Death Note (Anime, Manga, Movie)

Well someone I know in the Petroglyph community who is also interested anime asked if I have watched Death Note yet. He picked it up first and I started watching once he recommended this so I started watching this anime. I watched a few episodes and became instantly hooked on this. Even more so then my Elfen Lied which caused anime fever, its that good. Heres the trailer for the live action movie which goes somewhat in its own path but sticks to the main story. The movie is in Japanese still with english subs and if you find a DVD then nice find (in North America and Europe).

Basically there is this student genius who finds the earth to be a ignorant and stupid place viewing human actions as being the same from day to day. He also sees lots of crime and wants wants to get rid of criminals. Death Note falls from the sky in the school yard during class (anime) or in the middle of the street (in the movie). Yagami Light hesitantly picks it up and “tries” it out with doubts but later uses it for “justice”. Ryuk, the death god (Shinigami), later meets up with Light and continue these murders that every nation sees as a crime even though the criminals were going to die anyways.

This Death Note is a book that lets you kill people as long as you know their name and face and if you don’t specify the name in the book when you write the person simply dies of a heart attack. However if you do specify it has to be in the persons limitations and timeframe of life or else it would backfire or work not as efficently.


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