Happy Halloween! (2017)

Happy Halloween! Had to snap some images while feeling happy, and a bit spooked out for this month of October.

– Happy Halloween!

I wanted to keep it simple enough that I could make the most of it so I could actually celebrate this year’s Halloween festivities. That I have! Nothing major, just enough to be happy about that I’m glad I hopped back into the figure photography mix.

– Just a silly little image with a frustrated Bismarck.
– Spooky red as I tried to emulate what I’ve done before…. Spooky!~ (hopefully).
– My favourite part of the photoshoot was when both Yuudachi & Holo were posed in a pumpkin candle holder. Adorable <3
– Love that cute spookiness to this. Holo’s fangs.
– Holo’s wolf ears and little fang makes this. Yuudachi is pleased and amused by Holo’s throne-like position.
– For those that desire a coloured image may have this to admire.
– He favourite apple in hand. I immediately thought to the halloween apple bobbing fishing for apples in a barrel of water.
– Rawr!~
– Rawr!~ (retro style)
– Happy to see Holo enjoying her time having fun with the Halloween festivities! I’m also proud I took these images for morale boosting.
– Happy Halloween! (Grainy old-timy style)

I’m actually happy and proud of myself for taking these images, as simple as they are, because the process of taking images is uplifting. Similar to trance music, it’s an uplifting experience that it must be done in a certain constant routine. Not forced, yet constant enough.

I’m also in a happy mood right now because I’m always in a happy mood around anime.  I need to wander out and about, as I’ve done before, to note how awesome the scenery in my area still is. I have to admire nature as I once have, something a friend of mine is trying to do by showing me twitch streamers streaming their events roaming about in Taipei and such.

I shall get back to Busou Shinki & Frame Arms Girl related photoshoots when I’m next able. With how ill I’ve been feeling I’ve hid myself in games far too much, more than I should have. I need to go back out and about.

Have yourself a Happy Halloween! Stay safe!