Ottawa Goes for Sushi?

On my way to Best buy me and someone else noticed a Sushi shop where another restaurant used to be. How many of you within Ottawa go for sushi, or similar? I remember making regular visits to Chinese restaurants and buffets. The first Japanese Sushi I officially noticed (since I wasn’t a Japanese influenced person in the past) within the city was the one within the downtown Ottawa region. A similar one to that is closer to my neighborhood and adds another 5-10 minutes to my 20 minute bike ride to the Anime shop.

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Guess the Sushi.

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Figma Haruhi – Summer version

Crap, I’m slacking. Well, I got another Figma and this time its the Summer Haruhi version. From the looks of it I shall be taking this Haruhi around a lot. Being a summer type Figma, I also attempted to try out a new way of photo shooting my figures for a “review” (being more of an overview then a review – Saber Lily being the review).

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And yes, $44 Canadian dollars…..I’m staring at one of my Figma boxes that says $39.99 CAD. Recession, it sucks either way; real or fake. Also forgot to mention I acquired my first Fate/Stay Night manga, woo! Now I just got to get around to reading it. If you haven’t guessed yet Fate/Stay night is one of my favorite Anime series and what got me into being an Anime view/watcher/otaku (whatever you want to call it).

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