Hello world! This is my first blog article. My name is Tim and my blog mascot is Arctic Kitsune – Varakitsu. Want to know more about me and what this site is about? Click the “Read more” text below the image!

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I’m Tim and I’m male (obviously). I’m in my early twenties (or was) and shall be blogging about anything I find interesting in my life. I’m Canadian born and I can speak English and quite a bit of Slovak. I’m now trying to learn Japanese to open up more doors and opportunities. I’ve been introduced into Anime by Gundam Wing in 2000 and again by Fate/Stay Night in 2006.

I originally created my blog just to blog non-sense. It was just all for gibberish at first until I discovered and started reviewing Figmas. Ah, those blasted Figmas! I’m gearing this site to review Figmas, Anime, Canadian/Japanese games, Canada – Ottawa (and around), travel, photography related, and anything Japanese related. I shall occasionally add more personal things onto the blog every now and again. I’ll be trying to keep my blog in an equal Canadian and Japanese related rhythm – 1 Ottawa, 1 Anime, repeat and etc.


As of Spring 2009 I adopted a blog mascot – Arctic Fox. His name is Varakitsu and he is mainly a male fox. He represents a mixture of Canadian and Japanese interests while borrowing supernatural abilities from Japanese folklore. Currently, he represents Canadian winter (Arctic) and Japanese interest (Kitsune). He originally represented my Anime obsession of “nekomimi” (cat girls or girls with cat features) addiction as they were drawn all cute and brightly.

All the images you see of the Fox’s around were drawn by Valdez from the Petroglyph community and would of spawned regardless of his intervention. He only hastened it ^^. I thank him for drawing my online persona in PF comics and in avatar form, thanks!

Anyways, hope you enjoy my blog and if you want please do leave a comment. Its nice to meet you guys/gals and hope to be on good terms with everybody, please be kind heh. If I say anything that may sound offensive then do let me know as I try to be a friendly and neutral as possible Canadian :). See ya and have fun!