KanColle Admiration – November Admiral Log

Heyo! A belated November Admiral Log because of how pressed one is to juggle naval activities versus other tasks at hand. Been a very fun November month blasting the Abyssals to bits to accomplish the necessary. November was started with a nice ‘blast’ of clearing 1-5 & 2-5, among other lovely maps.

– Sendai a happy MVP for a 1-5 ‘hat-trick’ clear. YASEN! [Nov 1st, ’15]
[All images taken from the Japanese ‘KanColle’ game using printscreen + photoscape.]

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Arctic Kitsune’s Favorite Images P4 – Images from 2012

Hello folks! A bit late on my end but still wanting to keep the tradition going, I shall continue with “my favorite images from 20xx”. I still want a nice lovely article to look back in and for others to skim. Going to add everything but game-highlights to keep this article shorter than last year’s.

– Discovering Renge and new ways.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

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Flight Sim X – Shinden Flight 4

Hello fellow aviators! Here is another Flight Sim X article featuring a flight from Cancuun to Cuba and then Florida which was about a month ago.  This isn’t necessarily on a weekend but since it’s a quiet week I thought why not, lets up it. Just showing my interest in aviation in a digital manner and to use as a break-up inbetween Anime/Shinki related articles.

(Link – MySite) – Air traffic suddenly sprung to life as me and friend readied for take-off.

(Pardon the image quality. Not true game quality as this game is a real resource hog.)

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New Star Wars movie/series – unintentional audio replacement

Well was listening to my friends jam below and was recording the sound from above (better sound above then below) when I saw Star Wars playing on CNN. I took the camera and put it on the new Star Wars commercial before my friends would start playing another tune and when they did it fit the gun clik sound playing exactly to beat. I still can’t get over how perfectly timed this unintentional music playing over the commercial played out.You probably might not be interested as you weren’t there but if you were you would understand why I’m so up-beat about this.


Edit: July 05, 2010 – Youtube embedded.