Blog changes – Theme and “mascot”

Well, the previous theme was giving me issues so I decided to switch it to a more simple theme. Also, you may have noticed I changed the blog name from “Eurosubstance” to “Arctic Kitsune” to a little internet persona that was formed on another site (Explained here, and at the bottom).

My previous theme was an eye-sore and this one I got now fits my persona/mascot well. Please welcome our little Kitsune Fox, GS.

(Link – MySite) – Created by Valdez.

And the weapon that spawned the little guy above.

(Link – MySite) – My concept, redrawn by Valdez

And to quote the origin of this Arctic Fox.

I know this should of been in another blog entry but I thought I could make it into a quick wrapping up explanation.
Reason why I was drawn as a (male) Kitsune was because I ended up liking the Anime’s Spice and Wolf, Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Kanoko, and other various fan arts of these kitsunes. I ended up ranting about it on the boards (as with drawing a Fox sword) and have been drawn into an Arctic Fox. My Fox persona is based on Anime and my liking of Kitsune girls.

If you know the Japanese mythology of Kitsunes, then you should know what this one is. The Anime Wagaya no Oinari-sama should be a good example. Now here is to hoping I can give him a proper name, besides Ghostly Substance or GS, and see a shape shifting side to him in the (near) future.