About Varakitsu

Who is Varakitsu and where did she come from, you ask? Allow me to fill you in on who she is and what her background is without giving too much away of her actual main history. Varakitsu is after all my blog mascot.

– Varakitsu – A Canadian Arctic Fox in a female human form.


Varakitsu’s Theme:

(Do note that the track was made back in 2010.)

This was made when she was stilled named “Arctic Kitsune”. I’m also planning to update her theme when I can use Fruityloops to its fullest again without static noises. I’d happily welcome any Remixes people make that isn’t dub-step.


Who is Varakitsu?:

Varakitsu is based on an Arctic Fox one would find in Northern Canada, Finland, and Russia. She is a personification of an Arctic Fox borrowing from Japan, China, Korea, and other folklore and myths around the world of animal shape-shifters. Even from Japanese “Kitsune” ninetailed silver and/or white foxes found hopping in the Feudal Japan’s night sky.

She is your young, though still mature looking foxy girl with the white fox ears, white hair, and tail showing her fox side. She also has blue fox-eyes with that demonish type look. Not evil, just something that gives her that wild fox eye look. She’s supposed to be beautiful, sly, foxy, and busty in that appropriate level while happily showing her playful and intelligent foxy personality.


Meaning of Varakitsu:

Her name basically means: Vulpes Arctic Kitsune. I tried pulling her name from the scientific classifications that you would find on wikipedia only to end up with Varakitsu. She was previously named: Varsis, Varkit, Varakit, and similar. I’m horrible with names.

It would seem I pulled her name from Sweden’s “Vara” municipality and town, or even from Cuba’s Varadero tourist area. Your sub-conscious mind works in mysterious ways. The various languages around the world beat me to originality as well. I’m however still happy with her name.


– Vara happily playing with Renge.


Varakitsu’s Patriotic Canadian Pride:

She isn’t supposed to be Canadian. She’s actually from the “other world” (Can’t name yet) who came to this world for undisclosed reasons like any other deity or supernatural entity found in folklore and myths. Her Dollfie form shows off my pride of Canada on her and to show she’s an original character. She’s also blog mascot of mine and not a Japanese character, even though borrowing that “kitsune” concept from the Japanese.

I wanted to try and shy away from anything Japanese as Varakitsu is supposed to pull from Old Canadian and European influences. Everything she holds or even wears should be close to what you would find on a European or high-class manner. Granted, Japanese pull from the European fashion area a lot in the Gothic and Lolita area which I also want to stay away from for Varakitsu.

I’m always looking for anything that makes her look sexy, beautiful, or rich in that elegant manner.


How was Varakitsu ‘born’?:

Vara came about when I was surfing lots of cat girl and fox girl art on various sites. All the nekomimi, kitsunemimi, and kemonomimi girls art looked highly detailed and attractive. They looked far more awesome then any North American art at the time (On par with Blizzard’s concept art and a few high-grade art and game art) that I just got pulled in. An old gaming forum on Petroglyph Games that I once moderated for took my interest in foxes, turning it into a personification of my love for kemonomimi girls into a ninetailed white fox (not an arctic fox) that I then spun into Varakitsu’s “Arctic Fox” form. From a standard ninetailed white fox to Varakitsu the arctic fox.

Gradually, I began to experiment and add onto her form that she now has her own weapons, her own familiars, and her own background. She now has a female form in Dollfie form, a weapon or two still being concepted, and an alternate world in which she lives in. Because I couldn’t draw it took me a few years to finally give her form in a body of a Dollfie Dream. It seemed easiest to simply summon her as a Dollfie with the options of creating her outfit and accessories. I couldn’t draw so I just made her into a Dollfie. I wanted something physical to look at, touch, and take images of. She was supposed to be my mascot back in 2007 or 2008ish onward. Renge however took her spot as a proxy-mascot up until just recently upon Vara’s summoning.

She even has a few forms in a few games like Skyrim, PSO2 (JP), and Dragon’s Dogma. Some even in games I can’t mention and one in an incomplete RPG Maker game that ended up being left hanging.

– Varakitsu in PSO2 JP
– Vara in Skyrim (mods not fully working)
– Varakitsu in Illusion’s – Play Club. Still bothered by face-type needing to Anime-fy it more; Can be considered a ‘what if Japanese’ moment.
– Tried playing around with the idea of giving Vara her own world in RPG Maker. Shall try it again once I familiarize myself with the game, even with more assets.


– Varakitsu happily playing with a Halloween lamp giving her a lovely nightly atmosphere after an Ottawa’s Doll Show.


Varakitsu’s Weapons:

I assume Varakitsu to be the type to stick with swords and supernatural abilities. Anything to deal with guns, electronic weaponry, or vehicles would not be her style. Old gunpowder guns, swords, and bow & arrow weapons however would. Even metallic claws would be of use for her, just as long as it would fit her Dollfie scale persona.

She already has one weapon she uses as her own – Fox’s Fang – which seems highly troublesome to get made for her. There are two version of it with one meant for her and one meant for a human follower. As you may have guessed, the main larger Fox’s Fang gives access to more than the follower version which only summons familiars for the human to use.

Her secondary main sword is based on her ice elemental. It only spawns when she truly needs it. It however is still stuck on “concepting” stage as I, once again, can’t draw.

(I wish I could get these swords made for her without being ignored or receiving the silent treatment. Of course I don’t want to push them either so they can take their time.)


– Varakitsu being unamused by something.


Dollfie Dream Version Information:

For those wondering what Doll model and accessories I summoned her with may want to look at the following resources.

  • DDdy Mikohttp://www.volksusa.com/ddim028.html
  • Cat eyes – Twin Snow (Site now closed; Closest to fox eyes). Thinking of switching to Ersa Flora types.
  • Fox Ears – Made by Kodama on Figure.fm using fake fur, magnets, and cardboard. Getting a second pair soon.
  • Fox TailArctic Store on Etsy using real fur.

If you want to see clothing and accessories then you may want to stalk this – Varakitsu – tag instead. I saw summoning Vara easy in a Dollfie Dream so I did. I couldn’t draw so I simply had her formed using a Dollfie through commissions and accessory finding.

Outfit Concept:

DD Varakitsu - Outfit Concept V2

Because people view me as vile, things never seen the day of light. I’ve constantly been betrayed by people always viewing me as a villain. Shame.


Varakitsu Image Commissions:

Before I obtained Varakitsu in Dollfie and game form I tried to get images of her commissioned. I had the worst luck when it came to getting them commissioned because of people’s interests being focused elsewhere. I tried, and received three images of her in various forms. The first one was more of a “whim” and a gift on Deviant art, the second from a trolling figure.fm’er that got banned, and the third for a more “professional” artist from G-Anime. I thank all three for attempting to draw Varakitsu.

(Right-click to open in new tab; Three images below.)

– Varakitsu by Ikeda.

I would like to thank Genshihebi, Denki, and Ikeda for drawing up these images. Many thanks to Ikeda as well for staying in contact. I want to also mention that if you are going to take ikeda’s above image to source it. Crop the watermark or remove it and you’re a giant fucking ass. Simple as that. If you do see ikeda’s art, and without watermark then I ask of you to assist in taking the image down for me. Don’t give me any bullshit that anything on the net is free-game.


– Varakitsu @ Ottawa’s Experimental Farm Garden area.
– Vara’s first winter among the first bit of snow in 2013.
– Varakitsu with her new lovely sweater looking the finest before & after. Had trouble gaining this exact appearance later.

– Varakitsu @ Dow’s Lake wearing her summer outfit in 2014.

– A proud Vara after her tail was stitched back up after the rod started coming out more & more. Loving the red & white <3


I hope you got to know Varakitsu a lot better in this article. She is my precious little foxy that I’m hoping to show you in her full glorious form in time. She’s still however maturing so I have more to show as time goes on. Even though this is her “About” page, I shall still update it accordingly with her form in the future during her birthdays or major blog updates.

– Tim