Nendoroid – Yuudachi Kai Ni

Poi! Finally gotten around to checking out Yuudachi, and I love this little ball of cuteness all around. A nice cute Yuudachi in her ‘Kai Ni’ state.

– Cute little Yuudachi being ‘escorted’ by Bismarck & the other Yuudachi.

Took a bit to get to this one because of various distractions, yet finally unboxing this lovely Poi! This cute little Kanmusu from the web game ‘Kantai Collection’ (KanColle). She’s been one of my main Kanmusu (ship daughter) in that game handling the front lines until Bismarck came along, some whom was also a bit of a tsundere getting to my base. Yuudachi herself caught my interest even before I joined the game, someone whom had serious Pixiv arts to admire, and someone whom has a nice aura around her.

The downside to Yuudachi being the community that ‘claims’ to love her, ruining her ‘Poi’ saying to nothingness. Devaluing her character in being that ‘over-hyped empty character’ which obviously hits a nerve because I genuinely enjoy her character. People claiming they admire her, ruining her serious image that I admire so much. The ‘Nightmare of Solomon‘ where she becomes highly serious in knocking out her threats during epic night battles. Because of those people Yuudachi is viewed as a lower Tiered Kanmusu by various people who are, or were in my social circle that it’s a bit off putting. Regardless of what the English community has done to Yuudachi, I still love my precious Yuudachi in her Kai Ni. She’s adorable, and as is her Nendo form. I’m glad I went out and purchased her! Holding her in my hand that she becomes a lovely precious ball of positivity! I need that positivity, and I’m glad Yuudachi is my fluffy ball of positivity!

Also, a quick note that I also struggled to tackle this review because of job stress, gaming distraction (F/GO For Scathach Assasin), as well as becoming sick on my other day off that some things ‘may’ be off a bit.

– Lovely box art. Examples, something I had to make note of later on.
– My proud Bismarck presenting to you, the lovely Yuudachi nendo!
– That’s quite a height difference. Half the size smaller, yet far cuter than the Parform version.
– The two-sided instructions in both Japanese & English. The various other parts, and the twin trays.

Was surprised to see Yuudachi come with the swimsuit version, yet also disappointed it wasn’t as equally as articulated as the main body. I’m glad she came with the swimsuit body, yet disappointed it’s quite…. ‘static’. The main tray contains Yuudachi’s main portions, while the second tray underneath contains more of those demon torpedoes, as well as the stand related stuff.

– POI!~ She’s at last free! Her turrets actually articulate.
– That lovely grin of hers.
– She comes with three faceplate. It seems like the other nendo heads aren’t backwards compatible that I tried using Mirai’s faceplates. The refused to fit.
– The gun placements on the back of her funnel also articulate. They can rotate around, as well as upwards and back down again. Free range there.

In the above image, and to the right (in Yuudachi’s hand) can swivel around however you’d like. She can hold it in any manner, including ‘gangster’ style, and such. The turrets can swivel around that it’s an awesome touch. Simple, yet awesome.

– I do love the swimsuit addition, yet it’s far too simple. Could have treated it like her body to the left of the image. Only the legs articulate, and she’s also given yakisoba (I assume), as well as shaved ice cream.
– Just some of the accessories put together. Some where quite touchy, while others were quite straight forward. I love the flying demon torpedoes.
– Getting her to stand on her own is tricky that I had to improvise keeping her standing by placing something behind her hair.
– Just something fun by adding a speech bubble for a gif at the bottom of this posting. POI! She wants to shout out “POI!~” in quite an excitement heh.
– That grin. It’s neat, yet sometimes awkward in certain lighting. I do love how you can attach smoke effects onto the turrets.
– Yes! She can also hold her demon torpedo in her other hand. That’s quite awesome.
– I just love that proud cheerful attitude of hers, and why I focus on her in my game.
– Read to cause chaos among the Abyssal enemy ranks heh. Send those torpedoes flying!

I couldn’t figure out how to attach those torpedoes being fired off, yet they are neat. I struggled to even put those torpedo pods on her thighs having to use a special knife’s edge for specific pressure. The pegging system for this nendo is not something I favour.

– Her lovely hair parts into two allowing for her Destroyer funnel to be attached just above her stern section.
– Her faceplates, swimsuit body, and how you attach the faceplate onto her face. It doesn’t really allow for others to be added, unless possibly newer nendo types.
– Being the summer festivities she does indeed have to wear her swimsuit body, even if it’s static. Such an adorable Kanmusu!

Just a silly basic little gif of her firing and saying “Poi!” for the fun of it. All in good fun as I was editing the images to be ‘sharable’.

– Fire!~

And of course, the necessary comparisons between the figure & the summer 2017 festive swimsuit images. Admiring both Yuudachi nendo & the game version’s beauty. You should also be able to spot the ice cream & yakisoba, or whatever that snack is.

– Yuudachi Nendo & gaming swimsuit version. Focus on digital yuudachi.
– The lovely comparison between the two with focus on Nendo Yuudachi.
– A double Poi! Poi!~

  • Final Thoughts:

Quite an adorable little cutie. I love Yuudachi even though people ruined her image by overusing her “Poi!” saying in every situation they can. Even so, Yuudachi is my precious because I admire her character on paper, not how people made her out to be. That cute proud cheerfulness is what makes me lover her, and how she becomes serious (similar to Sendai) during night battle. her somewhat goofy take that you can even see the sail on the back to balance her out when sailing, a nod to when she struggled to speed away from the attacking American vessels. There’s nice fine details in this little Yuudachi that I love her demon torpedoes, as well as her articulating figure. The nicely articulating turrets she has in both the hand & destroyer funnel section on her back.

Yuudachi has nice interchangeable faceplates, as well as a nice swimsuit version, yet that is also a fault with her figure. The swimsuit version doesn’t articulate, and is a point against GSC for being a bit too…. tardy. Something like that. As nice as that addition is, it doesn’t articulate. The other issue I had was putting on the torpedo pods onto her thighs. I had to keep pressing with a flat knife to get that onto her thigh. Needs a different snapping system.

I love the scarf she has. That golden emblem on it that reminds you to face it the right way, as well as making you aware of that special Yuudachi vibe. You can also display the torpedo in the air, as well as pose some dramatic action shots, yet you need to either have a diorama, or be outside somewhere ‘naval’ related. Those torpedo pods is something you’ll have to keep a cautious eye out for because they do have a habit of popping off randomly. Had to keep fishing it up from the floor.

Also, I struggled to figure out how to attach the torpedo wave she has. The two clouds of torpedoes that I simply left them be. They’re nice, yet some things I just can’t figure out (being sick).

I love the cute detailing they put into her. They did well, and I love her cute little lovable happy aura. Well worth the buy. A shame I had to delay this posting because of work stress & becoming ill. I’m having to deal with a lot, and it’s a shame it’s coming across poorly. Even so, I’m fully satisfied with this image set, this review, as well as Yuudachi herself.  I had to also be quite crafty with having her display without a stand because her head is quite top heavy. That’s a Hastuharu joke, yet her Nendo form is quite top heavy you have to lean her on somehting, or have something lean on her. If you’re going to pose her out in the middle of a park, shipyard, or something then you’ll need to be crafty by having her lean on some carefully hidden leaning points.

I’d rate this Yuudachi around an 8/10.
(-1 for touchy accessories; Torpedo pod & such. Another -1 for the gimmicky swimsuit portion.)

Once it stops raining nearly non-stop I’ll have to take Yuudachi to a nearby boating area for some themed simple photoshoots. Similar with Kiso.

Thanks for viewing, and hope to seeing you in the Nendo Kiso review whenever I can manage that. I won’t promise a date, yet shall try for when I’m able! If anything came off as negative then that wasn’t my intention. It was simply written to be read ‘neutrally for noting purposes.