Nendoroid – Spice & Wolf – Holo

Time to add some more delicious Spice & Wolf to my blog thanks to some Canadian Thanksgiving festivities.

– Some lovely Spice & Wolf ‘Holo’ to have fun with within the month of October <3

Holo has always been my favourite ‘kemonomimi’ (animal eared) girl within theĀ  anime realm. Holo is from the anime ‘Spice & Wolf’ being a wolf girl character thanks to her being a ‘wheat harvest deity’ in the European world where we see her struggling to do as she once did with the age of technology taking over ‘superstition’. She follows Lawrence around Europe tackling various trades while dealing with various antics along the way.

It’s thanks to Holo that I love kemonomimi girls in the anime pixiv world when they’re drawn seriously. Holo introduced me to the whole fox & wolf girl ‘concept’ of giving human girls animal ears & tails that they look gorgeous, when done right, that it hits up on a fine line near a fetish. Everything about the ‘Spice & Wolf’ anime is awesome . The whole plot, premise, characters, the music, opening and ending, and the characters themselves. They’re all awesome.

I’m a bit behind on my backlog also, yet decided Holo would be a perfect proxy for the whole Canadian Thanksgiving festivities by being a ‘wheat harvest diety’ that she’s known as. She carries a wheat pouch to allow her to roam about freely among Europe, thus why I chose her. Holo is a highly elegant and clasy character that she’s highly lovable. She’s fun.

I’ve also decided to try reviewing Holo using my LG G5 phone seeing as how my camera’s batteries died off. I’m experimenting with image quality.

– Yuudachi hanging around for ‘scale’ purposes, and because she wanted to have fun.
– Unboxing of the ‘wise wolf’ Holo. Instructions on how to attach her hat. Quite a simplistic packaging heh.
– Mischievous Yuudachi
– She comes with her hat to hide her foxy ears, two face plates, 4 arm types, an apple hand + alcoholic beverage accessory. Our wise wolf knows how to party.
– A lovely pairing, also for example of height. I’m impressed with how ‘flashy’ Holo is with her lovely dress, ribbons, and the wheat bag. her ears are highly perky that she’s a happy little wolf girl.
– An apple for Yuudachi, and an alcoholic beverage for our silly wise wolf Holo.
– Drink up!
– Poi!~
– An highly energetic Holo <3
– Image Context: Yuudachi trying to let off ‘snarky’ & ‘witty’ remarks to Holo’s invitation to drink up for the festivities.
– This face sure is expressive, yet I feel it doesn’t fit with Holo. Seems like she lost herself in embarrassment, or heavy drinking.
– As funky as this may appear, I’m actually half amused by how mischievous & devious Yuudachi appears.
– Holo’s tail may be loosely articulated to the left & right, as well as rotated a bit similar to how Nendo arms work. Interesting simple way of doing it.
– Holo’s wheat pouch is a nice addition. It’s loose, any nendo can wear it, and it’s a ‘sacred’ item for Holo allowing her to roam freely around the world she roams within.
– Quite a cheerful foxy. She looks quite strange in this configuration, yet done so for review purposes that this may be Holo when she’s highly mischievous & prankful. On that line of “being drunk”, yet “not quite drunk yet”. That very fine line.
– What a gorgeous little nendo she be. Holo is a beauty with her proud little tail poking out under the dress skirt portion. I didn’t add the ring strap because it had a habit of popping off, yet it is a nice touch.
– “This girl is far too cheerful for her own good. Why did I accept this weird apple from her?…..Ah, I can’t resist the delicious taste of apples” – Holo

One thing I do remember from the show was Holo’s love for apples. I remember how she always desired to eat apple pies from nearby windows that they had to be acquired for her, if they were at all acquired. She LOVES her apples.

– Something we can all agree on is making both a wolf diety and a Demon ship happy. You wouldn’t want to cross neither……. Not even in the slightest.

  • Final Thoughts:

I’ve always respected Holo in one of my highest levels possible. Not at waifu status, yet as high as one can go without creating shrines of her, and similar related habits that one would for waifus. She introduced me to fox and wolf girls from the Pixiv art world that I love my foxy and wolf girls, thus she is held in high respect in my world. Her Nendo shows that as well with how fancy and proud she is, something she should be because she’s a proud and wise wolf girl.

Her Nendo form is a fine tribute to her being a glorious mischevious wolf girl who LOVES her apples, apple pie, wine (alcoholic beverages), among other things. Her show is a work of beauty that it must be worth a watch, a rewatch, among others. A work of art. A thing of beauty!

I’m pleased with her Nendo that there’s really no complaints. She’s a simple proud wolf girl in her simple, yet elegant nendo form. I also love her wheat pouch that she wears. The apple, the beverage she holds…. That’s the Holo I know and love. If I did have to complain I’d have to say her articulation is an issue, the apple & beverage can’t be held properly in the other hand, and that she may be a bit too simple in a way. That’s the way of the Nendo though.

Thanks for all the years of fun and entertainment! The mischievous behaviour. The recollection of my time in Europe by recalling the opening scene with the castle on a hill, among others. She reminds me of the time on the DanubeĀ  in Bratislava….. She’s a major character to me <3.

I recommend her to others with a nice 8/10 rating.

– Canadian Thanksgiving being within the month of Halloween allows us to be exposed to pumpkins! Loads of pumpkins! Sadly can’t share all the various sorts I’ve stumbled across. All them pumpkins and gourds to have fun with.

(External Unrelated Thoughts:)
I tried experimenting with my LG G5 phone that I’m hoping the images are satisfactory. They passed my quality check with no complaints, yet shall go back to my Lumix for the other reviews. With how the weather is always moody when I want to figure shoot I’m always frustrating that it delays things I really want to do. I’m also going through a lot in 2017 that I’m under a lot of mental stress that I’m trying to tackle what I can when I can, yet not in a forced manner. I hope you can understand that I’m going through a lot of stress that this is one of those ‘happy’ breaks in the clouds that I’m trying to cherish it before it goes dark & rainy again in both physical/realistic and figurative manner of speaking.

I’m also trying to figure out if I should stay within the Anime blogging realm, or leave it fully seeing as how others are leaving. I’m currently staying because I feel it’s necessary with a few more figures to blog about + photoshoots planned, yet there’s parts of me that want to drag me into the abyss, similar to how Kanmusu in KanColle feel in the KanColle movie. I’m struggling to make heads & tails of things.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and Happy Halloween!~