCS Haida, HMCS Racoon, our two light cruisers, and anything they are aware of. What they however aren’t aware of are our 3 aircraft carriers, and even our proposed 3 battleships (of the Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleship), and even how we attempted to obtain the Essex-Class aircraft carrier, something I’m now playing around with in the concept of HMCS Dominion.

Azur Lane has teased, and teased, and teased us of many things, and that includes the Maple Monarchy. They’ve teased Yamato, and even other elements, such as Shinano META, among others eager features we strongly desire to have fun with. Everything is eventually released as a snail’s pace.

The Canadians?! Where are they?! Excuses aside, where is our proud, and mighty Canadian Maple Monarchy?! Our HMCS designated vessels? Our Beaver-fighting shipgirls?! KanColle has HMAS Perth, yet Azur Lane still fails to note HMS Vampire as HMAS Vampire. Tons of fixes and patching up needs to be done for Azur Lane, by Manju, and Yostar. Too tardy, bloated, and slow. Canadians are always viewed as a pile of trash, even if people are loosely aware of how mighty they were during the war; Land, air, and sea.

HMS Fortune – “I was transferred to the navy of the Maple Monarchy”, meaning, the Canadians. The Royal Canadian Navy! RCN!
– Azur Lane Anime – A table of “proxy” Canadian shipgirls, not actually Canadian. HMS Comet, HMS Cresecent, HMS Cygnet, HMS Fortune, HMS Foxhound. Needs a Canadian retrofit, or a duplicated Canadian shipgirl variant.
– “I love the fact that the American group is called the Eagle Union. Is there a Canadian ship in this? I would love that. I hope there is: There probably isn’t. But I would love it if there was.” – JoJo Talks Too Much.

(I’ll keep protesting, and creating AI art out of spite until something tangible and valid is provided, with special additional frustration caused from the above noted tweet/post from Azur Lane’s Twitter/X account. 2019, and it’s now 2024+.)

Extra References – Canada’s RCN, & Maple Monarchy:

A Mari Usque Ad Mare