General Blog Update August ’17

This posting shall be a bit rough because of the various ‘current events’ happening, as well as some local ones. It’s all meshing together stirring up issues that I have to make note of them.

– Backlog of anime related figures to review in some manner.

Thought I’d make another posting in an attempt to word things ‘neutrally’ to simply make note of it for whatever reason. Just a neutral posting to make note of how frustrating 2017 is being to me, yet it seems to be allowing me to recall various events outside of anime making its way into the blogging world, such as the ‘Mayfly incident‘ halfway into the blog posting. Even wanting to note that I still have a few figures I’m struggling to get to, yet may pick a random one to get to on Friday, if 2017 allows me the pleasure to do so. I’m simply not in good shape with everything treating me unfairly. Even the weather has been out of wack that it’s been either humid sunny, or rainy and cloudy denying me from photography shoots. One weather extreme or the other……

Then there’s the workplace issues that I should simply hop into a new workplace, something I should have done a bit ago, yet it’s also being complicated a fair amount that I’m unable to do so. Too many issues.

Then there’s the issue of me losing my mother……I won’t go into details, just that I lost my mother. She passed on too early, and it’s now left a big hole in things that I’ve become highly restless. I’m still recovering from a big hit a few years back by losing my dog, Sparky. My ‘best friend’…..

Well……. Yeah. That’s why I haven’t been doing much figure photography because everything is working against me, and I believe the title ‘villain’ has been placed on me that it’s a double hit on me. From what I managed to skim on my blog I’m still putting a nice fair amount of figure images on my blog. Should be fine.

Honestly, a sane person probably would have quit blogging to deal with other stuff, and that’s what they’ve done. The problem is….. Anime is my life. I’ve become too attached to it that it’s tying into the real world as well, and I do apologies for showing that side of things. I’m too ‘open’ that I need to scale that back, and that’s what I’ve learned from 2017.

  • Loss For Words – (Music Track)

My friend made a music track through experimentation, yet it was still ‘moody’ enough that he was able to attach ‘Loss For Words’ for the loss of my mother. The track is in reaction to my mother, and all the greatness around her, or at least the emotions surrounding such. When people say they’re “sorry” it’s simply difficult to reply back that I simply let out a simple “thanks” because I’m unsure as to what else to say, thus the ‘Loss For Words’:

My friend composes music in the ‘Fruity Loops’ program, something I’ve poked around with. I’m however painfully distracted I have yet to go back into such to attempt to try to produce ‘music’ some more.

(Adjust the audio accordingly.)

  • Figure Backlog:

The above states why I haven’t gotten around to my backlog, something that’s now 4 products. I managed to get through the other sorts, yet still needing to get through this sort.

– Caster Fox, Kiso, Sol Runner, & KanColle inspired weaponry.
– Images taken with LG G5 as ‘visual fluff’ for the posting.
– Forgot to snap an image of the MSG weaponry, yet there it is. May attempt to pair that up with the Sol Runner.

Yeah. I failed to also gain Nendo Caster Fox (Tama) because Amiami screwed me over by locking my account. I failed to hunt her down on other sites so she’ll have to wander around until I find her in some store, or something. I also have Nendo Scathach coming, as well as a few other figures. A few here and there, yet they may be scaled back with the issues I’m facing once more from 2017.

I’ve also pre-ordered ‘Megumi Device Asura Ninja’ from the Kotobukiya side of things. Frame Arms Girl style, yet ninja. There’s also Scathach Figma I really want to acquire, yet that needs to pop up whenever for me to acquire.

  • Fate/Extella (PC):
– The gloriously Nero with a proud victory stance.

I won’t share F/GO images as that is more of a Tumblr thing (FGOarcticu tag), yet Fate/Extella is a fun game that I’m glad I’ve gotten my hands on. Finally able to play a Fate game on PC without issues, and it’s official also. It’s however been treated poorly because the North American team failed to give respect to it in Fate/Grand Order English by only noting the Switch version, not the PC. There was no mention of hype for the PC version, and I believe I know why. There was also another issue of over-priced DLCs that it’s ‘double-dipping’ in the form of the main client, as well as the fullscreen itself where you have to rescale that outside of the game on a different launcher. The changing of resolutions is outside of the game. For making the fuIt’s awesome, yet it also has its flaws. Still itching into wanting to play it because the game itself is glorious.

– Nero scanning through the computers to research her situation in this digital world on the moon. I love how she uses the digital computer console.

I really love this game because it has a bit of that dark touch of it, something I’m curious if people over-looked because they may have considered it ‘generic’. I found the moody vibe quite unsettling, if in that neat way that it reminded me of that Steam game called ‘Buried‘ with that same sound-effect style and other-wordly beings.

I’m happy there’s a nice range of Servants, yet disappointed this game is being treated as a ‘cash cow’ with a sequel being made to continue the game madness. No new maps, just DLC costumes. No new servants, just DLC costumes…….. Common……I’m disappointed there’s no Scathach in the roster. Very disappointing there.

– Nero elegantly bringing Altera to her senses.

It’s this game that made me fall in love with Nero, similar to how Fate/Extra had me fall in love with Tama (Caster Fox) for her foxy beauty. I also have Nero on my English account, something I associate with someone yet the RNG salt is simply too much for people to handle that I’m simply enjoying the ‘spoils of war’ myself.

  • F/GO English – Nero:
– I thank you for answering my calls in summoning you! I have you in Figma form, in Fate/Extella, and now on my F/GO English account. Yatta!~ Now I simply need you on my F/GO JP account.

Alright, Maybe I lied a little bit with not posting F/GO. Just one image because it’s Nero, and because she’s one of the interesting Servants I have to make note of. Her personality is ‘arrogance’ & ‘pride’, yet in a nice controlled manner, something I was hoping I assumed I was in a normal manner.

I’m so glad she answered my call because I was a bit desperate after the Fate/Extella hype. I really wanted her for her pride, something that’s also shown in the ‘Fate/Grand Order Arcade’ video with her head tilt. I simply love the Fate games when they’re more casual to enjoy.

Problem with this game is that it needs to find itself on Steam for the best experience & most use. It needs to be turned into an endless free-roamy world entering every realm, and etc. An RPG without levels to simply explore and enjoy……. That’ll be the day.  I simply loved Nero’s head tilt.

Alright, that’s that. I’ll be posting more figure stuff when I’m able to. I’ve been brutally struggling to keep afloat that Friday may be my next window to post something.

With that, I’m hoping I’ll return to normal by Friday when I can chose one of the backlog figures to review.