Haruhi Images – Part 3

Well I was at my friends to see his new synth so I took the opportunity to take pictures, and to also improve my indoor shooting skills. I tried out his synth (Korg R3) and I must say its a kick ass synth. Too bad I couldn’t record what I played on it since the recording softwares had some issues with the keyboard .

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So here are the the damn clouds that harassed Ottawa late July till August 11th messing up my bike trips. This weather front corrupted my already messed up sleeping habit making me stay awake even longer during the night (or waking me up early but sleeping later).


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Rainbow 8/8/8

Yesterday the whole world was watching the Olympics, getting married, had new borns, and even created feasts to celebrate the day. I was watching the Olympic ceremony just like everybody else and looked outside and saw this rainbow.

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More of these rainbows were spotted on the same day down in Southern Ontario after the on/off rain that has been happening since August started. I also zoomed into it but the image got darker and less satisfying.

Haruhi Figma – July 28th

Went to the anime store on July 28th to pick up anything of interest so I did, Haruhi Figma greeted me there. Thanks to Danny I had more of an interest in taking this then KOS-MOS from Xenosaga� Bome Figure. I picked up Haruhi Figma out of her pile an and took off waiting to see whats so special about Figmas, its their kick ass posing abilities. I even used her to help me and my friend win as the Slovaks in Euro 2008 for PS3. I placed Haruhi with her yellow cone infront of the TV and it made us thing of winning or suffer double defeat. Without her there we did slighty worse but with her there we did better, no goals against us.

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