Death Note Products

Well I did say I was going to buy products at my local Anime Stop and more so on MSN Messenger. Well I did go there luckily but they did not have the Death Note 1-2,4-6,8-9 but I ordered the first one. So I got the Death Note, 2 posters, a feather pen, a soundtrack with the book, an “L” keychain, and a mouse pad. I’m just friggin amazed at how popular this anime is and its not even finished airing in Japan. Well the 2 movies are and mangas but not the anime itself. Took Fate/Stay Night forever to reach the Anime Stop and now its gone again except for the DVDs. I saw Elfen Lied and Haruhi Suzumiya there also with lots of Bleach, Gundam and Naruto. I see i’m turning into an anime Otaku.

So then the pictures (11 total):




Oh and since my blog is just recent from Febuary i’ll post up the Fate/Stay Night stuff I got also from awhile ago.


Edit: Images were lost during a server move. I also lost them on my computer. Shall fix when I find them.
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